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May 2019
Issue #236

How Good Can it Get?
Cynthia Sue Larson
Cynthia Sue Larson
Feeling Grateful to be Alive

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
I took the one less traveled by,
and that has made all the difference.”
– Robert Frost

I had quite a shock this past month, when I received an email from a man, Steve Boucher, who informed me that he remembered that I'd died a couple of years ago. Steve recalled that the timeframe of my death had been just after the release of my first guest appearance on GaiaTV, talking with Regina Meredith, which aired the first week of January 2017. Steve wrote:
    "Upon arriving at your Facebook page, I was greeted with a message from your husband stating that he regretted to inform us that you had passed away and that you had been ill for quite a while.  I was shocked to read this news and immediately responded offering my condolences.  I remember feeling this great sadness come over me, as I had very much enjoyed your work.

    A month or so later, I noticed a new video of yours on YouTube and was amazed to see that it was a recent video.  Then I started to notice more recent videos popping up on YouTube. It didn’t take me long to realize that you were still alive!  I realized then, that I must have shifted to a different timeline in which you had not passed away.  I knew then, that I had to write to you and tell you this story, as strange as it sounds.  I am grateful to have shifted to a timeline in which you are alive and continuing to bring videos to the public about the Mandela Effect and time shifting.  Hope you don’t think I’m crazy. I just had to tell you."

No, I don't think Steve Boucher is crazy. I suspect that due to the fact that quantum consciousness, quantum jumps, reality shifts and Mandela effects have only recently come into peoples' awareness, the typical response most people make when told, "I thought you died!" is more like, "The report of my death was an exaggeration." My response was different; I told Steve I thought he was right.

I feel honored to be one of the first to acknowledge being on the inside of an Alive Again experience. I am able to provide validation that I actually did fleel close to dying of exactly what Steve Boucher thought I'd died of, at exactly the time he thought I had, and furthermore, my death would likely have been announced as Steve described, as a post on my Facebook page. I wrote a blog and created a companion YouTube video about being my experience being on the inside of an Alive Again experience, and have received a great deal of fascinating feedback already from people who have told me that they, too, remember that I had died.

I've now heard from several more people who also recall having seen news of my death, with slight variations on what they recall. Tim told me that he remembers I used to be a regular guest on Coast-2-Coast, appearing weekly. This is different than what I recall, which is that I've so far only appeared on Coast-2-Coast twice:
    "Where I'm from, you're a weekly guest of George Noory, and I very much am indebted to you, both there and here."
That's not a reality I recall, but it certainly sounds wonderful! And hearing about people remembering me doing things I don't recall reminds me of how one person told me he remembers my giving talks at UC Berkeley when I was an undergraduate studying physics there at the time. I do believe these reports, since I've had experiences remembering people doing and saying things they don't remember—sometimes even immediately after such events occur.

Another person recalled that a YouTuber named moneybags73 had created a tribute video for me, in a reality where I'd passed away. Moneybags73 had been on a Mandela effect panel with me a few years back, when Dr. Tarrin Lupo was doing live broadcasts. I got to meet him live on the panel, as we discussed various aspects of reality shifts and Mandela Effects.

Joni recalls:
    “I do remember going to your site and there was a note from your hubby etc as he shared but its all jumbled—you had passed at the time and I remember being sad as I had come to read your site very often. Very soon after, I remember seeing you were around again—at that point I felt I must have dreamed it. I can't get a time frame on it at all. I also remember when posted, you were being seen in one place, but were some where else that it was connected—strange, because seeing that notice from your hubby seems a long while ago. Timing is off but all seems to fit.”

Megan from New Mexico writes:
    “I absolutely remember a message put out on YouTube sometime in the last 3 MONTHS where your husband spoke of your passing. I remember it clearly, because I was affected by it for several days, even sending prayers to you thanking you for your work. Your Mandela effect videos were the first I saw way back in the day, and I was very upset by the news of your death. And now, today, in this reality—here you are! I feel very strange about the whole thing, almost as if I jumped timelines with you! Really, Cynthia, this is really strange, and God as my witness, I was in a reality where you passed away. I'm going to be pondering this for the next few days for sure, it's so incredible to me!”

It's been amazing to hear from people who remember my having died--and having other experiences than I recall. I can appreciate that we can have different experiences, and they can all be 'right.'

There is a similarity between noticing someone Alive Again and noticing that someone exists who you are certain you would have known about if they'd existed in your reality before. I've heard from people who have told me that they are pretty certain that I didn't exist previously in their realities, because they would have known for sure if I did. I believe them, and even know how that feels, since that's what I told physicist Dr. Yasunori Nomura soon after I'd first met him, while adding that I certainly would have included mention of many of his marvelous research papers in my book, Quantum Jumps, had his research existed in my life before.

With awareness that the way we view events can influence what we experience to be true, this is an excellent time to ask how good it can get when we invite the most positive possible realities into our lives.
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Cynthia Sue Larson
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(2) Intriguing Events, Articles, Interviews, & Films

I Just Learned I Died in Another Reality
One of the most astonishing types of reality shifts is the Alive Again phenomenon, in which someone is witnessed as being alive after having previously been reported dead. And without a doubt, the most stunning type of Alive Again experience is one in which you yourself are the person that people heard had died–and this year was the first time I heard from someone reporting that I had died–fortunately to come back and be Alive Again! To me, this incident is a great deal bigger than most all the other types of reality shifts I report in the monthly RealityShifters ezine. I feel very grateful to Steve Boucher and all others who felt I might die and had an adverse emotional reaction to that possibility. I know of two other friends who, in addition to Steve, also were aware that I might almost die at that time, about two years ago. You can read this post on Cynthia's blog at:
You can watch the companion video to this blog post at:

Russell Targ

Remote Viewing with Russell Targ
on Living the Quantum Dream with Cynthia Sue Larson

Cynthia Sue Larson talks with Russell Targ about his cutting-edge research in the fascinating field of remote viewing.  As Targ states in the new documentary, Third Eye Spies, “For more than 20 years the CIA used psychic abilities in a top-secret program. You paid for it; you deserve to know about it.”  Targ discusses some of the principles behind remote viewing, including it’s connection to quantum physics principles such as nonlocality, entanglement, and four-valued logic. Russell Targ is  a physicist and author, pioneer in the development of the laser and laser applications, and cofounder of the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) investigation of psychic abilities in the 1970s and 1980s. Targ’s work investigating remote viewing has been published in scientific journals, and he is the author or co-author of many books, and producer of the new documentary film, Third Eye Spies. Targ’s website is:
You can listen to this audio interview at:

A quantum experiment suggests there's no such thing as objective reality

Physicists have long suspected that quantum mechanics allows two observers to experience different, conflicting realities. Now they’ve performed the first experiment that proves it. Back in 1961, the Nobel Prize–winning physicist Eugene Wigner outlined a thought experiment that demonstrated one of the lesser-known paradoxes of quantum mechanics. The experiment shows how the strange nature of the universe allows two observers—say, Wigner and Wigner’s friend—to experience different realities. Since then, physicists have used the “Wigner’s Friend” thought experiment to explore the nature of measurement and to argue over whether objective facts can exist. That’s important because scientists carry out experiments to establish objective facts. But if they experience different realities, the argument goes, how can they agree on what these facts might be? That’s provided some entertaining fodder for after-dinner conversation, but Wigner’s thought experiment has never been more than that—just a thought experiment. Last year, however, physicists noticed that recent advances in quantum technologies have made it possible to reproduce the Wigner’s Friend test in a real experiment. In other words, it ought to be possible to create different realities and compare them in the lab to find out whether they can be reconciled. And today, Massimiliano Proietti at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh and a few colleagues say they have performed this experiment for the first time: they have created different realities and compared them. Their conclusion is that Wigner was correct—these realities can be made irreconcilable so that it is impossible to agree on objective facts about an experiment.

The Experience: Surviving Death in the Quantum Field
Cynthia Sue Larson talks with Nora Yolles-Young about what happens when you die in one reality and continue living in another. This conversation also delves into how best to navigate situations involving disagreements with others, and politics.

Cynthia Alive Again on Unbiased and On the Fence
Cynthia Sue Larson chats with Shane Robinson and Eileen about her experience dying in another reality. This conversation includes a meditation toward the end of the show for setting an intention to become more pure-hearted, and experience more reverence in daily life.

Awake to Oneness: Science of Instant Transformation with Cynthia Larson
Cynthia Sue Larson talks with Caroline Chang about some recent findings in quantum physics pertaining to the idea of subjective (versus objective) reality, and how this relates to reality shifts and quantum jumps.


(3) Your Reality Shift Stories

Words Change on Police Car
Callahan, Florida, USA

I have had some strange things happen to me lately. Yesterday, I saw a cop car go from having words on the side of it--it turned around, and then the car changed to having no writing on it, and a family was inside. Then, I took my children to the beach and met a woman with two children. We talked a little, and she told me that her YouTube page was called "5th dimension Vortex." I looked up her page, and she had videos of healing music, and saw her transform into like an Angelic looking presence. I feel as if I am transitioning into a higher frequency-- the unknown---well is just that!

Note from Cynthia: Wow, thanks so much for sharing the experience you had noticing a cop car going from having words to no writing.  I've seen similar changes on vehicles, and I know when it happens to me, I'm keenly aware there's been a change, yet I don't always read what the words were before they change or vanish.  Still, it's incredibly clear that a change has occurred.


split realities
Photograph of Split Realities
Sweet, Idaho, USA

I am writing to you to share a situation that has happened to me briefly. I am sure you are busy and do not want to take up your time. In short, for about two years, I have been experiencing "strange things." I had no idea what these were, but was not able to even make sense of things or explain to anyone what was happening, so I started investigating. Am I glad I did! So, that brings us to current. Yesterday, I had a strange feeling a shift or jump was going to happen as it had been lingering for a few days prior. I was off work relaxing on my patio when it hit and I was taking pictures of the beautiful countryside I live in. Today I was reviewing those pictures on my computer as I can see them better then on my phone and this picture blew my mind! I happened to take it right as this shift was happening and this is what I photographed.. I have not changed or altered this photo at all. It is exactly as I took it yesterday. If you have any insight on this. I wouldn't mind knowing what you think. There are several oddities going on here with the carport post, the house and the tree. Weird! There is a lot more to what happened the day I took that picture. I don't know if you want to hear the whole story or not which began about a year prior, so I'll just start with the two days before, when I noticed that I felt out of sync with everything: with time, with my place where I live, and routines before work. Then going to work is a 12 mile drive along the river to Horseshoe Bend, Idaho. Everything seemed displaced, and I felt ungrounded. Completely. I even had a hard time staying focused on driving, and work was a challenge, to say the least. I'm a cook. So I just figured I was having an off day; but I considered in the back of my mind that some kind of time shift might be going on, as I had experienced feeling this way several times prior. I made it home and got my horses fed, which even seemed weird somehow, then I showered and went to bed and woke up every so often. It was not a quiet night in my head. I felt unsettled; almost surreal, like this wasn't even my bed. The next day, it was very obvious that there was something going on; I just didn't know what! I do not take any medication and am a clean, drug-free person, but it felt like I was almost walking above the ground. It was my Friday, and I just wanted to get through work and take tomorrow off, which is the day I took the picture. So that Sunday morning was completely unreal to me. I began to wonder if this was even my life I was living. I got in my car, and began driving to work and I called a friend, because I was so ungrounded. I considered not going to work, and had to pull my car over and stop, as I had about hit an oncoming truck because I couldn't focus on the road. It seemed like my car was driving above the road. I regained my composure, and took my time getting to work. My whole work shift, it felt like I was on autopilot. It was beyond strange. I almost couldn't believe it was actually me cooking and putting orders out, and doing prep work. All I knew was that I had to keep my balance and stay focused. Literally, because I felt slightly motion sick all day. When work was over I had a horrible time driving home in the dark. I was sure that I was going to run off the road, or that a deer would jump out and I wouldn't see it in time. I was an anxious wreck. I made it home and did my chores, and again everything seemed to be on autopilot. I didn't sleep well, but was exhausted, so I seemed to stay asleep and just remember tossing and turning almost awake but not; trying to get comfortable enough to sleep. So now it's Monday, my day off. Yay! I got up early as usual, got my coffee, and went outside to sit on my patio and enjoy the hills and the birds singing, and see if any deer were out like they sometimes are in the field here. I couldn't really tell how I felt yet, just happy that I didn't have to go anyplace today, and I could just relax. And that's what I was doing. It was just beautiful out, and in Sweet, where I live, it is so quiet and peaceful it's almost intoxicating all on its own. I began to realize the same feelings of surreal and being above ground was over coming my peace and groundness I had began to feel sitting on my patio with my camera taking pictures. That is basically what happened when I took the picture I shared with you. I didnt even notice it when I reviewed the pictures on my phone. Every picture looked normal. It was the next day when I was looking at them on my big computer screen that I saw it. My photos automatically sync to my google account, so I don't have to download or anything; they are just in my online account. I was shocked when I saw that photo; it photographed exactly how I had been feeling for the last two days; out of sync, surreal, and distorted. I decided to go online and see if others had posted any pictures like that, and what I could find that might be similar to what I had been feeling. That's when I found your website, and began reading. It seemed like if I sent it to you, I thought you might have a comment or explanation as to what I was experiencing; just trying to make sense out of all this. It's crazy!

Reality Shifts
Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for writing to me and for sharing this photo with me.  I've not previously seen a photo quite like this one, which shows a kind of photographic horizontal mid-line splice effect--with almost a motion-blur effect going on with the carport post.  Once we've ruled out that there's something wrong with your camera (such as it sometimes takes pictures like this), then what we seem to have is photographic evidence corroborating your feeling that a shift was occurring at that time.  I do know what you mean about feeling energies about to shift, as I've waited to turn my camera on while watching martial artists sparring at a tournament, when I noticed an upset was about to occur, since the energies had just shifted.  Catching reality shifts occurring is another area that those of us sensitive to energies can become aware of, and see what kind of photographs we can get. There is significance to your having noticed you felt ungrounded during the time period when you took this photograph; people are most likely to experience reality shifts that seem random and unexpected when feeling energized and ungrounded, such as witnessing keys or wallet seeming to move around on their own.  With regard to noticing that you were feeling differently during that time period, it's been proven that humans have amazing natural perceptual hyperacuity to environmental stimuli that is often supressed, as I describe in my book, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World (p. 160).  And I include mention in that same book that living with the waking dream experience of reality shifting around me feels a lot like walking with my feet in two (or more) worlds.  And some shifts can feel a lot like 'consciousness quakes' to me, showing how it is possible for everything to change in a moment of time.  I've witnessed objects 'sparkle' themselves into existence many times.

My Shorts Suddenly Had Pockets
Sweet, Idaho, USA

The other experience I had involved a pair of shorts that never had pockets. For the two years I owned those shorts, I always wished that they did have pockets, and I would try to put things in them when I would go sit outside, only to realize they did not have pockets. Then, one morning, they suddenly had pockets, and they still do. It freaked me out!

Note from Cynthia: I love your experience with shorts that never had pockets--until one day they did!  I had something similar happen with a dress I love that didn't have pockets, until one day it did.  My experience with the dress was really unexpected, and I so appreciate pockets! I completely understand!

Schrodinger, the Alive Again Cat
West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

Hello Cynthia, I just saw your new video and when you were talking about the cat and made me compelled to email you. See, I work for FedEx. Maybe about a year ago when I would leave FedEx, I would see a cat that would be wandering around almost everyday in front of the building gate. Over the course of a couple months, I decided to give the cat a name; I named him Schrodinger. Maybe a couple of months later or so, I noticed while leaving FedEx that he was laying on the side of the road, dead. I felt very disheartened. At that moment, I consciously spoke out loud, and told myself that I could bring him back by shifting to the reality where he's alive, or something to that effect. A couple of days later, sure enough, he was walking in front of FedEx, like nothing was wrong, and I was very happy. Sadly, I never saw him after that day. Maybe I shifted to the reality where he was gone again. Either way, it showed me another example of what we can do as human beings.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for writing to me, and for sharing your experience seeing a cat wandering around almost every day in front of the gate--who subsequently died--and then was alive again!  I can totally empathize with how disheartened you must have felt when seeing him dead.  And surely you would not be mistaken in identifying your friend, Schrodinger, as there likely weren't any other similar-looking cats in the area at that time.  What I've noticed that helps in locking in reality shifts--especially if you've noticed any reality shift 'flip-flops' or are concerned about them--is to ask others who also care about the individual concerned to share in putting their focused attention and sense of genuine need that that one will be healthy and just fine. 

My Dentist Left, Yet Didn't Leave
Ross Nickel

As a young adult I was neglectful of my oral hygiene. I believed that I could get away with this because I had hard teeth and did not often get cavities. What I had not realized was that tooth loss is, not due primarily to cavities, but to periodontal disease where anaerobic bacteria harbor under the gums eating away the bony support structure. I came down with this condition and wound up having gum surgery. This is a barbaric procedure where part of the gum is sliced off with a razor and the plaque scraped away.   Unfortunately, this is often not a cure. A few bacteria escape and slowly breed back up.This is measured by the depth in 'pockets' between teeth. I met someone who was to undergo his third gum surgery. My pockets were increasing in depth but I did not want to further surgeries and was searching for alternative treatments. Sometime in the 1990s my regular dentist told me that he had received notification from local periodontist ( let's call him Dr.X ) that he was using a new non-surgical gum treatment. I immediately made an appointment with Dr.X.  The treatment used a product called Arestin which contained an  antibiotic ( minocycline hydrochloride.) in the form of a goo which was inserted and sealed into the deep pockets for a week. The antibiotic was slowly released killing the bacteria and allowing the inflamed gums to heal. So I had the treatment and it worked, for about 3 years. Apparently, a few bacteria are resistant to the antibiotic and slowly multiply through out the gums. So Dr.X announced that if more intensive flossing, brushing, and mouthwash did not stabilize the deterioration by my next visit he could try another round of Arestin.    I had dental insurance at the time so would go every 3 months,seeing a general dentist and a periodontist, each twice a year. Dr.X lived in South Phila, shared an office in Center City with another periodontist, and was at his Northeast Phila office 3 days a week. He would hire a periodontist out of dental school who would stay until he had saved enough money to open his own practice. An appointment with Dr.X had to be made about 3 weeks in advance. I would schedule a cleaning just before seeing him. So I was surprised when I called for appointment and was told I could come in tomorrow. I asked if he had a cancellation and was told 'yes'.  The senior hygienist cleaned my teeth and measured my pockets.She noted they had worsened and I could try Arestin again. I said that I would see what Dr.X thought. She replied," O, he left the practice a while ago." Now I realized why I got the quick appointment. She said that Dr.X had left in his notes that Arestin was an option if my gums had not improved and she know how to administer it. I said OK and had it done. On the way out I talked about Dr.X leaving with the receptionist. Everyone was surprised and disappointed she said.  My visit to my dentist revealed that the second treatment had not worked. These bacteria were resistant. When my next perio visit was due I had no where else to go so I called the same office figuring that I'd talk to Dr.X's replacement. When I asked who that was I was told there was no replacement--Dr.X had never left the practice!  I did not argue; I had been down this road before. I made an appointment with Dr.X with the intention of taking him aside and asking if he had contemplated seriously leaving this practice about 8 months ago. But that did not happen. He was involved with a surgery and only saw me briefly then sent in the young periodontist who tried to talk me into another surgery. Analysis:    I believe Dr.X carefully considered leaving the northeast practice. Perhaps his children were grown  and he didn't need to work as much or he was tired of the longer drive and would just concentrate on the center city practice. Or some other reason, and at that point, two timelines were created. I traveled down the one where he left but was switched back to the other.  Later I remembered that when I received that office's bill I noticed that they had charged the insurance company for an evaluation and Arestin treatment by Dr.X. When I mailed in my co-payment I included a note pointing out this dishonesty to them. However, in this reality, he did do those things and probably did not appreciate my note so was not interested in chatting with me. Switching realities can lead to misunderstandings.

Note from Cynthia: Thank you for sharing your experience with the dentist who'd left--and then who'd never left.  This sort of reality shift reminds me of times I've seen business hours and decor that was different--and then returned to how they were before--with no trace of the back-and-forth.  I describe one such shift of restaurant decor in my book, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World.  And readers have shared reports of roads, houses, businesses, and entire streets sometimes being transformed and then returning to the way they'd 'always been.'  I've occasionally experienced reality shift flip-flops, where the back-and-forth switching goes on for a few rounds.  Here's a blog post I wrote about this: Mandela Effects, Flip-Flops, and Reality Residue

The Vanishing Check
Ross Nickel

The following incident took place in the early 1980s. I had been busy at work and had not attended to paying my bills. So one evening I set aside time to attack this task. While my wife got the children ready for bed I repaired to my workroom. I proceeded in my usual methodical procedure: open the bill, write out a check, enter it into my checkbook, complete the envelope, place on a completed pile, and then move on to the next bill. The electric bill, the water bill, the phone bill, my wife's credit card bill were completed one by one. I then came to a bill from my stockbroker for about $16. Bank CDs for our two children had matured so I had him add it to mutual funds set up for their college education. The shares price was slightly over the amount sent so this was a bill for the difference. As I was about to write out the check I remembered that the firm, Sherson, Lehman Brothers, owed me about $300 for an overpayment on another mutual fund in my wife's and my name. Why should I pay my debt to them when they have not paid what they owed me? On the other hand, I did authorize him going over the amount of the CDs sent to him. But maybe I should not pay it and tell them to deduct it from what they owe us. I sat there going back and forth in my mind whether or not to pay this bill. The fact that I was frozen with indecision and could have acted either way, I believe, is critical to the events which followed. Looking at the clock shocked me to realize I had spent a half hour in inaction. My time was worth more than the amount I was thinking about. So I wrote the check. The company provided envelope with a window in it for the address to show through was too small for the bill to fit properly. So I folded the bill and wrote the address by hand around the window, put a stamp on, and went on to the rest of the bills. I walked to the mailboxand deposited them that night. I told this story once in an internet chat room and asked if anyone could guess what happened next. Someone said," Then a UFO landed and an alien got out." The fact of the matter is, I had never heard described what followed in any account, real or fictional. To continue, several days later I received a phone call from my stock broker's secretary. She said that she had received my check yesterday, noting that she remembered it because it came in that funny envelope. I held back from informing her that it was the envelope that her company had provided. She went on to tell that she had immediately walked down the hallway and given the check to the comptroller. But today when she has seen the comptroller. The woman told her that she had not been in her office yesterday, and she was never given a check. The secretary sounded annoyed and requested that I make a copy of the cancelled check when I get it and send it to her. I said that I would, but after I hung up, I had an uneasy feeling. I looked at my checkbook entries, and found that they were consecutive, but there was none drawn to the stockbroker. And when my cancelled checks arrived, no such check appeared. So, I had a memory of doing something which I had not done. It was not just a false recollection, because someone else had independently experienced the consequences of this action. As I was a skeptic at this period of my life, one might expect that this incident shook up my belief system. It did not. I was aware that ,according to Quantum Theory, the universe splits or time lines divide when a fifty-fifty situation occurs. I saw my indecision as meeting that criterion and then somehow those time-lines became entangled. Almost twenty years later I related this story in a meeting of a local chapter of IANDS. When I concluded, two members who had some intuitive abilities became agitated and strongly asserted that this was a warning to me. They were right; a much more dramatic and dire reality switch had already happened to me fourteen years after this first event. But that is another story.I have since become strongly interested in the nature of reality.

Note from Cynthia: I suspect this type of reality shift experience could be happening in many peoples' lives, and typically being dismissed as some kind of clerical error on the part of someone else, or forgetfulness. Yet clearly, when we start to pay more attention with the intention of learning more about the nature of reality, these sorts of experiences can happen more frequently, and with other witnesses present to corroborate that something unusual indeed has occurred.


(4) Mail Bag, Questions, and Answers

Dear Cynthia,
I'm not sure if this happens to everyone, but when I have a jump in timeline, I can actually FELL it. The only way to describe what it feels like to me is to compare it to a CD skipping, or a movie jumping a fraction of a frame. I felt it before, but the more I've experimented with quantum jumping, the more it seems to happen. It always makes me happy, because I know a needed shift is taking place.
— Carrie

Dear Carrie,
Yes, some jumps are rather noticeable, and can be felt!  I'm glad this works as a nice kind of indicator that you can recognize as an indicator that a jump is happening!
lots of love,
— Cynthia


Hi, Cynthia :-)
I recently listened to a radio interview with Loretta Brown (who I’ve been to see for her beautiful Reiki numerous times), and truly enjoyed hearing you speak about quantum leaping.  In fact since listening to your interview, I have been trying quantum living in small ways, and it has proven so easy and fun already! For example, I was running late to my yoga class and there seem to be no way I would get there in time. Normally, I wouldn’t have worried too much about missing the class but I was supposed to meet up with a good friend of mine I hadn’t seen in quite a while. So, I said to myself I’m just going to quantum Leap myself there. I blinked to make all my lights turn green and they did! I couldn’t even believe it :-) Next, I knew I had to pick a specific time to arrive at my class which started at 9 AM. I decided that I would walk through the doors at 8:55 AM another detail was where to park my car so I decided that I would find a spot right in front of the yoga studio. Well, I am sure you know exactly what happened ;) I just recently listened to your interview on “We Don’t Die” on YouTube. I especially loved the story you shared about your grandmother.  I also feel that I am beginning to tap into my psychic consciousness which is exciting but also scary at the same time. I have had visions of exactly what quantum leaping looks like. To me, it basically looked like a book lying on its side the pages then rippled open just enough to allow a small tunnel through/in-between the pages; it’s the same book, but all the pages in between the pages are different dimensions. I see a psychic energy differently; I see it like fireworks that are white and sparkly and almost come up towards me and envelope me in their life. I am curious what it looks like for you, and if there is similar or different visual that comes to you? Thank you so much in taking the time to read my email and any feedback you may have would be humbling and appreciated
— Sarah

Dear Sarah,
Thanks so much for writing to me, and for sharing a little bit about yourself and what's on your mind. I'm glad to know that you're experiencing some of the looks and feel of quantum jumping--which I've described in various ways in my books.  Even in my young adult novel, Karen Kimball and the Dream Weaver's Web, I describe a little bit of the frame-like experience of witnessing various possible realities in order to choose amongst them.  In my book, Reality Shifts, I describe the feelings I experience when identifying myself with various levels of consciousness.  In my book, High Energy Money, I include a meditation of starting each day by selecting which reality to embody, so I experience these things in many ways, which are sometimes visual, sometimes multi-sensory, and sometimes just as knowing.
lots of love,
— Cynthia


Hi, Cynthia,
I have bad flu/pnumonia. It's causing me hell but I was wondering if I could shift into a universe where I am not sick.
— Kaitlynne

Dear Kaitlynne,
Yes, it is possible to shift into a universe where you're not sick, or further along in your healing process.  Having said that, sometimes we are sick in order to slow down and give ourselves a rest, so it may be helpful to appreciate what's happening, even if it seems unfortunate or unwelcome.  Feeling as much appreciation, gratitude and even reverence as you possibly can has a way of turbo-charging reality shifts and quantum jumps.
With lots of love and positive healing energy intentions,
— Cynthia


Dear Cynthia,
I found your post, “Good news! Our universe can't be simulated on classical computers,” i.e. this isn't a simulation. If this is not truth, then who are we?
— Sjuu

Dear Sjuu,
Even if we were 'just a simulation' we'd still have the same question, "who are we?" which is perhaps one of the greatest questions we could ever ask. Which is to say the answer is by necessity outside a realm by which we can be sure we ever have the 'right answer,' meaning it's in the domain of the spiritual, rather than the scientific.
— Cynthia



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Science and Spiritual Practices:
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by Rupert Sheldrake

Practical techniques for experiencing reverence in our lives

Science and Spiritual Practice is written with a gentle sense of reverence and soft-spoken wisdom. The sense of reverence shines through in this quote by Saint Thomas Aquinas: "Good in the highest degree is found in God, who is essentially the source of all goodness. And so it follows that the final perfection of human beings and their final good consists of adhering to God... Blessedness or happiness is simply the perfect good." Rupert Sheldrake presents a history and overview of spiritual rituals in Science and Spiritual Practice, with an emphasis on Christian traditions. Sheldrake was informed by a Hindu guru many years ago that 'all paths lead to God,' and that since he had been raised in a Christian family, 'you should follow a Christian path.' Sheldrake studied meditation while living in India, and describes the difference between meditation and prayer as being a bit like inhaling and exhaling: meditation is like breathing in and directing the mind inwards, whereas prayer is like breathing out and directing the mind outwards. Sheldrake shines when he points out that only those who are truly reverent can ever truly be joyful and happy in any meaningful way, pointing out that, 'the opposite of gratitude is a sense of entitlement.' I treasure the sense of reverence I feel while reading Science and Spiritual Practices. While Sheldrake does not specifically address concerns about religious fundamentalism, he addresses the severe downside associated with living non-reverent lives. Lack of reverence correlates with lack of intrinsic happiness, with no amount of material goods or achievements ever able to fill the void. Sheldrake explains, "For believers in the materialist theory of nature, living unhappily can seem like an act of heroism, an unflinching fidelity to objective truth. But philosophical materialism is not The Truth: it is a worldview, a belief system." Indeed, Western cultures have been beguiled by the promise of a mechanized, automatic world machine. The hypocrisy implicit in naively accepting such a worldview might not be immediately apparent. We can catch a glimpse of it when we recognize that, "many people want to get rich, if necessary by exploiting natural resources, so that they can afford to buy a place in the country to 'get away from it all.'" I love how Science and Spiritual Practice presents a well-rounded overview of practical techniques for experiencing reverence in our lives. Highly recommended!


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