How You Can Help Bring Peace to the Middle East
by Cynthia Sue Larson
November 19, 2000

Yassar Arafat said has been quoted as saying,

Author James Twyman and one million others intend to do exactly that! Please go to the Emissary of Light, and take a few minutes to write a one line prayer there. You can see from the counter at this web site which prayer number yours is (mine was number 59,407). In the 30 minutes it took me to write this article, I noticed that 30 more prayers were recorded at the web site.

When one million prayers of peace have been recorded on the web site, James Twyman, author of PRAYING PEACE, will travel to Israel with a scroll that contains all the prayers to be presented to President Arafat and President Barak. Mr. Twyman recently visited Jerusalem to help focus a worldwide prayer vigil for peace in the Middle East. Hundreds of Thousands of people joined the vigil, many of them linking live to Jerusalem via

Several days later, Twyman read a newspaper article that included an offhand remark made by Yassar Arafat that peace will not come to the Middle East without a million strong prayers. Twyman realized that in this internet age, we are extremely fortunate to be able to self-organize one million prayers, and added this spectacular feature to the Emmissary of Light web site at:

It is very simple to write take a few minutes to feel peace within yourself and write a heart-felt prayer. When the web site prayer counter reports that one million prayers have been gathered, a copy of each and every single prayer will be produced on an enormous scroll, which will then be brought to Israel.

While it's true that millions of people have participated in many recent prayer vigils, never before (to my knowledge) has anyone recorded the exact number of people who were participating. When one million prayers of peace have been gathered for the Middle East, I believe we will have achieved something truly wonderful.

Your prayer really does count, and will make a difference. Please forward this message to a friend today.

Praying Peace

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