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Articles by Cynthia Sue Larson

I hope that regardless what your interests are,
you'll find something here that you feel inspired to read!
Wishing you all the best that life has to offer,

Quantum Jumps:
The Art of Quantum Jumping: How to Shift Your Reality in Big, Positive Ways

Meditation, Auras & Chakras:
Ten Things Your Aura Does for You
Many Children See Auras
What Meditation Is Best for You?
Aura Healing Meditations
Tune Up Your Chakras & Shift Into a Higher Gear
Dowsing Your Energy Field

Introduction to Reality Shifts:
What Are Reality Shifts?
What Are Time Shifts?
Are You Shifting Reality?
Energize Yourself
Why Reality Shifts
The Top 10 Ways to Shift Reality
Top Five Ways Reality Shifts
How I Feel When Reality Shifts
Wish Repair
Dealing With Doubt When Changing Beliefs
Three Ways of Knowing and Changing Reality
Prayer is Good Medicine
Top Twelve Emotional Reactions to Reality Shifts
Pay Attention... and See Reality Shift
Feel Non-Locally Interconnected
Visualize What You Desire
What Do Reality Shifts Feel Like?
Changes in the Way We Experience Time
What is Synchronicity?
Choose Your Attitude
Where'd You Put the Keys?
Let Go of Wishes
We Are All Reality Shifters

Reality Shift Stories:
Time Travel Reality Shift
Materializing Keys
Healing Things
Listening to my Future Self
The Lady Appeared... Twice
My Grandmother's Liver Cancer Vanished
I Felt Time Slow... to a STOP!
A Walk Back in Time in Moundsville
Glitch in the Matrix Experiences
Reality Shifts Saved Both My Babies
Shifts Happen
Sun Dial Reality Shift
Learning to Accept Miracles

Fun With Reality Shifts:
Creating What You Need
Making Online Prayer Requests
Top Six Tips for Finding Lost Things
Move Over and Let the Dog Drive
Excellent Online Oracles
At One With the Solution
How Good Can It Get?
How to Host a Spoon-Bending Party
How You Can Help Bring Peace to the Middle East
Instant Manifestation
Creating Miracles
Money Manifestation

Scientific Articles:
William Tiller and the Physics of the Vacuum
Scientific Research Confirms Distant Healing
How Do You Shift Reality? April 2000 Survey Results
Healing Feelings
Will Spiritual Robots Replace Humanity?
International Conference on Science and Consciousness 2000
International Conference on Science and Consciousness 2001

Human Interest:
Which Power Do You Honor?
How to Create a Gratitude Journal
Don't Fear Mistakes
The Limits of Logic
Slow it Down... and Live Life to the Fullest
Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home
Parenting In a Shifting Reality
When to Revise Assumptions
The Simplest Prayer
Reverse Negative Self-Talk
At One With the Solution
There's No Going Back
Friends Forever
HUMOR: My Lyrics Ran Away With the Tune
The Mozart Conspiracy

Poems & Nature:
Grass Grows on the Freeway
The Greatest Attitude
Our Lost Pet Came Bounding Home
Heaven's Boughs
Pacific Island Sand Crabs

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