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Reality Shifts
In April 2000, Cynthia Sue Larson of RealityShifters conducted the first-ever online survey of reality shifts (aka: "glitches in the Matrix," quantum jumping, mind-matter interaction) over a two month period with a total of 395 participants, far surpassing her original goal of 200 survey takers. The purpose of this survey was to determine which types of reality shifts are most commonly observed, and how people feel when encountering these experiences. Five $10 gift certificates were awarded as prizes in a random drawing after the survey was completed. A rich variety of reality shift experiences are shared in the best-selling book, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World.

How Do You Shift Reality?
The First Ever Reality Shifting Survey Results Are In!

Cynthia Sue Larson

Survey Methodology:
An online survey was conducted over a two month period, with self-selected participants answering a list of twenty questions either at the Zoomerang web site, or by emailing their answers in. A total of 395 people participated in this survey, far surpassing the original goal of 200 participants. People were encouraged to complete this survey regardless of whether they believe in the phenomenon of reality shifts, or had ever even experienced reality shifts in their lives. Five $10 gift certificates were awarded as a survey incentive to randomly selected survey participants at the end of April 2000.

Summary of Survey Results:
95% of all survey respondents notice synchronicity and coincidence in their daily life; 86% have noticed time seem to slow down, stop, or speed up; and 78% often find parking spaces when and where they need them most. Only 8% of the respondents have ever bent spoons or other metal without forcing the objects to bend, and 6% of the respondents haven't ever witnessed reality shifts. Of those who do notice reality shifts, the most common emotional reaction to witnessing the shifts are feelings of curiosity (62%) and excitement (45%), followed by feeling awestruck (37%), happy (33%), and confused (26%). A majority of the respondents feel that noticing reality shifts has changed their attitudes (59%), 55% feel that observing reality shifts has changed their beliefs, and 45% feel that both their attitudes and beliefs have changed as a result of witnessing reality shifts. People were encouraged to complete this survey regardless of whether they believe in the phenomenon of reality shifts, or had ever even experienced reality shifts in their lives.

Survey Questions & Answers:

1. I notice coincidences and synchronicities in my daily life.

Yes: 95%
No: 5%

2. I often find parking places when and where I need them most.

Yes: 78%
No: 22%

3. I sometimes put things (keys, wallets, coat) down in one place, only to find them missing or in a completely different location later on -- or notice something missing from the place I knew I had just seen it (such as food in the refrigerator or the cupboard, or one of a pair of socks that went into the wash).

Yes: 72%
No: 28%

4. I pray for people or animals to heal, and witness miraculous recoveries.

Yes: 54%
No: 46%

5. I've experienced time seem to slow down, stop, or speed up.

Yes: 86%
No: 14%

6. I occasionally see things jump, leap, or fall without anyone moving it (such as a book or groceries falling off a shelf).

Yes: 55%
No: 45%

7. I've seen business signs showing first one set of hours (that they've "always" had)... then on another occasion, seen that same business with a different set of hours (that they've "always" had) -- or noticed other striking changes in the physical appearance of buildings and signs that people assert have "always" been one of the two ways I've observed.

Yes: 37%
No: 63%

8. I've seen doors (such as car doors) be locked, then unlocked - or unlocked, then locked - with no person locking or unlocking them.

Yes: 21%
No: 79%

9. I've seen things transformed into something very different from what they had been before (such as faces looking different, or pictures in books or on the walls appearing different).

Yes: 51%
No: 49%

10. I've bent spoons, keys, coins, or other metal without forcing the objects to bend.

Yes: 8%
No: 92%

11. I've seen people, plants, animals, or things appear seemingly out of thin air (such as keys, money, toys, food, books, flowers, trees, clothing).

Yes: 45%
No: 55%

12. I've seen objects appear many miles from where I know they were located... with no apparent means of transportation.

Yes: 18%
No: 82%

13. I've seen people, plants, animals, or things disappear.

Yes: 33%
No: 67%

14. I notice reality shifts such as the ones mentioned above:

Every minute of each day: 2%
Hourly: 2%
Daily: 21%
Weekly: 22%
Monthly: 21%
Annually: 5%
Very rarely: 22%
Not at all: 6%

15. When I notice reality shifts, I often feel: (Select all choices that apply)

Awestruck: 37%
Excited: 45%
Happy: 33%
Curious: 62%
Confused: 26%
Angry: 3%
Frightened: 7%
Sad: 3%
Other, Please Specify: 22%

just glad to be able to see it and feel it when it happens all around me...
Don't believe in them
knowing now I am not getting mad,it is the other dimension of real life.
I feel that these are natural occurances for me and am not alarmed.
thrilled and frustrated 'cause it scares me before I can react appropriately cold and shivery
also..awestruck by the fact that we do indeed create time
fascinated-wonder whether we produce existence through will, or has time been changed?
it just happens mood doesn't make a difference
humbled, thankful
I have learned to control it with my many years of magick practice, is only makes me yearn for more knowlage.
Noticed usually after the shift or hindsight
Very, very interested!!!
I read the signs to my reality-- I feel aware
Sometimes, just ambivalence -- as if, "of course", no big deal.
I haven't seen them.
that is was to be expected
Depends on the circumstances, but my reaction is always intense way way or the other like things are how they should be, and that's why it changed.
Heightened awareness
i never seen that happen or maybe i did but didn't understand what it was Do not consider them as anything real. I pass it off to, my being mistaken.
Very calm & focused in the moment
try to hold on to the moment as long as possible
Suddenly feel small in the scheme of things
shut it out of my mind
wonder about my vision
encouraged, anxious
a need to rationalize, until i shift it into something that makes sense
As Spock would say, "hmmm interesting"
just used to it.
at peace with it because I understand it
think that I'm crazy!
I just accept them as normal
my husband communicates with the spirit world, i wish i could see and hear what he hears.
I feel as if things are as they should be.
somewhat frustrated, curious, sometimes angry
It happens so often, I just accept it.
ye ha_____________
I become aware of the WOW-"Whole" other world- beneath the surface of this one and feel my spirit stir when I witness veils drop and lift.
dizzy, lightheaded, nausious, disorientated
understanding of what happened
I don't
I have experienced them with witnesses but I don't know if they noticed

16. I've seen reality shifts with as many as __ other witnesses

Not applicable (I haven't witnessed reality shifts): 6%
Zero (I've only seen reality shift when I'm alone): 34%
1 other witness: 25%
2 other witnesses: 17%
3 other witnesses: 7%
4 other witnesses: 3%
5 other witnesses: 2%
6 other witnesses: 0%
7 other witnesses: 0%
8 other witnesses: 1%
9 other witnesses: 0%
10 or more other witnesses: 5%

17. Witnessing reality shifts has changed:

Nothing in my life: 25%
My attitudes: 14%
My beliefs: 10%
My attitudes and beliefs: 45%
Not applicable; I haven't witnessed any reality shifts: 5%

18. My age:

10 years or under: 1%
11-20: 8%
21-30: 11%
31-40: 22%
41-50: 31%
51-60: 19%
61-70: 6%
71-80: 2%
81-90: 0%
91 and up: 0%

19. My gender:

Female: 69%
Male: 31%

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