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The Your Stories section on the realityshifters web site is huge, and continues to grow. There are currently more than thirty pages of reality shift stories which have been submitted by people around the world. By reading these stories, you can gain a better understanding of what it feels like to experience the world when "shifts happen."

Since a new page of stories is added to this web site each month, the easiest way to find a particular story is to use the following site search tool. Type in whatever key words you wish, select the "Search" option, and then click on the "Google Search" button. If you know the number of the page you wish to jump to, you may get there quickly by going up to the top of your browser and changing the page number. (ie: Changing the "3" in to "12" and clicking return will take you from page 3 to page 12 of the Your Stories section.)


To read through all the stories from the very beginning, start at this page:

Would you like to share a reality shift story? Describe your experience and name as you wish it to appear on these pages, and send it to me at:

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