Instant Manifestation
by Cynthia Sue Larson
August 10, 2000

Reality Shifts

I've been wondering recently why it I find it so satisfying when something I've wished for comes true within moments of contemplating the wish. Often, these wishes are just silly little things of no serious significance, yet they bring me such happiness! I don't consider myself to be an instant gratification junkie, yet maybe -- just maybe -- I am.

It's good to recognize when we are faced with unique opportunities, and a large part of instant manifestation consists of noticing when opportunity is knocking at the door. Put another way,

In the last few days, I've noticed two noteworthy cases of instant manifestation. The first of the two happened at a children's birthday party with my daughters and many other children at a Chuck E. Cheese pizza parlor. This child-focused restaurant provides birthday guests with many game tokens that can be played in the skee-ball and various other coin-operated games in exchange for a few minutes of game time and paper tickets which can then be exchanged for prizes. I'd been playing some games of skee-ball, and given my daughters and one of their friends all my paper tickets, so they could accumulate enough tickets to exchange for the toys they liked, until I'd used up all my tokens.

I sat down to watch my younger daughter play with the trinkets she'd selected... especially admiring a toy lizard hair clip that was quite charming and cost ten tickets. I didn't have any tickets, since I'd already given them all away to the children... but I suddenly felt inspired to stand up and walk around in a loop towards the toy counter. As I did so, I found first a group of six tickets sitting abandoned in a game machine, and then a group of four tickets in another abandoned game machine! I brought the ten tickets to the counter and got my hair clip.

A couple of days later, I was getting dressed to go to a Feldenkrais body movement appointment, when I noticed I could really use another pair of loose-fitting cotton pants. I only had one pair, which I tend to wear over and over again. I thought that it would be really nice to have at least one more pair of pants. A few minutes later, I was out the door and driving on my way to my Feldenkrais appointment when I noticed a hand-painted sign advertising a local garage sale. I drove over to it, parked the car, and the woman running the sale commented, "Nice pants" to me as she admired my colorful loose-fitting cotton pants. I noticed she had a pair of colorful cotton pants for sale on the clothes rack there -- exactly in my size, and precisely what I had been wishing for just a few minutes earlier! I purchased them and continued on my way.

Who knows how many other times I get exactly what I wish for? So many of my thoughts and feelings are unconscious... like feeling slightly thirsty, but not noticing this because I'm preoccupied with thinking about something else. When I find exactly the right beverage to quench my thirst, this is another kind of little miracle... a shift in reality to accommodate my particular needs at this very moment.

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