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Vision Magazine

Vision Magazine: Science in Spirituality

AURA AWARENESS: How Your Energy Field Brightens Your Life
by Cynthia Sue Larson
Vision Magazine
February 2005
While we commonly associate auras with "pretty colors" of light surrounding people's heads and shoulders, we seldom think much about what is going on with all that energy. We each have a bioenergy field that surrounds our entire body and is vital to our health, wealth, and happiness. Our auras help us stay in tune with ourselves energetically, provide us with intuitive insights and a sense of how we fit into the world around us. Aura Awareness: How Your Energy Field Brightens Your Life is now available in the Science in Spirituality issue through Vision Magazine at Vision magazine's web site.

Balanced Living Magazine

Spiritual Kid

Raising Spiritual Kids, Intuitively
by Cynthia Sue Larson
Balanced Living Magazine
September/October 2004
Our children are our spiritual teachers, and one of their most impressive talents is the ability to teach us by helping us realize that when we change our thoughts and feelings, everyone and everything around us reflects those changes. Here are four general spiritual parenting ideas for you to consider.,%20Intuitively%20.htm

Psychic Reader Newspaper

Cynthia Aura CD

Aura Healing Meditations
by Cynthia Sue Larson
Psychic Reader
December 2003
By practicing a series of three simple meditations each day, you can dramatically improve your life. Healing can take place when you provide yourself with a time and space to receive it. Your health depends on making time for yourself to allow loving, healing energies to flow through your energy field and nourish your body, mind, and spirit.

International Conference on Shamanism & Alternative Modes of Healing

When Worlds Collide: How Parallel Realities Can Heal Interpersonal Relationships This paper, co-authored with anthropologist Anne Menne, describes the phenomenon of the experience of parallel realities in interpersonal relationships, and presents a methodology for bringing healing to relationships when parallel realities are encountered.

Planet Lightworker Reality Shifts Column

They've Come to Take Me Home Sometimes, the hidden orchestration behind living and dying reveals itself to us. I found this to be true one day when I least expected it... as I found myself reaching to touch the hand of a dying woman, to take her dog's leash from her hand.

Ancient Wisdom About Manifestation There is much we can learn by studying the ancient wisdom of indigenous people regarding manifestation, by which inner desires create outward effects in the physical world.

Releasing Wishes Discover the power of letting go.

Ancient Wisdom About Manifestation There is much we can learn by studying the ancient wisdom of indigenous people regarding manifestation, by which inner desires create outward effects in the physical world.

The Source of Synchronicity Is it possible to see the source of synchronicity itself -- to witness reality shift right in front of our very eyes?

Welcome Love Are you ready to receive love's unexpected visitors? Love's gifts arrive when we open the doors of our hearts.

You've Got the Keys Everything in this universe is encoded with feelings. We open doors to new realities with each emotional key we select.

Bringing Heaven to Earth My nine-year-old daughter often saves her most perplexing questions for bed time, when she knows she has my undivided attention. I was tucking her into bed one evening this summer when she asked me, "When I have a dream about spirits, how can I tell if they are good ones or bad ones?"

The Essence of Hope Thank goodness reality isn't what it seems! I'm so glad there is something mysterious underlying what we usually take for granted as fixed, immutable and solid in this universe. Witnessing reality shifts brings me the greatest sense of hope I've ever felt, since this phenomenon reminds me that no matter how bleak my situation may seem or how impossible the odds may appear to be, there is always something I can do that will change the world around me.

An Element of Effective Prayer Have you ever wanted to know the best way to wish for something? Have you wondered whether some kinds of prayer are more effective than others... or if stress or misfortune will affect whether your wishes and prayers come true?

Conscious Creation Journal
What's Going On When Reality Shifts?
June 2000

The reality shift experience is a relatively new one, in the sense that it's not yet a part of most peoples' understanding of the natural way the universe behaves. How can it be that physical reality (both time and space) can move in a discontinuous fashion? How does this new conception of reality fit in with what we thought we knew to be true?

Parabola Magazine

Comes True Being Hoped For
Parabola Magazine
Spring 2000
by Cynthia Sue Larson

The Hopi Indians have a word that means, "comes true being hoped for"... tun tyava. They view the world as either manifest, or in the process of manifesting. In the Hopi language, there are no verb tenses to indicate past, present, or future... and there is much we can learn about seeing the world from this point of view. "Comes True Being Hoped For" is now available in the Threshold issue through Parabola Magazine at Parabola magazine's web site.

Magical Blend Magazine

Reality Shifts
Magical Blend Magazine
January 2000
by Cynthia Sue Larson

A closer look at physics helps us understand how our thoughts and feelings change the world. You can now read about Reality Shifts online in the January 2000 issue of Magical Blend magazine.

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