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October 2015
Issue #193

How Good Can it Get?
Cynthia Sue Larson
Cynthia Sue Larson
Return to Innocence

"Innocence tinctures all things with brightest hues."
― Edward Counsel

There is wonderful appeal in the innocence of young children, from their purity of heart and lack of guile. We each started life with such innocence, before we learned to wear masks we thought would put us in the best social light. From such a state of innocence, colors look brighter, there are few worries and doubts, and life takes a brilliant quality of infinite possibility.

We can regain some of the magic possible to us in such a state of innocence, or shoshin, what Zen Buddhists call beginners mind. Modern day cognitive scientists find evidence to support the advantage of embodying this beginners state of mind with an attitude of opennness, eagerness, lack of preconceptions and genuine awe. And fortunately for us, cognitive scientists are now informing us that we can increase our openness to new experiences—with Openness being one of the “big five traits” in psychology.

I feel an appreciation for beginners mind in the feeling of being in a state of possibility, rather than fixated on a particular set of presumptions, or heavy energy. And letting go of the heavy energy, once I realize it’s not mine, feels remarkably liberating and healing. I experience remarkable benefits from my daily meditations by clearing out all emotions and energies other than the highest sense of awareness I can imagine—and these meditations bring me to feeling a fresh sense of new beginnings.

I had a couple of seemingly simple, yet thoroughly magical moments the other day, after I’d done some meditation with intention to return to a state of innocence—a state of beginners mind. When I came home in the early afternoon to find a "could not deliver—now you must go to post office to pick up" notice, I felt disappointed and just a little bit bummed out to have just missed receiving a package. But then, just a couple of hours later, our wonderful postal delivery person brought my signature-required package to me at the end of his day's deliveries! A little while after that, I found a parking spot directly in front of the shop I wanted to visit downtown, and as I parallel parked into the tiny spot and emerged from the driver seat, a crowd lined up in front of a restaurant applauded and cheered, commenting "What an awesome parking job!" I felt like I was in a movie!

Openness to new experiences can feel unsettling and even a bit scary when we’re developing it, as I have been discovering this month. Moving into new roles with new responsibilities can definitely feel like leaving our comfort zones—yet we can’t really develop fully by only doing what we’ve done before. Some of the new directions I am moving in starting this month include becoming the host of the new Living the Quantum Dream radio show, which is part of Evolutionary Voices for the Quantum Age, heard Monday through Friday at 8am and 8pm EST on the Dreamvisions7 Radio Network. I hope you will tune in later this month to hear me host my first shows!

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Cynthia Sue Larson MBA, author, speaker, and spiritual life coach

(1) Spiritual Life Coaching

Do you feel like the universe is trying to tell you something, but you can't quite figure out what it is? Are you wishing you could understand the messages in your dreams, life events, and synchronicities? Need help facing a challenging issue in your life? Require clarity making an important decision? Could you use some help shifting your reality? Are you curious to know your divine gifts? Are you ready to feel energized? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can benefit from Spiritual Life Coaching with Cynthia! Contact Cynthia at to set up a life-enhancing telephone consultation today.
      "You're so insightful, positive and personable. You helped me to refocus my thoughts and energies. I really appreciate the positive energies that you were able to channel through me as well as your reminders to remain positive--and to question and even challenge--how good CAN it get! After our reading, things fell into place and I have no doubt that your reading had a lot to do with it. My angels were watching over me and showing me just how good it can get! With your help I feel that I was cleansed and opened up to the infinite possibilities that surround me. My positive energy/aura did and will continue to attract more positive energies!"
      -- Lori

(2) You're Invited to Fabulous Upcoming Events!

I would love to see or hear from you if you can make it to my upcoming events!

16 Oct 2015
7-9 pm Diablo IONS
JFK University
100 Ellenwood Way, Pleasant Hill, CA
Experience the Wonders of Quantum Logic in the New Quantum Age Talk
At this dawn of the new Quantum Age, with the advent of new quantum computers, a paradigm shift in what we consider "logical" is underway. In the 1860s, Boolean logic provided the structural framework by which classical computers envisioned by Charles Babbage could be operated in accordance with ideas of materialistic determinism. The notions of reducing all statements to being either true or false, working through problems and possibilities with truth tables, and ignoring the "excluded middle," are central to Boolean logic and classical computers of the last hundred years--yet inadequate for operating quantum computers in the future. New findings from the fields of cognitive science and quantum information theory suggest that our previous idea of what is "logical" has been overly simplified. There is merely a special case of the fundamental quantum logic that is now being found to be the dominant fundamental logic of the natural world. Unlike classical Boolean logic gates, quantum logic gates allow for forward and backward movement through time, with allowances for interconnectedness through entanglement, and with the requirement that every finite system contains infinite amounts of information. Examples of ways that human cognition appears to operate in accordance with quantum logic will be provided, along with numerous other examples of primacy of quantum logic in the natural world.

Cruise into Spirit 2016
Cruise into Spirit 2016

15-22 Oct 2016
Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas
Cruise with me on our seminar at sea from Ft. Lauderdale to Eastern Caribbean!

How good can your life get when you cruise into spirit with me? I would love for you to join me, Cynthia Sue Larson, and dozens of respected spiritual teachers on the "Cruise Into Spirit" Seminar-at-Sea from the 15th through the 22nd of October 2016 on Royal Caribbean cruise ship, Oasis of the Seas. We feel happiest when investing our time, money and attention in experiences, much more than things; and feeling good about the future boosts happiness substantially, too. When you put these together with enjoying interesting ideas, places, activities, and people, you've got "Cruise into Spirit," which sets sail in the Caribbean just over a year from now. Be sure to mention my name, "Cynthia Sue Larson" when registering for seven days of pampering your mind, body, and spirit in gorgeous surroundings!


Schedule an Event with Cynthia!
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(3) Intriguing Articles, Interviews, & Films

Improve Your Life with the Quantum Zeno Effect
How can you make the most of the "quantum watched pot" effect in your life? Most of us are familiar with those situations where it seems that the more we stare at a given situation, waiting for a momentous phase change to occur, the less likely it seems we'll see much of anything interesting transpire. You might have heard your mother cluck, "A watched pot never boils," suggesting you find something more productive to do. What your mother might not have known and probably didn't tell you is that the "watched pot" phenomenon is backed up by some pretty interesting scientific studies in quantum physics that show considerable promise for helping improve our way of life. We might envision the possibilities of being able to freeze-frame a given situation--such as a life-threatening experience--in order that we can best address whatever needs to be handled. Some people, including me, have had such moments where we could have sworn that time slowed to a stop--and the Quantum Zeno Effect can go a long way toward explaining what's going on when that happens. While Alan Turing has been acknowledged as having first mentioned the basic principle behind the Quantum Zeno Effect in the form of a paradox in 1954, physicists Baidyanaith Misra and George Sudarshan were the first to write a paper in 1977, hypothesizing that if a quantum system is measured often enough, it’s state will be unable to progress, and this hypothesis was tested and proven to be true in a 1989 experiment involving laser-cooled ions trapped in electric and magnetic fields. Subsequent tests further confirmed that the Quantum Zeno Effect works, and in 2013, researchers moved a step closer to building quantum computers by demonstrating that objects as large as diamonds can exhibit the Quantum Zeno Effect. It’s a big leap to move from the realm of the microscopic to something large enough that humans can directly see, feel and work with, such as diamonds. In addition to the Quantum Zeno Effect that effectively freezes a system into a given state, there also exists an anti-Zeno Effect, which moves a system quickly out of a given state. In 2014, a team of physicists led by Y.S. Patil at Cornell University successfully demonstrated that rapid repetitive measurements can effectively freeze a system in place. The potential implications of this are huge, as the paper asserts, "The techniques demonstrated here augur intriguing prospects of realizing novel many-body interactions such as a measurement-induced dynamic coupling between the internal, motional and topological states of a quantum many-particle system." You can read the full blog post on this topic posted at:
You can watch the video edition of this post on YouTube at:


(4) Your Reality Shift Stories

A Very Different Oscar the Cat and Friend Phil
Moriah Morningstar
Magic Valley, Idaho, USA

I just wanted to share today's journal entry with you since it is about reality switching. 8-31-15 Monday: Ornery Oscar is back. I miss Oscars, but I missed Oscar too. He’s the cat Aaron brought to me and I fell in love with him. I had him for well over 3 years before the switch happened two days ago. Oscar has a chubbier face and a different personality. He woke me up this morning at 6:00 pawing my arm. I stretched it out for him. He snuggled with me a bit, but he doesn’t purr and rub against me like Oscars did (Oscar's purr is different and so is his contact with me—he’s more reserved). He will follow me outside like Oscars did, but not as obsessively. He followed me out to the southwest corner of my property this morning where I was pulling weeds. When I finished I picked ‘him’ up like I always do when I finish my work and he growled at me like he always did. Oscars never, ever growled when I picked him up. He would settle down in my arms and enjoy the ride. I’d bring him back to the house and put him down. I carried Oscar away from the area and put him down as soon as I got close to the shed. I don’t want him on the neighbor’s property or close to the cliff edge. I knew Oscars was a different cat and I know I will see him again. Our worlds are too close to not have an exchange with each other. It’s such a bizarre thing to think about—Oscars with another me in another world. Is he sensing the change too? What is the other me like? I missed chubby-faced Oscar for such a long time, even though Oscars is so sweet and loving. Eventually I stopped thinking about him until the other night when the switch happened. I see different Phils too. The Phil with a thin face has been out steady for months, with the exception of the Rotary beer fest. I went with Aaron; Phil was working at the gate and I instantly knew he was a different Phil. His face was—I can see it so clear in my mind but it’s hard to describe. It was not the Phil that has a chubbier face, or the one with the broader forehead. This Phil is the best looking one out of the 4 Phils that I see. I also prefer his personality over the others. I stared at him in amazement because I hadn’t seen him in months. I told him he looked very handsome in his rotary shirt, and he did, but it was his different face I was referring too. I’m so sad I lost that Phil. I haven’t seen him since I hugged him good-bye at the beer fest. What surprises me the most about parallel worlds is their almost exact duplicate of each other. If I’m in a different world why does my house look exactly the same? Did Oscars switch and not me? But even when I do switch (like when I left the world where Columbus Day was celebrated on the 11th and entered the one where it’s celebrated on the 12th) everything looks exactly the same.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing your experience noticing a very different Oscar the cat, and friend Phil. What comes to mind for me most often is a sense of wonder at the dream-like nature of reality. Just as in dreams where someone or something suddenly changes and we seldom take much time to marvel about that, or what other versions of ourselves and others are up to, these changes in our daily lives can bring us to a deeper understanding of the illusory nature of physical reality and 'facts.' Just as the more we learn about quantum logic, we find that classical Boolean logic is a special case subset, we can also see that our ability to know what we're seeing improves as our mental map of understanding and comprehension improves. We can now know that 'facts' really do change--and that can be a good thing.


Pickles at McDonalds
Rotterdam, Netherlands

I don’t know if you remember but one time I’ve told you a shift story and you posted it in the newsletter of june 2014 about McDonalds. This summer again something happened with it! I wasn’t high or something. The burgers didn’t get any juicier but this must be a shift or people are just getting more retarded (hard to believe if you count the facts). Let me share it with you. I’ve sent my mom to McDonalds to get me a quarter pounder and a double cheeseburger. The problem is that I don’t like gherkins/pickles. I always ask without and never had problems so far with the order for 2 years but this time I had. My mom went to McDonalds and said my order without gherkins. So she came back home and NO way, the gherkins were there! I though omg my mom forgot to tell them, and she said stop blaming me because its on the sticker on the burger and it says "zonder augurk," meaning without gherkins. So the people that worked there couldn’t make a mistake anyhow they did whatever. I didn’t think much about it. My mom went back and ordered again "a quarter pounder" and "double cheeseburger" without gherkins and said to the manager, "Please don’t put gherkins again on it again." The manager apologized and went to the people that prepare it to warn them (my mom saw this in front of here since its an open kitchen). Then the manager personally gave the bag with the food to my mom. My mom wanted to check it by opening the bag and the burger package, but the manager said, “No, no, don’t worry—you saw I told the chefs, and I actually also tested it myself!” So my mom believed it, and quickly came home. To my biggest surprise, there was no gherkin in the quarter pounder, but there was in the double cheeseburger. I thought NO way are those people retarded or lazy. They actually work hard. So how did this happen? My mom again went back to McDonalds. She told the manager that she didn’t know how this could happen. Because she told the chef and more importantly, she checked it. So the manager gave us a coupon for free food for the next time, and apologized. This McDonalds event might be just a dumb and lazy fault of the chef, but how many mistakes can someone make? I mean, the manager went to the chef the second time, and told him do not put gherkins on it—how can you forget? So my mom and I think something spooky is going on in that McDonalds of our town, because a lot of strange things happen. For example the event I’ve told you that you posted on your newsletter of June 2014.

Note from Cynthia: Yes, I do remember your previous experience with reality shifts at McDonald's! In these experiences you share in which everyone involved from your mother to the manager to the line chef on down knew for sure that no pickles were to be included in your hamburger--it really does sound like reality shifts occurred. Especially when your mother returned to the McDonald's and specifically pointed out that was the problem before. I've had similarly weird situations in restaurants that I've also previously documented on realityshifters, having to do with my preferring my glass of water without ice in it, and having it arrive that way despite my not (in my memory) having asked the waitress for that special treatment. When I questioned her, she insisted I had requested my water with no ice, yet I know for sure that's not what I said! So these food-related reality shifts are likely happening all the time, in many variations.

Remembering Expresso
New Braunfels, Texas, USA

Expresso is now gone and it has become espresso. I'm not sure if I want to drink this new stuff. What was wrong with the old coffee? Espresso, really? I had been Googling expresso looking for a new pot to replace a cracked one and expresso had always been the spelling until recently. Our memory, needless to say, will forever be our only proof of a change. My roommate, Joanne, lived in Italy for several years and she agrees that it was always expresso. This timeline comes complete with an explanation from the Grammarist of why some of us remembered the "other" spelling, "Espresso vs. expresso Expresso started as a misspelling of espresso, which came to English from Italian and refers to a strong, pressure-brewed coffee. But because expresso has so often appeared in place of espresso, we can perhaps consider it a variant. And indeed, some dictionaries now list it as such. This doesn’t change the fact that many English speakers consider expresso wrong, however, and some will no doubt continue to do so no matter how common it becomes. So if you don’t want anyone to think you’re wrong, espresso is the safer choice. It’s also worth noting that expresso is the French word for the pressure-brewed coffee, and this perhaps has had some small influence on English usage.” Joanne, my son, myself, and a mutual friend all agree that it always was expresso only and there was no other name for it at all. Joanne loved calligraphy and, in Italy, they always extended the bottom right of the "x" to underline the rest of the word. Also, this change occurred in the last few days because, as I said, I've been searching for a replacement pot and, all of a sudden, the search was being corrected to, instead, show results for "espresso". Previous searches did not correct me so that means that the timeline shift occurred in the last couple of days. My son said he'll never call it "espresso"; sounds too wimpy. What amazes me about these timeline changes is that I never feel any physical effects like a shiver or a sudden jiggle or something. The shifts all seem to be very seamless without no outward clues that something is happening. Talk with your coffee drinker friends.

Note from Cynthia: That's really fascinating that your roommate, Joanne, who lived in Italy agrees that it was always spelled 'expresso.' The fact that both of you remember it this way is very compelling to me. This particular shift is one that resonates for me, too, though I haven't regularly been checking it, and thus am not quite as startled by the change.

Clocking in While Dreaming
Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA

I really enjoy your stories on shifting realities. I would like to share the following story: My son works at a hospital about 6 blocks from his home. One night he had a dream that he was at work walking the halls. This dream seemed so “real” to him. A couple days later his work supervisor asked him why he had clocked in to work for 1 hour between 2 and 3 AM. He told her about the dream but claimed he never left his house. He has never had an issue with sleep walking so decided to check with the security office as they had security cameras that recorded activity in the hospital. They watched the recordings covering all of the enter/exit doors and even the camera by the time clock that he supposedly used. They found no evidence of him being there!

Note from Cynthia: Thanks for sharing this extraordinary experience your son had of dreaming a very realistic dream of being at work, and later being asked about why he clocked in between 2am and 3am! People are most likely to experience reality shifts and quantum jumps involving bilocation and teleportation when meditating or lucid dreaming (it's happened to me a couple of times), so I've got a feeling this sort of thing may be happening a good deal more than many people realize!


(5) Questions and Answers

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
I, too, remember Thanksgiving being the third Thursday and thought I was crazy. I have read "Quantum Jumps" and am fascinated with the alternate reality possibilites. It just didn't occur to me in this instance. Thank you for expanding my awareness and reminding me that I'm not "crazy," I'm aware and in touch with this amazing and mystical Universe.
— Courtney

Dear Courtney,
Thanks for letting me know that you also remember American Thanksgiving falling on the third Thursdays in November; you are definitely not the only one who remembers this, and you are not crazy! You are getting in touch with this ever-changing reality, filled with alternate histories, synchonicities, reality shifts and quantum jumps.
— Cynthia


Hi Cynthia,
I’ve read a lot of stories of people that had for example one chocolate bar unopened and then later they saw two chocolate bars. Or they ate a chocolate bar and then it came back. Now thats really unbelievable but I’m open that such thing can happen but how do they happen? Where is that chocolate bar come from? Do they go back in time before they ate it? Or how can you do such thing. Did you manage to duplicate things?
— Jo

Dear Jo,
Yes, I've seen things appear in duplicate and triplicate and more--such as the time I share in my book High Energy Money in which I found dollar bill after dollar bill inside my wallet that I could leave to pay a tip for our waitress that minutes earlier did not have dollar bills in it. I'd ask my young daughters if I should check inside my wallet one more time, and they had such joy and enthusiasm as they'd encourage me to look one more time--and several dollar bills came out of that wallet that had not been there earlier. This kind of reality shift seems like never-ending money, or many duplicates of something, but can be viewed as "tuning in" to adjacent realities in which the "extra" item is already there. We weren't going back in time, nor were we going to alternate "timelines," most likely. For those of us who've witnessed this kind of reality shift, it's really clear that we aren't moving between just one or two "timelines" but instead are constantly moving between possible alternate realities. When you view yourself as pure awareness--pure consciousness--then you can start to conceive that it can be possible to move--in the form of your awareness, your consciousness--from one parallel universe to another.
lots of love,
— Cynthia


Please don't laugh, but I have an idea that fits with what you propose. No, I am not suffering dementia - it has happened all my life. Have you ever gone to another room to get something and then when you got there, forgot what you went to get? So, you walk back to the original room and DUH!, you remember and go get it. Perhaps, what happened was you walked through some type of temporary portal to a different, but very similar universe - where you did not need the object and so could not recall what it was? Returning back through the portal, you are again in the universe where you DID need it and recall it instantly. So, you go and get it, the temporary opening to the other universe having since closed or moved to a new location. It never seems to happen in doubles - each time are isolated incidents. Everyone I have asked reports similar experiences but had no explanation besides, ahem, "brain fart". Maybe more is going on - as this experience is not exclusive to only older people?
— Stephen

Dear Stephen,
Thanks so much for writing to me about this! I've had this same thought, regarding the common experience of someone moving between one physical location and another, and having different levels of access to memories--including memories of motivations and intentions. I agree with you that in many cases we are physically moving between parallel possible realities, which indeed provides us with a different way of viewing what people might simply think are indicators of declining cognitive functionality.
With love and thanks,
— Cynthia



(6) Reviews that Shift Your Reality

All materials reviewed by Cynthia Sue Larson have been received as complementary review copies. While many materials are received for review, only the best get the benefit of receiving mention in RealityShifters and having a review written and posted. If you enjoy reading these reviews, please feel free to express your appreciation by clicking through these links before making purchases at, so you can help offset the costs of the RealityShifters web site and ezine. You can see some excellent metaphysical books at:

The Road to Shine

The Road to Shine:
A Story of Adventure, Life Lessons, and My Quest for More

by Laurie Gardner

One Woman's Memoir of Spiritual Growth on the Road

Laurie shares unexpected heartbreaks and joys on her courageous and exotic journey, making Road to Shine a page-turning, spiritually nourishing delight. She begins her journey as so many westerners do, following the well-intentioned guidance of family and mentors. Somewhere along the way, after graduating from Harvard and working on the front lines of education and with education reform, Laurie discovers that she's consistently happiest, healthiest, and most prosperous when following the beat of her own drum, even when that leads her to far-off places and destinations as yet unknown. It's not often you come across such a down-to-Earth, laugh-out-loud funny spiritual book that helps you feel like you're side-by-side with the author, climbing dangerous mountain passes during lightning storms, diving headfirst down into a deadly white-water whirlpool, bedding down for a good night's sleep high in a jungle tree house, or deciding whether or not to accept a piece of fresh-cooked guinea pig. I love the way Laurie shares high points from many of the soul-searching workshops, classes, and adventures she's enjoyed. Road to Shine is the perfect vicarious spiritual journey through stone chakra clearing, intuitive readings, Outward Bound experiences, and desert vision quests from the safety and comfort of your favorite reading chair, as Laurie shares her path from approval-seeking Harvard graduate to heart-centered spiritual seeker and wise woman. Road to Shine has the bitingly fresh insights and achingly raw emotion of a personal memoir, with lots of healing belly laughs throughout, that reads something like Outward Bound meets Eat, Pray, Love. Road to Shine is a delight for spiritual seekers as well as anyone simply curious about what the fuss about personal growth is all about, and is a joy to read from cover-to-cover. Highly recommended!


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