Materializing Keys
by Cynthia Sue Larson
August 30, 2000

Reality Shifts

In May 1998, my friend and I were getting ready to go to dinner, when he noticed he was locked out of his car, and couldn't find the car keys. These car keys are on a ring with a three inch glow-in-the-dark owl, so they're easy to spot and feel, even in the dark. We looked everywhere for his keys. My friend searched his pockets, the ground around the car, and in the car locks. He even went inside and looked everywhere inside the room, even going so far as to take off all his clothes and check all the pockets and seams... all to no avail.

My friend later told me he'd thought to himself as he stripped down to search himself,

He diligently searched for the keys, and then recalled he had put the keys with his wallet in the trunk of his car, which he had then locked. Only upon looking in the ignition lock, through the right hand window of the car and not seeing his keys there, did he exhaust his last hope of finding them in an accessible place. Then he gave up.

I saw him just standing perfectly still next to the front window of the passenger side of the car, staring inside the car. My attention was focused completely on my friend, as I wondered what the best way to unlock his car would be now.

As I continued to gaze at my friend in contemplative meditation and love, I suddenly saw the keys miraculously appear out of thin air and materialize just under his hands in front of him before falling straight down. I saw the keys drop out of nowhere and land with a jangle on the ground! My friend heard them drop and land, as he was still looking through the right front window to check one last time to see if they were in the ignition.

My friend adds his recollection, after reading this story:

I'd never before seen something materialize like that out of thin air, except in magic shows... and my friend was not doing magic tricks. In fact, he later recalled he had definitely locked those keys in the trunk of his car with his wallet in a small zippered bag.

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