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June 2019
Issue #237

How Good Can it Get?
Cynthia Sue Larson
Cynthia Sue Larson
Inside the Mandela Effect

“All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator
for all I have not seen. ”
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

What does it feel like to be the proverbial cat inside Schrodinger's cat experiment? Possibly something like what I've experienced after hearing reliable reports from people who remember realities where I died. Though I sensed I was close to death, I realized I ended up alive, so surviving a serious illness that felt to me like a close brush with death is all I remember. Yet, in a universe where a physics experiment challenges objective reality, we realize that observers can be at the same place at the same time, and witness reality differently.

I'm now in the remarkable position to be able to report from inside the Mandela effect. This is what Nelson Mandela might have been able to report, if he'd been aware that lots of people remembered him having died while incarcerated in South Africa some time in the 1980s.

I received many emails this past month from people expressing gratitude that I'm still alive—after receiving last month's RealityShifters, Feeling Grateful to be Alive. This year has been the first time someone had written to me mentioning that they remembered having seen reports of my death, and it was noteworthy to me because Steve Boucher, the man who first emailed me about this in April 2019, correctly informed me of (1) the time of my death being early 2017, (2) the cause of my death having been related to my having had a long illness, and (3) the way the news was reported through my facebook page all match what likely might have transpired in 2017.

Some of the people who wrote to me this past month mentioned having been aware of some subtle kind of difference, even if they had not specifically heard that I'd died. They mentioned noticing that I'd seemed to have been a bit absent. Jo writes, “I had thought things were very quiet for a while, as if you weren't 'there'. It was noticeable but beyond that I didn't get thoughts that you'd passed.”

I also heard from Megan, another person who “absolutely remembers the news of your passing (except it was posted on your youtube channel).” Megan recalls hearing about my death via YouTube at a different time than Steve Boucher recalls--not in early 2017, but in early 2019. I find this intriguing, as it illustrates another possible reality in which I'd died. Megan elaborates:
    “So when I saw the announcement on your youtube channel that you had passed it was a long note from your husband talking about your long illness and there was also a picture of you with several of your friends standing in a group. There also was a memorial video that was from you youtube channel with music and shots of you throughout the years!! The weird thing is that it was only maybe 4 or 5 months ago but 4 or 5 months ago, I was going through my own personal crisis of sorts. It was a strange time for me as I felt very close to death myself. You mentioned that if I notice your timeline shift than maybe I had one myself? I have an incredible circle of friends and support and I wonder if they helped me chose to stay in this timeline even though I was at that time very ready to go? I have told your/my story of the timeline where you passed to several people since it happened. It really affected me and created a feeling that has been with me since--a magic of some sort, electricity kinda--I can't explain it but I bet you understand exactly what I mean! The other thing worth mentioning is that your youtube channel looks very different than the one from the other timeline and also you look slightly different too! In the other timeline you did not have a close up picture of you on each of your videos and the lettering style was different as well. I almost didn't recognize your vids here (and actually didn't at first) as I said, in the other timeline they looked different. So please feel free to use me as a second form of confirmation that you did indeed pass in some other timeline. It's totally vivid, and like I said, you being alive and well in this timeline really did something to me. I've been on the Mandela Effect path since 2014 and have lots of jumps that I could account for. The one with you is the first that involved a living person I kind of knew. I love it Cynthia! All of it!“
This has certainly been a mind-expanding, incredible experience for me, as well as a continuing opportunity to glean insights with regard to how it feels to be 'inside the Mandela effect' as an Alive Again reality shift survivor. The point I remember trying to make in my interview with Alexis Brooks is that someone who feels they're about to die, but then miraculously survives (sometimes against all odds--such as 'tunneling' or 'teleporting' to the other side of an oncoming truck) is quite likely to be reaching a major 'level-up' opportunity in life to become more fearless, more unconditionally loving.  I reached such a point in my life starting at that time I almost died in early 2017, and that made all the difference.

And with regard to feeling like the cat inside the Schrodinger's cat experiment, which might be either alive or dead depending on what observations are made—this whole experience of being inside the Mandela effect grants me a direct sense of feeling what it feels like to observe myself as alive—even at a time when I knew and could really feel I was close to death, due to a long respiratory illness that was brushing awfully close with pneumonia. This month's RealityShifters includes an article with news of how physicists can predict the jumps of Schrodinger's cat—and finally save it. And I have a clear sense from being inside this Mandela effect / reality shift that I made the jump to live—assisted by all those observing me healthy and alive now.

Have you heard songs that remind you of reality shifts or the Mandela effect? YouTuber shinethelight73 posted a video featuring a song by Duran Duran that he said makes him think of the Mandela effect, "Ordinary World.” Other song suggestions I've received so far include: Do You Believe in Magic by the Lovin Spoonful, You Can Do Magic by America, and Strange Magic by The Electric Light Orchestra, as well as:

Ordinary World by Duran Duran

Walking on a Dream by Empire of the Sun

I'm Alive by ELO

Do you have favorite reality shift / Mandela effect / quantum jump songs? When I think of reality shifts, Mandela effects, and quantum jumps—and how it feels to be on the inside of the Mandela effect—I am aware that every moment is an excellent time to ask, “How good it can get?” consistently inviting the most positive possible realities into our lives.
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Love always,
Cynthia Sue Larson
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(1) Spiritual Life Coaching

Could you benefit from help facing a challenging issue in your life? Would you like clarity regarding an important decision? Could you use some help shifting your reality? Are you curious to know your divine gifts? Are you ready to feel energized? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can benefit from Spiritual Life Coaching with Cynthia! Contact Cynthia at to set up a life-enhancing telephone consultation today.
      "I can't thank you enough for your guidance. Before we met I was pretty negative about myself. I found out in our visit, that the negative energy I was carrying wasn't mine. It was as if I was infected by another person's darkness. Thank you thank you thank you. I feel like myself again, which is reflected in relationships with all people around me." -- Sari

(2) Intriguing Events, Articles, Interviews, & Films

Listen to Intuition and Feel Intrinsic Goodness
We can benefit from tuning our intuition to experience a sense of intrinsic goodness and divine consciousness. With positively-tuned intuition, we can more clearly recognize how best to solve problems, make decisions, and make plans.  We can also gain a heightened sense of purpose, meaning, value and connection in our lives. In western society, intuition receives less public acclaim and recognition than rational logic.  Greater respect and admiration given to logical, Boolean ways of thinking than intuitive impressions and insights.  Intuition is often viewed as ‘mere luck’. Ironically, those who base their lives more on measurables are not happier than those who focus primarily on unmeasurables.  You can test this for yourself by writing a list on one side of a piece of things people live for that are measurable.  On the other side, write down things people love that are unmeasurable.  Things we can measure include: amounts of money, cars, houses, and other tangible stuff.  Unmeasurables include:  love, purpose, meaning and other intangibles.  When the lists are complete, ask yourself whether you are happier with the measurables or the unmeasurables. Our intuition can help us stay on track with the intangibles, and help us realize more fulfilled, joyful lives.  The intuitive mind can thus be viewed as a sacred gift, and the rational mind works well as an excellent faithful servant.  All great discoveries and inventions–and all great relationships–spring forth from intuitive, rather than logical, thought.  And intuitive thinking is aligned with non-measurable feelings of purpose, meaning, and emotions such as love and gratitude.
You can read this post on Cynthia's blog at:
You can watch the companion video to this blog post at:

Saving Schrodinger's Cat
Physicists can predict the jumps
of Schrodinger's cat
(and finally save it)
Physicists were surprised to see experimental results suggesting that quantum jumps of quantum particles can, under certain condidtions, be predicted to some degree, and can also be reversed. It seems that indeed, it is possible to make such stealthy observations of quantum signals that advance indications of impending quantum jumps can be clearly and reliably detected. The June 3, 2019 issue of “Nature” announces this discovery by Yale researchers, who have discovered how to catch and save Schrödinger's famous cat, the symbol of quantum superposition and unpredictability, by anticipating its jumps and acting in real time to save it from proverbial doom.

Higher Journeys
Has Someone Had a Mandela Effect About You? Baffling Mandela Effect – Dead or Alive (or both)?
Alexis Brooks interviews Cynthia Sue Larson
Cynthia Sue Larson is not only a Mandela Effect researcher and quantum physicist, she is, according to some accounts the subject for which she’s researched. Some believe that she’s actually died. And they say they have evidence to prove it. In this episode of Higher Journeys, Cynthia shares one person’s clear recollection of her death and EVEN a Facebook post announcing her passing. But she’s here TODAY! How is this possible? Cynthia will explain the dynamic at play that may explain how on one timeline she may be “deceased” and on another she’s alive AGAIN!
Read the companion article:

Inside the Void
Cynthia Sue Larson on Inside the Void
Inside the Void is your new favorite show the delves into subjects about all the things that fall into the cracks that you may hear about once in a blue moon but then never again. We go as deep we can into these topics about any thing your imagination can go. Nothing is safe. Cept politics. We don't do that. Music by Dead In 5 and SJ Tucker. with permission.
Do you remember things differently, such as the Bernstein Bears, Nelson Mandela dying in prison, and movie dialog such as, "Mirror, mirror on the wall," and "If you build it, they will come"? Ten years before the term "Mandela Effect" became popularized, Cynthia Sue Larson wrote articles and books on the topics of quantum jumping, reality shifts, mind-matter interaction, lucid dreaming, lucid living, and how consciousness changes the physical world. Cynthia Sue Larson, MBA, DD, "The Quantum Optimist," is a best-selling author and life coach who hosts "Living the Quantum Dream" on the DreamVisions7 radio network. Cynthia helps people learn how consciousness changes the physical world to find love, meaning and prosperity by visualizing and accessing whole new worlds of possibility. She has a degree in Physics from UC Berkeley, and practices and teaches meditation and martial arts. Cynthia has been featured in numerous shows including the History Channel, Coast to Coast AM, and BBC.

Alice Eats the Apple:<br>
A Joyride Show
Alice Eats the Apple:
A Joyride Show

Cynthia Sue Larson talks with Kerry Walker
Kerry Walker with Alice Eats the Apple: A Joyride Show talks with Cynthia Sue Larson about time travel, reality shifts, science, spirituality, and the Mandela Effect. While some people view reality shifts and Mandela effects as simple cases of confused memories, growing numbers of people recognize that there is something more than just memory confusion going on. Recent scientific developments provide us with glimpses into a reality that is truly more subjective than objective—and sometimes it's even possible to realize someone else's reality in which you are quite different, or even died, might be correct, too.

2019 Money Mindset Summit
The Money Mind Summit
June 3 - 16th 2019
The 2019 Money Mindset Summit shares information about how to grow your wealth, change the world, and feel great about money. Join 11 leading experts in psychology and personal development as they guide you to transform your old wealth patterns so you can earn more, enjoy more, and make a bigger positive difference in the world. Shannon Parsons talks about how earning equals crazy fun; Nancy Forrester discusses how our money blocks like to be cleared; Kallista Chayil asks are you ready for your winfall; Stacey Vornbrock encourages you to grow your wealth using your PhD in being you; Gene Monterastelli shows how to transform the four biggest blocks to charging and earning more; Dr. Craig Weiner describes creating wealth by overcoming the blocks to stepping out; Brad Yates covers 'why haven't I had THE money miracle yet?'; Steve Wells covers peak performance and money. Cynthia Sue Larson's segment on How to Shift Your Money Reality in this year's summit airs 12am-12pm Thursday, June 13th, with replays June 15-16th 2019


(3) Your Reality Shift Stories

When You Ask for a Sign
Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Early last week I was thinking of events and signs I've seen during my shift of reality in the physical world, and wondered if there would be any more. So I paused, and said “please,” and willed a message to send me another sign--I am ready for one. I have either missed other signs, or there just haven’t been any. The day before yesterday, I was loading my trailer with granite for a customer delivery to Lincoln, Nebraska. I share the warehouse with a dog food wholesaler. A truck and trailer backed into the dock, and I looked up to see that it was a Holland Company semi, as it was named on the trailer. I thought to myself that I had never heard of the company, Holland, before (I used to be a Yellow Freight Dispatcher when I was 19 years old). I continued to work as some dog food pallets were loaded. The driver walked in and asked my warehouse neighbor where the men’s room was. Upon his return to the door to get in his truck, we exchanged hello’s. The next day, I drove my truck and trailer to Lincoln, Nebraska and made two customer stops. In the late afternoon I started my drive home driving straight south on my detoured route from Lincoln (my normal route is under water, Interstate 35 in southern Iowa and northern Missouri). So, I was just out of Lincoln into the country on a divided 4 lane highway, in the left lane. I drove up upon a semi truck and trailer and I looked over at the trailer and it said “Holland.” I thought 'Oh, one of these in Nebraska, too'.  Within that 10 seconds of seeing, identifying and having that thought, on the right side of the trailer was a green with white lettering, county sign that identified a turnoff to a town, listing just one town. It said "<--6 miles Holland.” A wonderfully warm feeling came over me, feeling the sign from my wish had been delivered. Tonight, I looked up the symbolism of the number 6, and am very satisfied! Some more info surfaced on the “Holland” sign.  I just talked to my customer on the phone.  This is the customer who I left just before I had my answered “sign” day as I headed south on that highway to return home.  I  told her my “sign” experience as she knows where the Holland, (NE) 6 miles road sign is as she drives that highway weekly to go to her other office.  She said she has family that lives in Holland, Nebraska.  Also, the previous owner of her business, “Trump Memorials,” was Dutch.  He would go to Holland, NE,  just to speak the language.  He placed many monuments there in the cemetery.  Also, I didn’t let you know, I am married to a “100 %” Dutch woman!

Note from Cynthia: Wow, what a wonderful synchronicity with the "Holland" signs--I love it! And your experience about thinking about something--even something you'd previously never seen--and seeing several examples of it in such rapid succession is such a great example of how what we're thinking about can suddenly be so ubiquitous in our lives.  I love all these "Holland" connections you have going in your life in general and on that day in particular! I've noticed that when a topic is that clearly at 'front-and-center' in my subconscious and conscious mind, whatever it is will likely show up a good deal more often and more strikingly than chance would allow.  And this kind of effect seems strengthened when I am feeling especially energized. 


Corky the alive again cat
Corky Cat Alive Again
St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada

I am blown away by the fact that you actually were very sick around that time and felt that you were close to death. I’m very glad that you pulled through. In the other timeline that I jumped from, you didn’t. I’m also grateful for the work you are doing now with these short videos about reality shifts and the Mandela Effect. I often post them on my FB timeline. I just watched one where you talked about a cat that belonged to a neighbor that died and then was alive again. I had a very similar ME event happen to me. There is a used book store that I often visit and the owner has a cat in the store with a deformed tail that looks like a corkscrew. So, the owner had named him Corky. Every time I would visit the store, I would go and pet him. I love cats and was always glad to see him. One day I went into the store and he wasn’t there. I asked the owner where he was and he told me that one day someone came in the store and while the door was open, Corky ran out into the parking lot and was immediately run over by a car and killed. I was shocked because Corky had been in that store for years and the owner said that he was afraid to leave the store and never went out.

Corky the alive again cat
Several months later, I stopped into the store and there was Corky sitting on a chair. I was irritated with the owner and said “You told me that Corky was killed by a car in the parking lot.” He seemed puzzled and said, “No, I didn’t. I wouldn’t say any such thing. You must be mistaken.” I didn’t pursue the matter with him, but Corky is still there today and is alive and well. I finally managed to get over to the book store on the weekend and take some pictures of Corky, the cat with the corkscrew tail that was dead and is now back alive again.

Corky the alive again cat
Note from Cynthia: I really love the experience you shared with me about Corky, the cat.  This is such a remarkable experience, since there's no reason I can imagine that you'd have gotten some other cat mixed up with Corky, since there aren't any other cats like Corky.  He's one of a kind!  I've had numerous experiences where I've visited various establishments (restaurants and other businesses) where things are quite different than they'd been before--such as the entire decoration theme being completely changed--yet the staff assure me "it's always been this way," or that "nothing's changed."  Clearly, lots of really big things can and do change, and thank goodness some of us are noticing! Thanks so much for sharing these photos of Corky with me. Corky is clearly a highly distinctive cat, and not easily replaced by any random look-a-like, as he's simply one of a kind!  I'm glad you're able to confirm with these photographs that Corky is still alive and well.  I find Corky's return highly inspirational, and I can just imagine how dearly adored he must be by all who know and love him.

Reality Shifts in the Classroom
New Mexico, USA

I teach special education/medically fragile students in New Mexico and have had two HUGE Mandela Effects that involved my classroom and my students. One was two years ago when I walked into my room one day to see my clock with big red and yellow dots pasted all around the outside of it and a piece of tape on the face of the clock over the 11. I was shocked as I had been in that room for 3 months and there had never been any dots around this clock before and so I assumed someone had done it overnight. Just then a teacher friend walks in and I point it out. He says he knows, he did it LAST YEAR when this was his classroom! I didn't believe him at first but he told me all about it. The red dots were on the quarter hour and the yellow ones were for 5 minute increments. I was truly shocked. Especially the tape of the 11. I'm an 11 lifepath in numerology and that tape would have been noticed by me immediately! My teacher friend told me he put it over the 11 to remind one of his students last year when lunch was. It took me many days to get over that one! The other jump involved a non-verbal medically fragile student who was in my classroom last year. She was obsessed with these particular plastic blue shoes that she had with her in the classroom the year before. I was new to this room and starting the first week pulled everything and anything we had out to be cleaned and organized. The toys and activities we used weekly were in 3 tubs that we cleaned and disinfected daily. From the first day of school only one of her favorite blue shoes could be found and we searched for weeks and then months for the other. This student Marissa still insisted I put the one remaining shoe on her foot and laughed when I would ask her, "Where oh where is that other shoe Marissa? It misses its friend!" This went on for months until one day in late March when Marissa crawled out from behind the tub with a big grin and the second blue shoe in her hand! The entire staff was shocked and amazed. We knew every inch of our classroom and what was in it, and certainly that missing shoe was not in the tubs or room for the MONTHS prior or we would have found it! It was thrilling to me as I knew Marissa and I had jumped timelines together although I did share not that with my staff, lol. I took a picture of the shoe she found (and also the clock I told you about earlier) as "proof" that it happened! I've also found fancy clothes I don't recall buying and recently watched the tank on my neighbor's motorcycle change color throughout the day. It started as white in the morning—I looked again at noon, and it was black (what?) and then later that afternoon it turned into a 2-toned tank (completely shocking) of white with grey on top. This tank changed 3 times in one day! I'm an artist and empath teacher so I notice a lot in my environment and these events confirm to me that there's something pretty magical and amazing going on in our "reality." Thank you again Cynthia for leading us through this ever-changing landscape!

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with reality shifts in the classroom.  I can just imagine how shocking it must have felt to you to see that your classroom clock suddenly looked very different, with such colorful markings on it's face--especially with the piece of tape over the number 11!  This is definitely the kind of thing I'd think anyone would be startled to see, and I can certainly understand your not believing the other teacher at first that he'd made those changes the previous year, after you'd been already using that classroom and that clock for three months.  I also love the return of the missing blue shoe!  That reminds me of a time that my daughter was missing a pair of her favorite water shoes that she'd left at her grandmother's house when she was young--and we couldn't find them in her shoe drawer where she kept all her shoes, or anywhere in the house.  I encouraged her to keep looking though, since by that time (mid to late 1990s), I was well aware of these reality shifts, and I was noticing that children were excellent experiencers of such things.  So we 'hoped for a reality shift!' and sure enough, the shoes appeared on top of the pillows on the top bunkbed in her room. 

New Orleans timeline shift
Timeline Shifting Photos
Madisonville, Louisiana, USA

We have connected in the past when I shared a story of a door appearing out of nowhere on the side of a hill in Colorado. These pictures I’m sending you now were from JAZZFEST in New Orleans and it was an extremely energized day. In both of these pictures there appears to be a timeline switch of some sort.  My Face was completely distorted on one side as well as my hat and dress. I looked normal again a few minutes later. The second picture also captures a timeline jump. They were taken within four minutes of each other. went back and referenced my journal from the date of April 29, 2018, (full moon).  The entry was quite surprising, as it read “serious upgrades, shape shifting, dimensional timeline shifts”.  What’s more, I indicated that I had an awakening experience of being out of my body on Friday night, while I was sleeping and felt that I was not really in my bed, but I was somewhere else.   While it was not familiar, I was not afraid and clearly remember seeing and experiencing myself being filled with codes and energy through my head and third eye. I saw it pouring in through my crown, in round, vivid shapes and colors. I could feel it being deposited energetically and physically in to my body.  I had quite strange physical repercussions over the next several days. Keep in mind, I am not a drug user and have never experienced such a strange phenomenon. Just to clarify, the pictures were taken on Friday and I had the strange energetic experience while sleeping on Friday night. What’s curious about the pictures is that only the people are shifted. You can see that the homes and the sign and the cement are all still appearing cohesive. It seems and feels to me that whatever energy I was putting out was immediately affecting my area and the people I had contact with. It only seems curious that the places above where my energy was not contacting were not affected

New Orleans timeline shift
Note from Cynthia: Thanks so very much for describing some of the details from the day you took the anomalous photographs at JazzFest in New Orleans.  The diagonal zigzag running through your face in the photo is rather subtle, and I needed to closely examine it before noticing how your mouth and face and the strap of your bag were all clearly affected by this photographic anomaly.  The other photo depicting a street scene with many people really looks distorted--to the point that I'm not entirely certain how the scene actually appeared.  Evidently the energetic changes you noticed so clearly later that evening may have already been well underway. I've noted that on high-energy days, I'm much more likely to witness reality shifts.  This is part of the idea behind spoon-bending parties, to ensure there's plenty of good energy before the spoon bending part of the party really begins.  When we're energetically grounded, we can then experience enjoyable reality shifts and quantum jumps, in keeping of what we'd likely most enjoy (so we don't end up losing favorite things, or experiencing equipment malfunctions).

Marshall's Dream
Ross Nickel

Toward the end of my writing  columns for the newsletter of the PA state chess federation I decided to feature some unusual material. One choice was a column on ghosts and chess. I had two incidences in mind to write around. One was a game which Viktor Korchnoi played through a medium against a deceased master from the past. That was written up rather widely. The other was a tournament game early 1900s U.S. champion Frank Marshall played in Europe. After the first session, the game was adjourned, to be completed the following morning. Before going to bed,Marshall set up the position in his hotel room and considered it. He felt he stood better but did not know how to proceed to demonstrate an advantage. In his sleep, he dreamed that he was visited by Wilhelm Steinizt, the deceased former world champion, who then described the winning procedure for that position. The next morning Marshall verified the analysis went down to the tournament room to win the game. I had read of the incident in Marshall’s “ My Fifty Years of Chess”. However, when I searched through the book this time I could not find that account. I possess very few chess books and this one was special because it was given to me by my father when I was about ten or eleven years old. If I was familiar with any chess book it would be this one. Yet, although I was certain I had read it there, that story no longer appears in this book. Unable to find it, I abandoned that envisioned column. The reason it is significant now is because someone wrote in the current Chess Life that he found Marshall's original manuscript buried in a drawer at the Marshall chess club in NYC and that account was included, although it does not appear in the published book. I find the USCF website easier to navigate now, and was able to retrieve Andy Soltis' column:
I wanted to ask Soltis about this as he had written a book on Marshall but I didn't have a direct address for him. Too late now. I had played him in a tournament and on another occasion had him as a house guest.

Note from Cynthia: I love the way you remember having read in a book your father gave you about chess master Frank Marshall's dreaming about how to successfully respond to a particularly challenging move by his opponent--despite the book now apparently not ever having included that story!  I've also witnessed changes in books and other written material, and know from first-hand experience how surprising it can be to no longer see something in print that you know for sure you read in that very book before.

My Socks Story
Ross Nickel

 When I dress I sit on the bed with my clothes to my left. After removing my sleepwear, I put on my underwear first, then my socks. That's my habit but it makes sense when it is chilly. Particularly here, as I was going to put on a pair of very tight socks. They are thick socks which fit tightly and have to be inched on slowly. After putting on my underpants I picked up a blue tee shirt. The logo was faded so I had to take time to decide which was the front. Upon putting it on, I felt a mild jar and on looking down, was astonished to see that my socks were on! What I believe had happened was that the timeline of me putting on those socks had been fast forwarded through. How? Why?? Was it just my timeline or the whole world's? I see that you have discussed this phenomenon. I had never heard of it at that time.

Note from Cynthia: Your experience discovering that your socks were on your feet even though you had not yet put them on is amazing.  I've not (yet!) had an experience quite like that, although I have witnessed clothing I was wearing be transformed while I was wearing it--such as a time when a dress I was wearing switched back and forth between having and not having pockets.  When I experience reality shift flip-flops, I gain a really strong sense that our true identity is in the form of pure consciousness, allowing us to occasionally travel through parallel possible physical worlds.


(4) Mail Bag, Questions, and Answers

Dear Cynthia,
Hi I'm Tre, and I'm just trying to figure out a few things and vent. First I wanna know how to quantum jump. Im fully aware of the practices, and actually most of the practicing was already happening before I decided to do my research on it or even email you, if you can believe it. If I'm being honest, I was having visions of me in an entirely different space than what I'm used to; maybe another universe, but I don't know. The visions gave me an undoubting belief that it means something, and that I have to get to it. But given my current situation and the vision I saw made it seem almost impossible because they are two COMPLETELY different scenarios. Which led me to, again, how to quantum jump. Now I know, visualize , meditate , relaxation and create a bridge between worlds and walk through but what will happen once I do and how? Do I get teleported? Will I die in the old and live in the new? Does "me" in the alternate universe die when I get there? Or am I overdoing things and its just as simple as life techniques like fix old habits and change who you are then BOOM! New life. I just wanna know what the technicalities are. I hope I wasn’t saying too much. Please get back to me, thank you.
— Tre

Dear Tre,
Thanks for writing to me! With regard to how to quantum jump, it's helpful to know that you--the real you--exist in the form of consciousness.  People that really understand that include near-death experiencers, lucid dreamers, some meditators, and people who were 'born aware.'  From such a starting point, it's relatively straightforward to recognize that we are moving between worlds of possibility every time we make choices, via our imagination.  Our minds operate according to quantum mechanics principles.  What happens when you make quantum jumps from one reality to another is that you--as consciousness--are the traveler.  You can't pack any suitcases, and the reality you jump into often can seem mostly similar to the one you left. And yes, you can 'fake it 'til you make it' just fine, too.
— Cynthia


Dear Cynthia,
Hi! I heard your recent interview on Alexis Brooks’ show and have been watching your YouTube videos for the past few days. I’m looking forward to catching up on older Reality Shifter blog posts. This objective reality evidence is fascinating and so relevant to what we’re dealing with in the world today, as well as experiences I’m having on an individual level. Perception/observation seems to be truly significant.
— Jen

Dear Jen,
Hi, Jen! Yes, this is extraordinarily good news for everyone who’s experiencing reality shifts and the Mandela effect, with profound implications for the future understanding of quantum physics and consciousness. Indeed, perception and observation is highly significant.
— Cynthia


Hi, Cynthia!
I hope you are well! I don’t want to take up much of your time, but I had a question that I think you can help me with. I am very good at healing others. But I am terrible at healing myself! I was instructed by the Still Voice when I was a kid. It said, “Patient, heal thyself.” It posed a challenge for me. Instead of, “ Physician, heal thyself,” as is quoted in the Bible, I was being instructed to do it myself. At the time I heard this, it was very troubling because I have had a lifelong illness that was a mystery to the doctors for many years. And in hearing those words, I knew that the doctors would not be the ones to cure me. So, I began to research the science of my disease, looking for causal factors and treatments, looking at all the latest research.  Then I learned that the problems I am having is, also, referred to as the “disease of the mystics.” That there was more to the disease. I think that my trouble with self-healing may stem from trauma, feelings about helplessness. I know I can and will accomplish this task, as I keep tuning up. I wonder if it will happen naturally, as I am changing my habits, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I typically see visuals and hear the Still Voice speaking when healing others. Or I am simply moved by it. I know I am on the cusp of figuring this out! Any advice or input about your methods would be just wonderful! Thanks for being you! Many, many hugs!
— Julie

Dear Julie,
I've found healing naturally occurs when we remove blockages to receiving the flow of intrinsic goodness--the flow of divine unconditional love.  Some people find that by serving as conduits for this healing energy on behalf of others, they receive this flow of energy through themselves.  This is a well-recognized principle; I've heard Reiki masters inform their students that by directing Reiki healing energy toward others, Reiki practitioners also naturally receive the benefit from this healing energy, too.  In my personal experience and practice, I find that daily meditation / prayer focused on purification of my heart and removal of any blocks or barriers to divine love is especially helpful.  With love and blessings,
— Cynthia


Hi, Cynthia,
Last year I had many flies in my house and I often kept the windows so this year I decided to keep the windows and doors shut. This works very well and I have almost no flies in my house. Once I slept in all morning and despite me seeing none the day before and leaving the windows shut all night there were about twenty  or thirty flies in the kitchen. I was listening to their buzzes and it all built up to a crescendo and then suddenly it stopped. There was so trace of fly anywhere. I saw no bodies or any trace that they ever existed. Do you agree that it was a shift?
— Kait

Dear Julie,
While I was not there with you to physically experience any of this, it does sound to me that what you are describing sounds like a reality shift, once you've ruled out any possibility of the flies having some way to enter your house and then leave again. With love and thanks,
— Cynthia


Hello, Cynthia Sue Larson,
My name is Andy and I have a question so Affirmations can also work on Time Travel?
— Andy

Dear Andy,
To the degree that Affirmations assist you in aligning all aspects of yourself (gut, heart, head) so that what you truly need corresponds also with what you most love and also like to imagine and envision for yourself, Affirmations are helpful in any kind of reality shifting--which would include time travel.  Some people report success in this area, such as when traveling farther than should be physically possible in given amounts of time, for example. With love and thanks,
— Cynthia


Hey, Cynthia,
I found this movie that I thought that you might like, given the stuff that you write about. It's about a dude who wakes up one morning to find that he is the only one, presumably in the whole world, who remembers The Beatles band. Check it out:
— Mark

Dear Mark,
Thanks, I'll check it out--this preview is awesome! Looks like it's due to hit theaters at the end of this month. I have heard from one person so far who's seen art from other universes and wondered about the ethics of sharing such designs here, so this is a timely and intriguing topic! With love and thanks,
— Cynthia



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