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To Enhance Auras & Reality Shifts

Dowsing the Human Energy Field

A great way to get acquainted with shifting reality is to learn how to dowse the human energy field. You can do this with two wire coat hangers (one to hold in each hand), and a friend. Hold the wire coat hangers loosely by the long, flat, straight edge so that the curved hook parts point forwards. Keep the hangers loose in your hands and pointing straight up from the ground so that they can swing freely to the left and right as you walk. Step back about fifteen feet (five meters) from your friend, and then, holding one hanger in each hand, begin slowly walking towards your friend who is standing still. When the coat hangers begin to swing together (like doors closing) or swing apart (like doors opening), or when one or the other swings in either direction, you've encountered the human energy field! Try this again, after asking your friend to boost the energy field by remembering favorite friends, experiences, foods, books, and vacations. A stronger energy field will increase your ability to shift reality in your life.

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Cynthia using two wire coat hangers to dowse energy fields outdoors

Shifting Reality Exercises

We experience reality shifts when we intend to observe and experience a different reality. When we change the way we observe the universe, we shift our experience of reality. There are just three things you need in order to experience reality shifts -- so take the first thing you can feel yourself longing for, and:

Feel Energized
Strengthen your energy body by choosing to feel love (instead of being angry or afraid). You'll notice an immediate difference in how life suddenly seems to "go your way".

Visualize What You Wish For
We are all creating reality by what, when, where, and how we choose to observe it. Your observations have a very powerful and far-reaching impact. You are made of quantum particles which are intimately interconnected with twin particles, and those distant twin particles are instantaneously affected across great distances in time and space with what you most desire.

Release Your Wish
You need to let go of what you wish for, almost to the point of forgetting all about it, in order that your wish can gain the degrees of freedom required to exist unobserved for a while as pure energy waves. When you pay attention to something, you effectively collapse the quantum wave functions of what you're looking at, and one of an infinite number of possibilities instantaneously materializes.

Connect with Divine Love
Are you ready to experience more "zing" in your life? Would you like for lost things to appear as if dropped from above, and to find things while shopping that weren't on the shelves just moments before? Would you enjoy experiencing many more delightful synchronicities? If you answered "YES!" to any of the above questions, this exercise is just right for you!

If you've ever been physically separated from a loved one, but been able to "reach out" to feel the love between you, then you have experienced the auric cord of love that exists between the two of you. Such cords exist between you and everyone and everything you love, and as more energy flows between you and those you care for, the more delightful will be the miraculous and joyous reality shifts you encounter every day. When you practice this exercise daily, you will begin to experience the power of reverence in your life.

    (1) Find a time and place that you can meditate/pray uninterrupted for twenty to thirty minutes. This exercise works best if you do it both upon going to bed and waking up each day.

    (2) Imagine the highest source of divine love, and take a few minutes to bask in the radiance of this extraordinary love. This love is real. The connection that you feel to it is also real, and as you enjoy the fullness of the love you are experiencing, know that your every interaction with the physical world will be greatly enriched by the strength of the energy cord you are developing.

    (3) Keep your attention focused on feeling the connection between you and the highest source of divine love for as long as possible. When you find your concentration slipping, return your attention to feeling that connection of love. When you can no longer focus your attention any further, praise and thank yourself for doing this exercise, which will help keep your energy field clean and positively charged.

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