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Reality Shifting Award of Excellence
Winners List

The following web sites demonstrate excellence in content and design.
They are informative and unique,
and help people shift their reality in a positive direction.
If you would like to nominate a site for this award,
please click here.

Reality Shifting Award winners
are featured in the monthly
RealityShifters ezine.

All Energies-Therapies Web
A Letter of Love
Alternative Science
The Astral Pulse
PMH Atwater's Web Site
Authentic Happiness
B Mindful
Babaji - The Power of Vibration
Beyond the Ordinary
Blue Moon News
Bridging Heaven & Earth Art Project
Melody Brooke
Charter for Compassion
Choose to Be Happy
Color Healing
Conscious Creation
Conscious Creation Convergence
Consciousness Research Laboratory
Dead People Server
Dharma Haven
Doyletics: A Memory Technique to Improve the Quality of Your Life
Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views
Dream Moods
Eclectic Energies
Emotional Relief
Entangled Minds
EQSQ: Empathizing-Systemizing Theory & Tests
Fire Through Spirit
Fork You
Lynne Forrest & The Three Faces of Victim
Foundation for Mind-Being Research
Foundation for Shamanic Studies
Free Healing Book - Cyberphysiology
Future Me
Global Consciousness Project
Gratitude Unlimited
Greater Good
Has Anyone Told You?
Highly Sensitive
James S. Huggins' Refrigerator Door
The Holistic Centre
Huna from Hawaii
I Am Healthy Radio
Inner Talk
Institute of HeartMath
Institute of Noetic Sciences
The Intention Experiment
International Association for Near Death Studies
Interspecies Communication
Intuition Network
Ka Gold Jewelry
Kimba's Angels
Kundalini Teacher
Light Torch Productions
Lily Hill Farm & Learning Center
Lipstick Mystic
The Love Movie
Man and the Unknown
The Messenger
Mixed Signals
Monday 9AM TV
Morning Messages
MyPath TV
The Mystica
The Nazarene Way
New Consciousness Review
Ocean of Silence
Thomas T. Panto
Parapsychology Articles and Blog
Jim Phelps, Guitarist
Plant Signaling & Behavior
Poetry Not Poverty
Positivity Ratio http://www.PositivityRatio.Com
Psi Wars: Is The Force Real?
Psychic and Medium Experiences
The Psychic Times
Real Fairies
Reality Test
The RetroPsychoKinesis Project
The Rhine Research Institute
Sacred Cows
The Elaine Smitha Show - EVOLVING IDEAS
Sarah's Archangels
Sharp Brains
Shift Movement
The Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness
Soul Medicine Institute
Spirit on the Job
Spiritual Endeavors
Spiritual Sisters of the Internet Cafe
Spiritual Stories, Movies and Book Reviews
Stress Management
Subtle Wind Reiki
Success Consciousness
Symphony of Science
Synchronicity and the Enfolded
TED - Technology, Entertainment, Design
The Synchronized Universe
Think Simple Now
Thoughts Create
Thoughts Create Reality
Totally Unique Thoughts
'tween: The Art of Healing in Love and Light
The Universal Empath 101
Universal Tao
Vision Statement
Wayne Wirs -- Photography and the Pursuit of Inner Peace
The Weird Science Database of Unexplained Events
James S. Huggins' Refrigerator Door
Wildhaven - Simple Life Mastery
William A. Tiller Foundation
The World Wide Online Meditation Center
Your Daily Affirmation

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