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Whats Going on When Reality Shifts
by Cynthia Sue Larson
Printed in the Conscious Creation Journal
June-July 2000, Issue 12

For many years now, I've witnessed objects appear, disappear, transform and transport -- and observed time move in something far different than a smooth, orderly pace.  When I first noticed these seeming anomalies in the very fabric of reality, I felt a burning desire to find out HOW such things could be happening.  How could I set my keys down in one place, only to find them in a completely different place moments later?  How it could a woman vanish as I looked at her?  What was the cause for a twenty-year old statue to appear in a courtyard which my friends and I had never before seen it? How could tumors and cancers vanish without a trace from my friends and family?

I conducted a thorough search of the internet and the library, and found there was very little written about what I came to affectionately refer to as reality shifts.  I would gladly have dismissed this phenomenon and given the subject little further thought, except that dozens of these reality shifts began tumbling into my life.  I've had a lifelong fascination with gaining a better understanding of the true nature of reality, so these seeming aberrations in the behavior of space and time riveted my attention on them.  I began talking to everyone I met about this subject, and discovered that while most of us have experienced reality shifts, we seldom talk to others about our experiences.  Part of this has to do with the fact that there hasn't been a place for us to catalogue this experience for future discussion, so it goes into our inner "X-Files", and then is largely forgotten about.

Reviewing Our Assumptions

The one question I really wanted answered when I first witnessed multitudes of reality shifts was, "What's going on?!?!"  When all other explanations have been ruled out for objects moving about seemingly by themselves, what can possibly account for this mysterious behavior?  My background in physics prompted me to research what physical precedents exist in which objects behave in a discontinuous manner.  What I discovered had more to do with the underlying foundation upon which all of our scientific knowledge is built than on the scientific structures themselves.

All human knowledge is based upon assumptions, and the physical sciences are no exception to this rule.  Most of us have assumptions about the nature and behavior of things in this physical world, without often even realizing that we are making assumptions.  We learn these assumptions at a very early age, and usually continue to operate as if they were true the rest of our lives, unless we focus our attention on closely examining and changing them. Our western science is built upon a foundation of assumptions that include:

  • OBJECTIVITY - Objective, uninvolved observers can record experimental results
  • LOCALITY - Actions have only "local" effects on their immediate environs
  • CAUSALITY - We can predict with confidence what will happen when we know the measurable quantities involved in a given problem (mass, velocity, direction)
  • MATERIAL MONISM - Only that which can be measured matters
It's ironic that several experiments in quantum physics have completely overturned these four assumptions, yet many scientists still behave as if nothing has changed.  My experiences with reality shifts help me better comprehend how these four old assumptions can be turned inside-out to be a more accurate representation of what's going on:  Mind and matter are inseparable, we are all non-locally interconnected, and the only way to predict what might happen next is in probabilistic terms (not certainties).

Peak & Plateau Experiences

To answer the question "What's going on?!?" inside of us when reality shifts, I paid attention to my inner feelings when reality shifted around me.  I noticed that the direct consequence of witnessing a shift in reality is often a sensation of joyous realization of unity with the universe. I often feel a combination of surprise, awe, elation, deep joy, connectedness, harmony, aliveness and unconditional love when I see reality shift... since I began to see how vibrantly alive this universe is!  This exactly matches psychologist Abraham Maslow's definition of a peak experience.  The value of peak experiences is that they can alter a person's attitudes and beliefs... and help in the re-assessment of assumptions about the nature of reality. Peak experiences are often unexpected, as reality shifts are when people first experience them.

I've found that as I've become more familiar with different types of reality shifts, the surprise factor diminishes somewhat, yet I still feel tremendous awe.  People long-familiar with shifts in reality don't become jaded or disillusioned, but instead often enter what Maslow calls a plateau experience.  Maslow compared peak experiences to plateau experiences in his book RELIGIONS, VALUES, AND PEAK EXPERIENCES (1970) by pointing out "There is more an element of surprise, and of disbelief, and of esthetic shock in the peak-experience, more the quality of having such an experience for the first time."  In contrast, "The less intense plateau experience is more often experienced as pure enjoyment and happiness..."

This plateau experience is the state of consciousness that mystics view the universe from, and that most of our great scientists seem to have experienced as well.  Maintaining this feeling of energized, relaxed awareness and love also increases the number of reality shifts that occur in and around us.  As Albert Einstein once said, "There are two ways to live your life.  One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle."  Observing reality shifts on a regular basis helps us maintain faith that indeed, everything is truly miraculous! 

©2000, Cynthia Sue Larson.  Printed in the June-July 2000 Issue of the Conscious Creation Journal. (Feel free to duplicate this article for personal use - please include this copyright notice.)

Cynthia Larson has an MBA in Information Systems and a BA in Physics from UC Berkeley.  She has written a book, several articles, a web site ( and a monthly ezine about this fascinating subject... and also teaches workshops on how to shift your reality to make your favorite dreams come true.

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