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How Do You Shift Reality?
The First Ever Reality Shifting Survey Results Are In!

Thank you to all 395 people who participated in answering twenty questions on the first survey ever to investigate how people experience the reality shift phenomenon. If you would like to see the survey results in a bit more detail, please take a look and let me know what you think.

This survey was conducted over a two month period, with self-selected participants answering a list of twenty questions either at the Zoomerang web site, or by emailing their answers in. A total of 395 people participated in this survey, far surpassing the original goal of 200 participants. People were encouraged to complete this survey regardless of whether they believe in the phenomenon of reality shifts, or had ever even experienced reality shifts in their lives.

I was most impressed to see that 95% of all survey respondents notice synchronicity and coincidence in their daily life; 86% have noticed time seem to slow down, stop, or speed up; and 78% often find parking spaces when and where they need them most. Only 8% of the respondents have ever bent spoons or other metal without forcing the objects to bend, and 6% of the respondents haven't ever witnessed reality shifts. Of those who do notice reality shifts, the most common emotional reaction to witnessing the shifts are feelings of curiosity (62%) and excitement (45%), followed by feeling awestruck (37%), happy (33%), and confused (26%). A majority of the respondents feel that noticing reality shifts has changed their attitudes (59%), 55% feel that observing reality shifts has changed their beliefs, and 45% feel that both their attitudes and beliefs have changed as a result of witnessing reality shifts.

Five $10 gift certificates were awarded to randomly selected survey participants by the end of April 2000.

See the survey results

RealityShifters Celebrating 10 Years

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