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RealityShifters news - October 2002
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Changing the Physical Universe With Our Thoughts and Feelings

The Winds of Time

Cynthia shifts reality with the color rays

For what is time?
Who can readily and briefly explain this?
Who can even in thought comprehend it,
so as to utter a word about it?
But what in discourse do we mention more
familiarly and knowingly, than time?
And, we understand, when we speak of it;
we understand also, when we hear it spoken of
by another. What then is time?
If no one asks me, I know:
if I wish to explain it to one that asketh,
I know not
-- Augustine, Confessions

Time is like the wind. Sometimes it seems to rush quickly past; sometimes it stands completely still. We can struggle mightily against time in a race against the clock, or flow within this moment now to whatever comes next. We can be time, and find our perspective on events completely transformed.

Over the years, I've noticed countless thousands of experiences in which time passed more quickly or slowly than usual. I've also: noticed time come to a complete stop, spoken to my future self, witnessed people caught in time loops go through the same actions twice, been late but arrived on time because time compressed during the standard trip, and heard a friend drive up and talk to my daughter across time (she in his future, he in her past).

I've gazed at the sweep second hand on a clock in a meditative state and watched the hand slow down, and then stop just as I reached my most tranquil point. You can try this exercise at home, simply by relaxing yourself and breathing deeply and watching the sweep second hand on a clock. See if you can get it to slow down. See if you can get it to stop.

This month's RealityShifters News brings you to that fascinating point where eddies in the currents of the winds of time show themselves to us. Perhaps the mystics are correct about all time happening right now ("there is only now"), and that we simply tend to observe it mostly following a linear path from past to present. In these stories, we can glimpse a piece of deeper truth about the nature of time, and our role within it.

Cynthia Sue Larson

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(1) Upcoming Events

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    Lecture with Cynthia Sue Larson & Alijandra
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    A Workshop with Cynthia Sue Larson & Alijandra
    Reclaim your inner magi and play with Cynthia & Alijandra in their fun-filled, action-packed, hands-on Aura & Reality Shifting workshop! This is a day that can change your life for the better, and is something you'll be sure to remember for years to come. Attendance is limited -- so phone (800) 395-5811 toll-free, to reserve your space today!
    From 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM on November 23, 2002
    The Learning Exchange
    1111 Howe Avenue
    Sacramento, California

(2) Your Reality Shift Stories

Clovis, California

One sunny mid-afternoon not too long ago, I was driving alone on Highway 46 on my way to the sleepy little beach town of Cayucos, California. I was looking forward to meeting friends at our beach house there. I had made this trip countless times before, and I was neither sleepy nor disoriented.

Shortly after I passed the spot where James Dean was killed over 40 years ago, a peculiar sign up on short stilts caught my eye off to the right. It was somewhat hidden from view from the road, but had obviously been there for quite some time. The letters were red on a white background, and were placed in a semicircular fashion (rather than straight across). As I drove past the sign, I suddenly found myself on a sharp curve (the road is actually completely straight at that location), again approaching the same sign!

As I drove past the sign the second time, it became the stack of a old ship, and I found myself on board looking up at that stack. The ship appeared to be about 100 years old, and the other passengers and I were dressed accordingly to fashion of that time period. I got the feeling that we were on board some kind of immigrant ship.

I'm not sure how long the time shift lasted and I don't remember at what point I returned to waking reality, but I have the feeling that the whole thing took place in an instant, after which I was back driving down the straightaway feeling completely disoriented in time. I can still remember the images of the curved road and the ship with crystal clarity. I've experienced more than a few unexplainable phenomena, but this one still stands out in my mind. I still drive past that same sign from time to time, and each time I wonder if it will trigger another strange trip.

By the way, I'm an engineer with a physics minor. I adore physics, and am becoming more and more interested in continuing in the study of quantum theory. I absolutely love your website. You are an inspiration to me!


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Walnut Creek, California

When I was in fifth grade, I experienced a jump in time. I first noticed something was odd one Wednesday when I was trying to think about the day before, but I couldn't. I had a vague memory of doing the usual things such as going to school, etc. but I didn't have any memory of anything specific. I couldn't remember what I'd had for lunch, or what I'd learned in school. But the thing that really caught my attention was this: Tuesday was library day, and I had a vague recollection of being in the library and checking something out, but I couldn't remember what I'd checked out, and I couldn't be sure that I actually had gotten anything that day.

I never found any library books, and I never got any fines for overdue books, but I know that every time I went to the library I checked something out for myself, plus an extra children's book for reading to my "second grade buddy" in a program the school had set up. I ended up borrowing a book from my teacher, who asked me, "Why don't you have a book already?"

It was basically as though the day just didn't happen, and my mind cut-and-pasted various memories together to make up something ordinary that I wouldn't take much notice of.

Johnson City, Tennessee

In June of 1980, I received word that my paternal twin had been in an accident, and was not expected to live. I immediately came home to see him. He was in a coma, and my mother, his wife, and I took turns staying at the hospital to watch over him.

On one of the days when I was "off watch", I wandered next door to the old school I had attended in junior high. I sat on the steps, and thought about the old days at school. I thought about going inside and touring the halls, but didn't because there had recently been news reports about a possible child molester hanging around playgrounds. Then I noticed 1950's vintage cars coming to pick kids up about the time the bell rang. I left the school, and went home.

My mother asked, "What have you been doing?" I told her about visiting my old junior high school, and how I had been sitting on the steps and reminiscing about old times.

She replied, "That's impossible! The school was torn down two years ago!"

My brother lived by the way, but is handicapped.

Johnson City, Tennessee

I take my wife out to dinner every Wednesday. One Wednesday sometime during the winter of 2000/2001, I wanted to wear my Levi's coat with the white fur collar but couldn't find it. I went through each thing in the closet and could not find it there. I asked my wife whether she had given it away, and she said, "No." She came to help me look for it also, but she had no luck finding it either. I selected another coat, and we went on to dinner. When we came back home, I opened the closet to hang up my coat... and there right in front of me was my Levi's coat with the fur collar.

Baltimore, Maryland

Finally!! I found you through Google. Someone who won't laugh or roll their eyes at my story.

I experienced a time shift this past summer on the Isle of Lunga, one of the Treshnish group of islands in the Hebrides west of Scotland. I had left the group as they photographed the puffins and other sea birds to further explore the island. It had been a gray rainy, all together typical, Scottish day. But as I distanced myself from the group, the day became beautiful, cloudless and warm. As I rounded the island I could see Staffa off in the distance. We'd been there in the morning and since I'd been there more than once, I recognized it as an old friend.

I could then see the landing area where our boat had picked up a landing ramp anchored off shore, and rammed it onto the rocks for us to disembark. But there was no boat, neither was there a landing ramp anchored anywhere. Strange I thought as I neared what I thought was the top of the hill which would lead me down to where we'd started. Only it wasn't as it had appeared, instead it was the edge of a deep and narrow gorge beyond which I could see the hill descending to the landing area. I realized there was but one choice and that was to retrace my steps.

We'd been dropped off at about 1:45 and had been told to be back by 3:45. I looked at my watch and the time was 3:15. I panicked because it had taken me an hour and a half to get there and there was no way I could get back (recircling the island) in a half hour. I pictured either a boatload of angry people waiting impatiently as I scrambled over the rocks, or worse, that they'd leave without me.

Bearing in mind that I am 56 years old, a bit overweight and very out-of-shape, I tried to run. But one does not run on a volcanic island that is covered with brachan and peat. It's uneven. So I tried to find the path, but couldn't. This was getting serious and fast. I had only one choice and that was to circle back as best I could.

Yes, there was Staffa off to the upper left, (how can you get lost on a small island?), yes there was that big island that looked like a hat, Bac Mor. I had to be getting closer. Then I realized it was colder, darker, and drizzling - didn't have time to turn around to see if it was sunny behind me - had to keep pressing forward. Finally I saw someone, a woman from our group, sitting on a rock looking through binoculars. I approached her and commented that I was relieved to see her as I'd wondered a bit too far and was afraid I'd be late. I asked her the time and she answered 3:15. I looked at my watch, sure enough, it was 3:15.

I didn't say anything of course, just kept going and as I rounded the bend, there was the boat just offshore with the ramp still tied to it.

Later that night I went to a community gathering in the village. The boat captain was there and asked me how I'd liked Lunga. It was beautiful, I exclaimed. Funny, how the weather broke for that hour, I said. He looked at me a bit strangely and remarked that it had rained off and on the whole time. I told him about my experience expecting him to think I was crazy. But he said quite nonchalantly, that I'd obviously walked into the "fairy time." "Yeah, right," I answered, "let's have fun with the American tourist!" He said he wasn't kidding, that it happened sometimes. He said time stops on the outside, but continues on the inside. Sometimes people get lost in there and never come back, sometimes they come back and they've aged but the rest of the world hasn't. He insisted that it wasn't unusual. I didn't believe him, still thought he was pulling my leg.

I went back into the hall to sit with my new Scottish friend, a local middle-aged lady whom I'd met when I first came to the village. It was she who'd invited me to the party. I then told her about my experience. Oh, she said, you've walked into the mists. She explained it could happen any time any place, but not that often. She'd never experienced it herself but had heard of others who had, although she'd never met them personally. She wanted to hear all about it and was excited for me that I'd experienced it. I told her I wish I'd known what was happening so I could have paid more attention and remembered more details.

I don't really understand the time aspect of it. I personally believe that I passed into a parallel dimension - rather like the Glastonbury/Avalon myth. I have photographs too. Most show a gray misty day but a few show the sunny day I'd experienced.

Now I'm pretty level headed, a Unitarian, so obviously liberal. But not really into metaphysics. My gentleman friend has a Ph.D. in Physics and does Neuroscience research at the University of Maryland. I finally told him about it, expecting him to laugh. But he said that time is relative and really just a human invention to try to order our world. He said there's probably a way of explaining it scientifically, but that "time" wasn't his field.

So there you have it. What do you think?

(3) Reality Shifting Award Winner

I am proud to announce this month's awesome winner of the Reality Shifting Award, for recognition of web sites which demonstrate consistent excellence in content and design, while helping people shift their reality in a positive direction. You're in for a very special treat when you visit the wonderful world of:

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Three wonderful books are reviewed here this month: Two wonderful books are reviewed here this month: THE INITIATION by Donald Schnell, and THE SECRET LIFE OF YOUR CELLS by Robert B. Stone.

The Initiation

The Initiation

by Donald Schnell

Describing the Indescribable: A Journey to Enlightenment

If you've ever wondered what it feels like to experience divine enlightenment, THE INITIATION is the book you've been waiting for. Author Donald Schnell shares his extremely personal journey to India where he meets the immortal Babaji yogi, and describes what many would consider to be the indescribable. After all, how can one adequately convey the way the world looks when all illusion (maya) is stripped away? Yes, miracles are possible, but they are only "siddhis", or sacred gifts which are not the true essence of reality. Siddhis like manifestation, teleportation, and levitation are joyous to behold, but are not meant to distract us from seeing the miraculous nature of the universe which is present here right now.

Schnell not only describes the way the world looks when one feels the joy and bliss of divine awareness, but he does so in such a way that the feeling of this loving state of consciousness is bestowed upon the reader. I felt like I had received many blessings as I read this book, and I know my life will be ever the richer for it. Schnell describes many details of how it felt to undergo a very special kind of initiation from the moment when he felt suddenly called to India, to the wondrous miracles he encountered as he traveled across India, to the culmination of his trip in his initiation into the yogic order with his new yogic name, Prema Baba Swamiji. The accounts of his meetings with Babaji are a joy to read -- Babaji appears to still be in his early twenties, in spite of the fact that he's been teaching students for hundreds of years. He grants Schnell's request for a photograph of him by materializing one. He also materializes a very beautiful and sacred crystal, which is still molten-hot and malleable when it appears in Schnell's hands out of thin air.

While THE INITIATION is ostensibly an autobiographical account of one man's journey to enlightenment, this book is actually much more than that. THE INITIATION feels like it has been blessed to convey the inner vibration of love that Babaji and Prema Baba Swamiji wish for readers to feel and know. For when we come to recognize this state of blissful awareness, or Premananda, we realize that we, too, have made the journey to enlightenment.

Secret Life of Your Cells

The Secret Life of Your Cells

How to Harness the Power of Your Instinct and Make It Work for You
by Robert B. Stone

Classic Experiments in Consciousness

You may have heard stories about organ recipients who took on personality characteristics of their organ donors as in the romantic comedy film, "Return to Me" -- but have you ever heard how scrapings of cells from a man's mouth reacted as he sat some distance away looking at pictures in a magazine? Perhaps you know that dogs can tell when their owners are coming home -- but have you ever heard that plants become excited at the exact moment that their people decide to come home? THE SECRET LIFE OF YOUR CELLS describes these and many other startling research findings of polygraph expert and consciousness researcher Cleve Backster.

Cleve Backster's familiarity with lie detector equipment and curiosity about how plants would respond when hooked up to a polygraph have led him to discover some amazing facts about plants. Not only do they seem to be aware of the intentions of people from a distance, but they also can tell the difference between a person simply thinking about burning a plant leaf and actually intending to set a leaf on fire. When they are warned that cells will soon be dying in their vicinity, they do not react in alarm, but if they have no such forewarning, they react with great agitation to the unexpected deaths.

What is it that allows plants -- or even cells which have been removed from a plant or human being -- to know what is happening nearby? How can simple cells appear to show some kind of primary awareness? THE SECRET LIFE OF YOUR CELLS asks many such profound questions as it describes many of Cleve Backster's fascinating experiments. If you have an open mind and a genuine desire to know what's going on in the world, you will absolutely love THE SECRET LIFE OF YOUR CELLS. Seldom has one book managed so successfully to address the non-local nature of consciousness in the form of describing very concrete experiments, nor managed so clearly to convey the significance of those experimental findings in our lives. As I read this book and mulled over the fact that all cells are aware and conscious, every moment of my life took on a fresh, new feeling of awe.

Part of Backster's genius as an experimenter has been his ingenuity in devising original experiments -- and another aspect of his genius has been his ability to create experiments which are capable of testing plants and cells for their awareness of their surroundings without psychically tipping them off to the intentions of the experimenter. Backster's experiments depend upon spontaneity and real feelings (just like what happens in the real world), rather than artificial and repetitious redundancy (what most scientific researchers study). Anyone who is seriously interested in better understanding the field of consciousness research needs to read this classic book. Anyone who wishes to understand what their cells are aware of needs to read this amazing book. It will change your view of the world forever!

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