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Which Celebrities Have the Brightest Futures?
Brightest Celebrities of 2008

by Cynthia Sue Larson

Berkeley, California
August 3, 2008

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Brightest Celebs

Who has been most radiant this past year? You can see the light in their eyes. You can feel a glow of love and joy all around them. "Looking back at this past year to select the brightest stars," says author and life coach Cynthia Larson, "2008 presents the world with some very illuminated celebrities, whose inner light, or aura, truly stands out." So who are these luminous stars? Once you consider how their inner light really can shine from the inside out, you may never see your favorite celebrities the same way!

    1. Ellen DeGeneres - Her infectious smile and friendly humor lifts everyone's spirits.

    2. Brad Pitt - Shows how much he cares by setting an example for compassionate humanitarianism.

    3. Jennifer Garner - Connects to everyone around her with a genuine heart connection.

    4. Denzel Washington - Illuminates even the darkest, most conflicted characters he plays with shining integrity.

    5. Penelope Cruz - Intensely amplifies emotional energies which radiate out from her.

    6. George Clooney - His playfulness, thoughtfulness, and irony inspires us to take a closer look.

    7. Kate Hudson - Combines a passionate sensitivity with a free spirit in a most beguiling way.

    8. Robert Downey Jr. - Gives us hope that we can overcome our biggest internal challenges by facing and overcoming his own.

    9. Will Smith - Encourages taking things more lightly without losing the essential core of what matters most.

    10. Mariah Carey - Generates intense emotions which are divinely inspired.

Based on an "inner auric glow," that Larson says everyone can feel and most of us can learn to see, these radiant people provide brilliant inspiration and guidance to everyone around them.

Begun in 2002 by Cynthia Sue Larson as a way to introduce auras to the world, the list of Brightest Celebrities helps people learn how their energy body affects the quality of their life.

Larson explains, "People with the brighest auras often have the brightest futures. We intuitively know that when we feel low-energy, we tend to be more accident-prone than when our energy is high. When we feel high-energy, our luck and health are better, and we can overcome even the toughest challenges."

Larson is author of the critically acclaimed book, AURA ADVANTAGE: How the Colors in Your Aura Can Help You Attain What You Desire and Attract Success (Lightworker Publishing, 2006).

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