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RealityShifters News - May 2004
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Alive Again

CynthiaCynthia Sue Larson

    "The future plays a role in determining for us a basis upon which we may make decisions. But to do so, parallel paths to that future must also be real. If they are, the world is far more complex than we ever have imagined."
    - Fred Alan Wolf, "PARALLEL UNIVERSES: The Search for Other Worlds"

Theories of parallel universes and retrocausality are compelling for physicists like Fred Alan Wolf, because they address the way quantum behavior operates with the observer effect on a scale that's well within the world of human perception. I love these theories because otherwise inexplicable things such as spontaneous healing and synchronicities can be expected to occur with some frequency... even as we are still occasionally awed by those experiences. Like Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz," we sometimes feel like we've left Kansas and arrived in a very different place.

Perhaps the most striking examples of feeling like we're not in Kansas anymore are experiences with reality shifts in which someone who has died is reported to die again, or is later seen alive. My first "alive again" experience occurred in the 1980's when my neighbor's cat, Ashes, was run over by a car and killed... only to appear in my backyard a couple of weeks later! I was flabbergasted, to say the least. My husband reacted normally at first to seeing the cat, until I reminded him, "Ashes DIED a couple of weeks ago!" My husband rubbed his chin and recalled more details, without any prompts from me. "Oh, yeah... he was hit by a car, wasn't he?" I spent an hour petting and talking with Ashes, since I never thought I'd see him again after he'd died.

While folklore tells of cats sometimes having nine lives, people can really surprise us when they return from the dead. I've witnessed both actor Larry Hagman and biologist Jane Goodall's untimely demises mysteriously reversed. Both of them were announced dead, only to show up again in new programs and speaking engagements. When Jane Goodall was reported dead, the news came as a huge blow to me. I had heard of Dian Fossey's murder, and I recall thinking "How could Jane have died now?!" I was especially sad that we'd lost two women biologists working with primates. When a bit more than a year later I saw that Jane was speaking somewhere, I could barely believe it. I double-checked to confirm that sure enough, it was the same Jane Goodall, and now there was no record that she ever died!
Cynthia Sue Larson

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In This Issue:

(1) Spiritual Life Coaching
(2) Upcoming Events
(3) Intriguing Articles
(4) Your Reality Shift Stories
(5) Reality Shifting Q & A
(6) Reality Shifters Award Winner
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(1) Spiritual Life Coaching
Cynthia Sue Larson

Spiritual Life Coaching with Cynthia
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(2) Upcoming Events

The Writes of Spring Festival -- FREE!
Saturday, 15 May 2004 from 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Foundation for Global Community
222 High Street, Palo Alto, CA (650) 328-7756

Get The Aura Advantage Talk -- FREE!
Sunday, 23 May 2004 at 2:00 PM
1350 Holiday Lane, Fairfield Holiday Inn Select
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Get The Aura Advantage Talk -- FREE!
Saturday, 5 June 2004 at 3:00 PM
4219 El Camino Real, Palo Alto Hyatt Rickeys
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Aura Advantage WorkshopAura Advantage Talk & Workshop at Belladonna
Aura Advantage Talk at BellaDonna -- $10
Friday, 9 July 2004 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM
2436 Sacramento Street, Berkeley, California

Aura Advantage FULL-DAY Workshop at BellaDonna -- $80
Saturday, 10 July 2004 from 10:00 to 5:00
2436 Sacramento Street, Berkeley, California

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(3) Intriguing Articles

Film Monthly
9 February 2004
by Joe Steiff
We are in the midst of a rash of films, such as "Feedback", "Donnie Darko" and "The Butterfly Effect", about changing one's destiny. Several of these films avoid time travel per se, but rather have their protagonists receive messages from the future.

Foundation for Mind-Being Research
March 2004
by Bill Gough
There has been extensive research on precognition, but what do we know about retrocognition, "backward-in-time," direct mental influences? Many years of experiments on the existence of retroactive intentional influence have been conducted that show mental intentions in the present can have direct, observable influences on the past.

San Francisco Chronicle
22 February 2004
by Keay Davidson
Eight decades after one of the weirdest discoveries in the history of science -- that subatomic matter is wavelike -- Austrian scientists are studying the same phenomenon on a much bigger scale, in giant molecules of carbon. Such research is more dramatic evidence that the spooky phenomena of quantum physics aren't confined to the infinitesimally tiny world within the atom. In fact, quantum effects influence objects much, much bigger than atoms, possibly even important molecules in the human body.

Tech Central Station
11 August 2003
by Kenneth Silber
James N. Gardner's "Selfish Biocosm" hypothesis states that intelligent life plays a key role in a cosmological cycle whereby the universe, over enormous timescales, creates new copies of itself via a "closed timelike curve," gravitational warping of space and time, such that future events influence the past.

(4) Your Reality Shift Stories

Windsor, California

My husband found out an old science teacher of his was alive, and went to see him after he thought he'd been dead for years and everyone, EVERYONE, agreed that they had heard, read or saw in the paper and on the news that he'd died several years ago, and were all surprised to find that he was still in town and very much alive.

I remember that Senator Ted Stevens in Alaska died on the Juno plane trip along with other politicians and that Senator Nick Beigach had lived. That was years and years ago. But then I was startled last year to read about Senator Ted Stevens in the paper and find that Nick Beigach had died in that plane crash. No one remembers but me.


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La Mirada, California

I know Mr. Green Jeans died quite a while back, but I also remembered seeing the obituaries stating that Captain Kangaroo died. When I saw that he was being reported as dying (again!) recently, I checked to see if there had been an earlier false report of Bob Keeshan's death -- but found no sign of one. While doing this research, I noted that certain details of Mr. Keeshan's military service are now considered urban legends, while in the reality I remember, his military record was authenticated.

Bob Keeshan is just one of many people who are alive at this time that I "know" have already died. Most of the people who seem to have stayed alive longer on this time line had died of Cancer in my remembered time line. Some of those I've seen obituaries for include Bea Arthur and Lawrence Ferlengetti. While I remember both of these people as having died previously, they have obviously remained alive and active in their careers in this now. I must have been surfing on a different time-wave at sometime.

I also have a question about Scatman Cruthers. I know he died a while back -- no change there -- but I remember him as having played Idi Amin in an astounding bit of casting, and being very good and very scary. I remember reading reviews of his performance, and even remember talking to a woman who had actually known Idi Amin (when she was a child) about Scatman Cruthers' performance. My very practical spouse also remembers Scatman as having played Idi Amin, but now I cannot find any evidence that he ever played that role. The movie we thought he was in has a different actor who gives quite a different kind of performance.

When I dream ahead of things or possibilities that come to pass, what stays fixed tends to be things that are not central to the situation. I figure that those things are kind of like sign posts. They are to remind us to be alert for something just ahead, or let us know we are on the right road, or that our turnoff or a fork in the road is coming -- but they are not the destination.

by Vicky
Phoenix, Arizona

WOW, I never thought this possible, and am now realizing I have noticed lots of reality shifts. I didn't know what to call these things. I never imagined how many reality shifts I have had by now without even noticing it. My most recent reality shift happened when I was looking for a paper I needed that I knew I had put it in my desk. Well, I took everything out of the desk -- every single item one by one -- and I couldn't find the one paper I needed. I thought to myself, "I will find it when I need it least." The next day I needed that paper, so naturally I did not find it. A week later I found my missing paper -- in that very same desk I'd looked before, even, rather than at the bottom of my piles of papers. And to think that I went through all the documents at least five times one-by-one! Wow, that is so interesting!


I had an interesting experience in Australia a few weeks ago. Towards the end of my nearly 3 week trip, I was at the Gold Coast barely post summer (picture expansive beaches and warm water -- I was in heaven!) There was only a few hours to spend there the afternoon I arrived before I was to do an evening talk, with personal sessions with clients scheduled the whole next day, then a very early departure back to the States the following day.

Crystena Maxwell (my local facilitator/scheduler, etc) and I had on swimsuits under our clothes to peel off later following lunch. We parked in one of those underground parking lots that connects to a mall in Broad Beach -- an area of Gold Coast I had never visited.

Getting off of the escalator from the parking garage, we entered an inside mall area with a number of different stores. One grabbed my interest immediately because it was a gelato store (Italian ice cream for those who have been deprived of the pleasure!) It was named Il Gelato and looked like it offered a nice variety of flavors. I started to say to Crystena -- "Oh, look, there's a gelato shop. We should get some later for desert", but she was up ahead of me, so I didn't say anything. We exited out onto the street where there was a much better choice for delicious restaurants. We picked a great one. While we were eating, I suggested we go after to the gelato place I had seen in the mall after our swim.

The schedule was getting tight, but we felt we had just enough time to get a gelato and head back to her home before the evening event. Back in the indoor mall area, I couldn't find the gelato place where I had seen it. I did notice two other ice cream stores (one an Australian and the other an American chain store) After wandering around a bit, I asked the Information Desk where the store was, and they said there was one a few blocks away! And she mentioned how delicious it was.

Well, I figured that they were misinformed (after all, I did see it with my own eyes, as plain as day!) Crystena and I looked some more, then asked another person. Same directions. And did I know how delicious it tasted?

We decided to quickly go the few blocks, even with the clock ticking, because I think that by that time we just had to see if a gelato store was even there! This was just too kooky...

We did indeed find the store, named Il Gelato, down the street where we never walked -- even to go to the beach. I have never been to Broad Beach before, just Surfer's Paradise. And did I mention how particularly scrumptious the gelato tasted?

I had a realization as I was eating my Chocolate Hazelnut gelato that it was my inner child who had the hankering for the treat and shifted reality for me to see the store as it really looked superimposed on another inside the mall. She had not had her normal allotment of ice cream since leaving the States, and decided to go all out with the best ice cream of all -- gelato!

(5) Reality Shifters Q & A

Q: This (alive again) topic raises a whole bunch of questions for me about the nature of 'spirit' and its often-claimed 'timelessness':

- If Jane Goodall 'was' dead, and then suddenly alive 'again'. What happened to her *spirit* in the 'between time' when she was still dead?
- When Goodall was suddenly 'not dead', she doubtless found herself with a complete set of memories of what she did in the 'missing' time. For her, she was physically 'never dead'.
- Do those memories ring 'false' for Goodall? How complete are they?
- Does her 'spirit' know that she skipped over some 'dead' time? Or does the 'timelessness' of spirit make the experience seem continuous?
- Did the spirit experience what would be perceived as an 'out of body' experience once she returned to her 'alive again' body?

Try to picture dying, complete with the attendant release of spirit, perhaps into a spiritual plane (heaven?) and then suddenly being back in the flesh. Would it be a variation on incarnation? And would the spirit have the same choice as when it chose a life/body to be born into? Is it necessarily even the same spirit? A walk-in?

Lots to think about.....

- Charles

A: The experience of being dead and then alive again is possibly very similar to the experience of being in a reality in which nothing was ever noticed to be different. I've often asked people if they recall the "other reality" and found that most people just know of one reality, and have no knowledge of things ever having been different. The only people who I've found to notice that there was more than one reality are typically acting as witnesses to reality shifts -- and the times when there was a person involved in the reality shift itself (such as a person who entered a room more than once but felt they only entered the room once), they are completely clueless that anything unusual has occurred. It seems that to the person who was "dead" in one reality, from their point of view, nothing different ever happened. As far as they know, they've always been alive (at least in the reality in which they're still alive). I've yet to interview someone I've noted to be dead who is now alive again... this is an area that will benefit from further research!

-- Cynthia

(6) Reality Shifters Award Winner

I am proud to announce this month's winner of the Reality Shifting Award, for recognition of demonstrating consistent excellence in web site content and design, while helping people shift their reality in a positive direction:

Foundation for Mind-Being Research
a learning community of scientists, philosophers, artists, seekers who are discovering and legitimizing new conceptions of truth.

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A Journey Into Prayer

A Journey Into Prayer
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by Bill Sweet

The High Cost and High Value of Prayer Research

Bill Sweet presents a fascinating behind-the-scenes account of Spindrift prayer researchers Bruce and John Klingbeil in A JOURNEY INTO PRAYER. Facing criticism from both religious zealots and skeptics, the father-son research team nevertheless managed to live their dream of making significant contributions toward a better understanding of how prayer works. A detailed appendix contains highlights from decades of Spindrift laboratory experiments into goal-directed and non-goal-directed prayer, and is a wonderful starting point for readers wishing to know how their research was conducted. Spindrift experimented with people praying for yeast cells, mung beans, and other living organisms by observing how these organisms were benefited by prayer. The Spindrift research was interpreted by some to be evil, and the Klingbeils were ostracized and ridiculed for daring to scientifically show effects of prayer in the laboratory. A JOURNEY INTO PRAYER looks at the hardships the Klingbeils faced as they continued their prayer research even when their church began the excommunication process, and all the way up to their last days of life, just prior to their suicides. Why would Bruce and John kill themselves when they were just about to enjoy some well-deserved time off? This question and others related to their mysterious deaths are left to the reader to contemplate, following a detailed description of the days and weeks preceding the suicides. What I love most about reading A JOURNEY INTO PRAYER is feeling a sense of being intimately involved in the lives of Bruce and John Klingbeil as they threw themselves fully into their prayer research, even when people misunderstood and misjudged them. A JOURNEY INTO PRAYER is a must read for anyone interested in an unflinching description of the high cost and high value of prayer research -- or who'd enjoy reading a real-life version of the Spiritual X-Files.

When You Reach

When You Reach the End of Your Rope...
Let Go!

by Geoffrey Rose

Excellent Guide to Emotional Self-Healing

WHEN YOU REACH THE END OF YOUR ROPE... LET GO! brilliantly describes simple yet powerful methods you can use to locate and transform your self-sabotaging beliefs. With a rare combination of refreshing candor, sparkling humor and gentle wisdom, author Geoffrey Rose describes how he embarked on a most remarkable journey from anxiety, depression, and low self esteem to relaxed confidence and joy. While extensive training in psychotherapy sessions had offered useful insights, Geoffrey noted that progress had been slow... especially compared with the rapid improvement possible through an alternative method of finding self-sabotaging beliefs through Kinesiological (muscle) testing. Old traumas have the power to become negative beliefs about ourselves, so there is tremendous relief when we learn how to begin expressing long-suppressed thoughts and feelings. WHEN YOU REACH THE END OF YOUR ROPE... LET GO! provides a very simple Kinesiological self-test which can be used with a self-testing outline to guide you through your self-healing treatment. If you'd prefer a different method, Rose offers two more: a Chinese Five-Element review, and a basic life category approach. WHEN YOU REACH THE END OF YOUR ROPE... LET GO! stands out as a beacon of hope in the darkness, to guide you through rough emotional seas. It's rare to find a book this well-written that successfully conveys practical methods for emotional self-healing that really work. This beautifully written book is as much fun to read as it is life-enhancing; I give it my highest recommendation!

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