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What Are Reality Shifts?
by Cynthia Sue Larson

Reality shift is a relatively new term to describe an ancient phenomenon. Shifts in reality have long been relied upon by those who practice magic, work as shamanic or energy healers, or believe in the transformative powers of prayer... and are now becoming known to the general public as a very real phenomenon that affects us all.
Reality shifts are happening around us all the time, even though we usually don't notice them occurring. By intending to witness reality shifts and paying even more attention to your physical surroundings than usual, you will increase your chances of seeing reality shifts occur right in front of you.

When I first began experiencing numerous reality shifts in 1994, I thought that my mind was playing tricks on me, and that if I simply paid a bit more attention to things around me then I'd stop thinking that things were appearing, disappearing, transforming and transporting around me.

I was amazed to discover that the opposite was true... the more closely I paid attention to my environment, the more likely I was to see that things were very often not at all the way I know they had been. For example, a half-eaten loaf of bread became a whole loaf again as it sat on my kitchen counter and I slept one night. I have searched the entire house for my daughter's favorite shoes, only to give up... and a few days later find her shoes in a place she would never normally put them... on top of her bed!

I've seen truly spectacular reality shifts when I was feeling the most doubt about them existing. I saw a very old-looking sign appear in the middle of my daily walking path the day after I'd started writing my first article about reality shifts and was feeling doubt that this phenomenon could be real. The sign looked to be at least months and possibly years old, and the connected garbage can showed signs of the weed-whacking that had happened there just the day before. I had seen the gardeners working there in the park... and I had also seen they were working in a clear field that had no sign and garbage can.

Have you witnessed reality shifts in your life... perhaps not knowing how to store the memory or how to discuss it with other people? If you answer "yes" to any of the following questions, you may have witnessed reality shifts:

There are a variety of ways that people observe and describe reality shifts, and while the "vanishing/reappearing item" type of reality shift is perhaps the most commonly discussed, some other commonly reported types of reality shifts include: people being noticed to be alive again who had been dead, injuries and illnesses vanishing (such as broken bones, cuts, blisters, tumors), loops in time (in which the exact same sequence of events repeats), time overlaps (in which a person interacts with someone from the past or future), great distances being covered in very short amounts of time, traffic lights and weather changing instantaneously in tandem with one's thoughts, spoon bending with one's thoughts, broken things being whole and fully functional without being repaired, empty containers (including gas tanks) being full without being refilled, money appearing in a wallet, food appearing on the counter, shelves and in the refrigerator (sometimes audibly), lights being flipped on or off without switches being touched, changing something from the past (such as the text in an old book), and objects teleporting from one location to another.

I currently know of no way to prove reality shifts, since physical evidence and witnesses so often change right along with whatever else has changed, resulting in my experiencing a reality in which people tell me "it's always been like this," when I inquire about why a new structure has arisen overnight, looking like it's been there for months or years. Regarding the matter of an item which has disappeared, sometimes the reappearance occurs at a very different time and place, making its reappearance dramatic and noteworthy. My daughter's tooth was lost one day at school after it had fallen out, and I was amazed when it reappeared a few inches above my hand many hours later that evening as I was writing a note to myself about how my daughter had lost her tooth at school that day. Such obvious reality shifts clearly indicate to me that there has been a shift in reality, and that something which had gone missing in one place has now been teleported to another time and place where it was desired. You may be interested to peruse the results from the first survey on reality shifts that was conducted in 2000 which describe some of the most commonly reported types of reality shifts. Those survey results are posted online at:

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