Are You Shifting Reality?
by Cynthia Sue Larson
August 8, 2000

Reality Shifts

Most of us have noticed things missing from places where we're certain we last saw them. Lost socks, missing keys, wallets, and tools often seem to have a mind of their own... disappearing from the places we know we put them and sometimes reappearing unexpectedly. Mechanics are so familiar with this phenomenon that they refer to "gremlins" who must be responsible for moving their tools around.

We also notice synchronicities and coincidences in our lives... times when the events happening around us seem orchestrated to bring together ideas, people, and situations.

Take a moment now to consider the possibility that your thoughts and feelings are responsible for creating your experience of reality... that the very way you observe the universe is affecting what you are observing. Just as the most fundamental building blocks of matter and energy are non-locally connected across time and space so that they change their spin simultaneously when they are observed, so too can we notice such "spooky action at a distance" when we make wishes or prayers that come true.

Albert Einstein used the expression “spooky action at a distance” to convey his doubt that quantum non-locality could exist. Quantum non-locality was experimentally proven in the 1980’s in Paris in a series of experiments conducted by Alain Aspect and his colleagues. These experiments measured the polarization of two twin photons... one photon being “up” and the other “down” as they traveled in different directions. Aspect’s experiments dealt with beams of correlated photons (pairs of one up and one down photon), and these experiments showed that as the angle of measurement changed for measuring the first group of photons, the statistical probability of the second group of photons going through the filter at a different angle was changed.

Physicists seeking to prove that the world operates locally (a measurement taken in one place cannot have a remote effect) conducted an experiment in the early 1970’s in Berkeley, California. John Clauser, Michael Horne, Abner Shimony and Richard Holt were surprised to find that quantum particles DO change their polarization across distances of space. This experiment was especially significant, because the experimenters set out to prove locality, and were unable to do so.

The connection between “spooky action at a distance” and wishes and prayers is that everything in this universe is made up of quantum material at its very core. You and I and everything else that exists consist of particles that have twin particles located elsewhere. When changes occur within us, twin particles elsewhere are simultaneously affected. Since quantum particles appear as “particles” at the point in time and space where they are observed... the very act of observation in one place (wishing or hoping or praying) brings about change elsewhere.

Reality shift experiences have been almost universally ignored or denied until now, when the subject can finally be raised in a non-stigmatizing way with the explanation that these changes are not in violation of the laws of physics, but are a natural part of the way we interact with the world.

Are you shifting reality?
Consider whether you ever notice amazing synchronicities... coincidences that are beyond mere chance, because they have meaning in your life at the time they occur and give you a feeling of connectedness. Think about times when you've wished for something or prayed for something, and those wishes and prayers have come true. Remember all the times when things seemed to have moved around like they had minds of their own... your keys, wallet, coat, or ring showed up unexpectedly without anyone having moved it. All of these circumstances indicate you may have experienced a reality shift.

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