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Remember International Aura Day
Because when you shine, you light up the world!






While every one of us has one, few people give much thought to their energy body. Also known as the aura, these shining bodies of light have been recognized for millenia to exist in all living things. Since dark or damaged auras are early warning indicators of every kind of physical, emotional, and psychological problem, it is clear that you can improve your health by taking one day each year to examine your aura. Begun in 2002, November 28, 2020 will mark the nineteenth annual International Aura Awareness Day.

Held on the fourth Saturday of November, it is the only "aura" day on the calendar. Some ways to celebrate this special day are by reading about auras, talking about auras, and practicing visualizing and feeling auras.



What is the Human Aura?

It's been said that true beauty comes from within, but until recently there's been no official day for honoring and acknowledging that special inner light we each have. Our shining body of light, also known as the aura, has been recognized and artistically portrayed for millennia. The aura surrounds each and every one of us and changes according to our health, mood, and character.

The human energy body, or aura, surrounds each and every one of us and changes according to our health, mood, and character. You can both feel and see auras relatively quickly, and learn how to energize your aura through visualization and meditation.


Why Should I Care?

Auras are not just bright and colorful--they are also our assurance of good physical, emotional, and psychological health. Recent medical studies have shown that distant healing plays a significant role in people's health, even when they have a life-threatening disease like AIDS, or are undergoing medical treatment for heart disease. Clearly, humans are able to influence each others' health long-distance through prayer.

Raising awareness through public education—that auras can easily be viewed and felt, are intimately tied to our health and well-being, and can be photographed—is a vital step towards improving global health, well-being, and peace.


Everyone has an aura!


How Can I Help?

Join our international planning committee: Overall planning takes place via an email discussion list. Join by sending a blank email to:


Organize a local event: No event is too small!

Spread the word: Let others know about Aura Awareness Awareness Day and encourage them to organize an event to mark the day.

Participate: On the fourth Saturday in November, participate in a local initiative to raise aura awareness

Please let us know how you will be marking Aura Awareness Day.


Help Bring Auras to Light!


Who Are We?

We are an international group who share a common goal to increase awareness of the human energy body, to prevent people from being injured, falling victim to serious ailments, or suffering every other conceivable form of suffering from lack of aura awareness.


For more information:

Receive announcements by email by
sending a blank email to:



Help bring auras to light!

Nine Ways to Celebrate International Aura Awareness Day

1. Auras in Your Community

Whatever groups you belong to (home, work, school, religious, sports), the wide diversity of auras in the people around you will probably surprise you. Undertake an investigative project on aura diversity in your town or community. What colors show up most in the people you work with? The people you live with? The people you avoid, and those you prefer to hang out with? Articles, interviews, posters or displays can be designed to highlight the range of auras around us. Can you feel how this diversity shows up in music?

2. Aura Sketching Parties

Gather a group together, and host an aura sketching party... or take your aura sketching public!

3. Do-lt-Yourself Aura Awareness Program

Write your own aura awareness program. Where can you help bring auras to light?

4. Auras & Emotions Demonstrations

How do your emotions affect your aura? Act out various emotions and feelings, and ask a partner to measure your aura (dowsing works great) to demonstrate how love and joy expand and brighten your aura.

5. Visit Hospitals & Hospices

Bring aura viewing exercises to local hospitals and hospices, to help patients better understand how the human energy body corresponds to physical health. Sketch or photograph the auras of patients, and show them how to view their own auras and how to view and sketch the auras of those around them.

6. Current Events

Organize discussions about how current events relate to auras. How does the issue of health and the energy body appeare in the news today?

7. Sports, Attorneys, Entertainers and the Human Aura

Consider the difference between the auras of professional athletes, entertainers, and other people. What differences (if any) do you notice? Organise an aura viewing event around the theme of sports, attorneys, and entertainment.

8. Creativity

Artists have been painting, sculpting, and sketching the human aura since the beginning of time. Examine the work of an artist from another region of the world. What sense of the energy body do you have from it? Create short stories, plays, poems, songs, articles, paintings, posters, photographs, or videos that include the aura shining through and publish or distribute them. Write letters to prominent people, asking questions and communicating your views on the subject of auras.

9. International Link-ups

Start an international conversation or aura-viewing project, by mail or computer. Write to others in another country about issues you face in your life. Explore the possibilities of participating in international summer camps or student exchanges.

Aura Advantage

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