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Reality Shifts

Time shifting is a relatively new term which describes the ancient phenomenon observed by shamans, yogis, and other spiritual adepts capable of accessing, experiencing and influencing events in the past, present, and future. Time shifts are reality shifts in which the dimension of reality we know as "time" undergoes some kind of observable transformation. Time shifts appear to us in such a way that we can observe them in the form of time loops, time travel, time slowing down, and retrocausality.

The Physics of Spacetime

Spacetime around star
Curvature of spacetime around spherical star, such as our sun
The concept of spacetime is one that was utilized by physicist Albert Einstein to describe the four-dimensional space whose points are events. An image such as the one pictured here is thus representative of the gravitational effects that curve spacetime around a spherical star, in such a way that it will tend to attract matter toward it. Within the concept of spacetime, there are three dimensions we commonly experience in spatial terms (length, height and width) and one spacetime dimension we commonly refer to as "time." The resulting four dimensional construct is something that mathematicians and physicists frequently depict in two dimensions in a form that rather resembles a two dimensional grid stretching out to infinity that has depressions curving it downward wherever an object of significant mass exists.

The curvature of spacetime has a great deal of significance for contemplating how intimately connected space and time are to one another. Physicist Stephen Hawking comments in his book, The Universe in a Nutshell, "If one takes the positivist position, as I do, one cannot say what time actually is. All one can do is describe what has been found to be a very good mathematical model for time and say what predictions it makes." For those of us who view observations with an eye to how they compare with predictions based on spacetime models, it is clear that time is much more than the original concept Isaac Newton proposed in his The Principia which he published in 1687, for it is much more dynamically intertwined with space than a mere infinite linear progression from past to future.

Spacetime light curves
Measurable curvature of spacetime as light is observed to bend around the sun, which is shown during an eclipse
When we consider the idea of spacetime, we note that shifts in reality are necessarily shifts in time, and vice versa, since space and time are inextricably interconnected. It is possible to test the theory of the interconnectedness of space and time, and these tests have shown that lift from a star that passes near our sun is indeed deflected by the curvature of spacetime around the sun exactly as would is predicted by the spacetime theory... and this can be clearly observed during an eclipse.

Within the realm of the theory of general relativity, time and space do not exist independently of one another... and when we introduce the concept of quantum interconnectedness (as physicists studing the Theory of Everything bring together theories of the very large and the very small), we find that we have introduced concepts of "probable pasts" and "probable futures." Quoting physicist Stephen Hawking from his book, The Universe in a Nutshell, "... we now realize that quantum theory implies that spacetime is filled with quantum fluctuations." These quantum fluctuations require that we view the history of ourselves and our entire universe in terms of imaginary time, which can be topographically viewed as a small, slightly flat sphere which encodes all that occurs in terms of real time.

What all of this means in practical laymans terms is that we are, in essence, experiencing what physicist Fred Alan Wolf describes in his book, Parallel Universes: The Search for Other Worlds, "The future plays a role in determining for us a basis upon which we may make decisions. But to do so, parallel paths to that future must also be real. If they are, the world is far more complex than we ever have imagined." Indeed! We can imagine ourselves selecting between an infinite range of possible spacetime paths, while typically focusing our attention on only one or two different realities at any given time.

Most Everyone Knows... Or is Beginning to Suspect...
Time Does Not Always Behave in Linear Fashion!

Reality Shifts eBook
Look Inside Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World
One of the ways we can tell that reality is shifting is to notice that our experience of time is not linear and sequential as usual, but instead is speeding up, slowing down, or stopping. In some cases, cross-time communication is also possible. All through my life I've felt that time does not move mechanically, but seems instead to behave organically, as something alive and responsive to how I am feeling. There is great truth to the observation that eternity can be found when we are feeling our greatest sense of love. After many time shift experiences, I no longer assume that time behaves in linear fashion. I do not believe that time always moves at the same rate -- and I'm not the only one who feels this way. In a survey I conducted of 395 individuals in April 2000, 86% of the respondants reported that:
    "I've experienced time seem to slow down, stop, or speed up."
This closely matches any informal survey you might conduct with your friends and family -- most of us do not experience time as moving mechanically forward. Some recent studies have shown that people are able to effectively alter the past from the present, which raises the humorous concern Paul Valery stated as: "The trouble with our times is that the future is not what it used to be." This could be a very good thing, since an improved understanding on our part of how best to communicate with both the future and the past can bring us tremendous benefits in many real, practical, ways. As physicist Fred Alan Wolf states in his book, The Yoga of Time Travel, "This respite from the space-time continuum allows us to move backward in time and revisit past 'errors.' It enables us to forgive ourselves and others because we see that the other is nothing more than the self."

We are fortunate at this point in history to be aware of the infinite possibilities... and aware of the nature of the interaction between our consciousness and physical reality. There are a number of ways we can experience time shifts, and a number of ways to reap the rewards of such extraordinary experiences. Many techniques are described in the Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World ebook, along with theories as to what is occurring when each type of reality shift is observed.

Time Shift Experiences

Now that we understand that shifts in time will necessarily accompany shifts in the spatial dimensions of reality, how will these kinds of shifts show themselves to us? There are several distinct types of time shifts, each appearing in its own unique manner. Not only are these kinds of time shifts theoretically possible... they actually occur.
    Time Travel to the Past is perhaps the most widely known variety of time shift. There are many well-documented cases of timewalkers, who have walked back in time, including such famous cases as the one in Versailles, France in the summer of 1901 in which Anne Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain found themselves encountering sights and sounds from two hundred years earlier. Another such time shift story appears on the realityshifters web site, which describes the story of how four teenaged girls walked back in time in Moundsville at midnight in the twentieth century... and found themselves mysteriously transported back into the 1800's. When they returned to their normal time half an hour later, they were covered with dust, and seemed to appear in a place where two people had just been searching for them moments earlier.

    Time Travel to the Future is another form of time shifting, this time with a focus on gleaning the advantage of experiencing a possible future time. In addition to Listening to My Future Self, I have also witnessed people communicate with other peoples' possible future selves, as described in this Time Travel Reality Shift story.

    Time Loops in which a person enters a room twice in exactly the same way, and when questioned, asserts that this (the second time) is actually the first time they have entered the room. This kind of "Groundhog Day Effect" is something I describe in detail in my ebook, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World, and also in the online article, The Lady Appeared... Twice.
    The Alive Again phenomenon is a term used to describe a situation in which a person (usually rather famous) is observed to be Alive Again after having been reported dead by reputable sources some time earlier, such as Jane Goodall, Larry Hagman, and Bob Keeshan. Interestingly, some people remember certain celebrities having died and then notice them alive again... but not others.

    All manners of Retrocausality are possible through time shifts, since quantum fluctuations in the spacetime continuum allow for you to influence the past. Retrocausality allows us to Revise the Past in ways that can bring us answers to questions through changes in the physical world from the far-off past in the form of communication with us in this present moment, now.

    When people observe Time Slow to a Stop, they are often grateful for having the extra time to respond to emergency situations. This was definitely the case for me when I watched helplessly as my baby plummeted head-first toward a marble floor, and I was relieved and amazed when I Felt Time Slow... to a Stop.

Time Shifting References & Articles:

Beyond the Ordinary
Cynthia Sue Larson MBA, author, physicist, intuitive, and spiritual life coach

CYNTHIA SUE LARSON conference slides
Listening to Future Selves, Reviewing Our Pasts
2010, August 15
Cynthia Sue Larson invites us to imagine how it feels to be influenced by the future, guided by our future selves... and how it feels when viewing past events through various lenses of perception. The concept of bi-causality, in which we influence both future and past events is considered from an experiential point of view. View the slides from Cynthia Sue Larsons presentation at the 12th Annual International Language of Spirit Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico on August 15, 2010.

REALITYSHIFTERS Internet Radio Interview
Isle of Light
2005, December 20
Chyrene Pendleton interviews Cynthia Sue Larson for the Isle of Light radio program. Time, Retrocausality, "Alive Again," and other fascinating and important reality shifting topics are discussed during this excellent, "must-hear" interview! (Takes a few minutes to upload; please be patient)

Beyond the Ordinary

REALITYSHIFTERS Internet Radio Interviews
Beyond the Ordinary
2005, November 3
Nancy Lorenz and Elena Young of Beyond the Ordinary interview Cynthia Sue Larson for several Beyond the Ordinary radio programs. There are indications of things in history that have changed, reality shifts! Could we be changing the past by moving through parallel universes? The "Alive Again" phenomena, newspaper reports of someone's death yet later they are alive and the prior reports are not found, fascinating. Do we notice this in our own lives or write it off as "bad memory"? An argument all about a pivotal comment that was never made... keep an open mind to experiencing multiple histories. Cynthia's experiments with changing the past, what can be done to break out of habitual thinking? "We have access to all memories past and future, we can be the best possible future self!"

Living in Shifting Realities
2005 July 15
Many people on the realityshifters discussion list have witnessed the alive again phenomenon over the years. The fact that certain celebrities are noted Alive Again by many different people who all recall clear details about the earlier and seemingly mistaken obituaries seems to indicate there is something quite noteworthy going on here, something far more than a simple case of confusion. The realityshifters discussion list members took a poll about people who've been noted alive again.

Revise the Past
2004 August 15
We can revise the past just as easily as revising the future, and this issue of RealityShifters News provides some tips, examples, and stories about how this happens.

Alive Again
2004 May 15
Perhaps the most striking examples of reality / time shifts are experiences with reality shifts in which someone who has died is reported to die again, or is later seen alive.

The Winds of Time
2002 October 15
Read stories about time shifts, time jumps and time travel in this fascinating issue of RealityShifters News.

2002 July 15
What if it's true that your thoughts right now are changing the world a day, a week, a month, a year, or even a lifetime ago? How would this new understanding change your world view? You could change your past, for one thing. You could make the choice of what has been, and what has not.

Listening to My Future Self
2000 November 18
A personal account of communicating with one's future self, by Cynthia Sue Larson.

A Walk Back In Time in Moundsville
2000 September 4
Cynthia Sue Larson relates the true 1989 story of four young friends who have a spontaneous amazing experience across time.

Time Travel Reality Shift
2000 September 3
Cynthia Sue Larson's daughter talked to a friend in the past.

The Lady Appeared... Twice
2000 August 31
Cynthia Sue Larson's personal account of a possible experience across time.

I Felt Time Slow... to a Stop
2000 August 14
Cynthia Sue Larson describes an experience in which time slowed to a stop in a time of crisis, averting what would otherwise have been certain disaster.

Paper on the topic of Retrocausality by physicist Dr. Fred Alan Wolf.

ARTICLE: Fourmilab - The RetroPsychoKinesis Project
Martial Arts Students Influence the Past
1994 July
Article about experiments by Helmut Schmidt where a group of martial art students influence the past.

ARTICLE: Fourmilab
The RetroPsychoKinesis Project
Experiments and papers exploring retrocausality.

ARTICLE: Boundary Institute
Boundary Institute List of Experimental and Analytical Topics
Links to articles on experiments by Dean Radin, PhD and Edwin C. May, including Time Reversal, Retrocausal Effects, Precognition

ARTICLE: Boundary Institute
Time Reversed Human Experience: Experimental Evidence and Implicatons
Report on experiments by Dean Radin, PhD, Boundary Institute (pdf file)

ARTICLE: Boundary Institute
Evidence for a Retrocausal Effect in the Human Nervous System
Boundary Institute report on experiment by Dean Radin, Ph.D. and Edwin C. May. (pdf file)

ARTICLE - BMJ Journals
Retroactive prayer: a preposterous hypothesis?"
British Medical Journal article by Drs. Brian Olshansky and Larry Dossey, M.D., discussing studies showing that retroactive prayer can improve health outcomes.

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