Shifting Your Reality
With the Color Rays

with Cynthia Sue Larson...

...and Alijandra!


If you want to celebrate the first ever International Aura Awareness Day in style, and can come to Sacramento, California on Saturday, November 23rd, you are invited to join Cynthia and Alijandra for the Shifting Reality With the Color Rays workshop!

Do you have too much chaos in your life? When your dreams and wishes come true, are they accompanied by some of the things you were most wishing to avoid? Find out how you can start creating a future that feels heavenly to you on all levels when you learn how to enhance your aura and improve your life. Improve your skills at seeing and feeling your aura, doing a chakra check, and listening to your chakras. Treat yourself to an aura makeover, and feel better as your whole life improves!

Cynthia Sue Larson is a pioneer in the field of consciousness who describes how reality shifts occur as a direct result of our thoughts and feelings. These shifts in reality occur as physical matter appears, disappears, transforms, and transports, as well as when we experience changes in time. Cynthia's articles have appeared in Parabola and Magical Blend magazines, and she has been a featured guest at numerous conferences, and on a variety of radio and television shows. Cynthia's writing has received the enthusiastic endorsement and support of Edgar Mitchell, founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and one of the twelve men who have walked on the moon; best-selling author Dr. Larry Dossey; and physicist Fred Alan Wolf. Cynthia helps people transform from "accidental manifestors" into conscious reality shifters, and shares her insights with thousands of people around the world each month through her RealityShifters News ezine. Visit Cynthia's web site at

Alijandra is an internationally known author, teacher, healer and channel for Source based in the San Jose, California bay area. Intuitive and empathic her whole life, she originally trained as a registered nurse. She has focused her attention the last 17 years to the development and practice of color energy therapy. She additionally trained in several other healing/bodywork modalities, which she frequently uses. In recent years, her focus has been more on the spiritual, visionary side and how to effectively apply it to the holistic healing process. She is the founder and author of "Healing with the Rainbow Rays", a pioneering work into a little known field. She developed the modality of "Transfigurational Matrix Healing", which continues to yield on-going, cutting-edge new material. Alijandra has appeared on numerous radio and television shows, new-age expos and other conferences. Her articles have appeared in Rainbow News, a New Zealand publication, Continuun magazine, Spiritweb and several other on-line ezines. Visit Alijandra's web site at where you may sign-up for her free bi-monthly ezine.

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