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Dowsing Your Energy Field
by Cynthia Sue Larson
September 18, 2000

Cynthia Sue LarsonCynthia Sue Larson using two wire coat hangers to dowse energy fields outdoors

Getting Started with Dowsing

People often ask me how best to determine the strength of their energy field, in order to ensure optimal manifestation results. A great way to get acquainted with shifting reality is to learn how to dowse the human energy field. You can do this with two wire coat hangers (one to hold in each hand), and a friend.
    (1) Hold the wire coat hangers loosely by the long, flat, straight edge so that the curved hook parts point forwards.

    (2) Keep the hangers loose in your hands and pointing straight up from the ground so that they can swing freely to the left and right as you walk.

    (3) Step back about fifteen feet (five meters) from your friend, and then,

    (4) Holding one hanger in each hand, begin slowly walking towards your friend who is standing still.

    (5) When the coat hangers begin to swing together (like doors closing) or swing apart (like doors opening), or when one or the other swings in either direction, you've encountered the human energy field!
Try this again, after asking your friend to boost the energy field by remembering favorite friends, experiences, foods, books, and vacations. Try once more after practicing the techniques described in the realityshifters article about how you can energize yourself.

Dowsing Directly With Your Hands

handYou can dowse directly with your hands using a number of different techniques to sensitize your hands to subtle energies

Once you become comfortable dowsing with wire dowsing rods, you can next dowse directly with your hands. There are several ways to get your hands sensitized before dowsing:
      (1) Push the palms of your hands together as firmly as possible for 60 seconds; when you pull them apart, you will feel heightened sensitivity for subtle energy fields and a tingling, energized sensation

      (2) Ball your hands up tightly into fists for ten seconds and then stretch your hands wide open so the fingers curl up and back and you feel an energized, tingling sensation;

      (3) Blow softly on the palms of your hands with your palms facing one another about an inch apart, slowly bringing the palms closer together until you feel a tingling sensation.
All three of these techniques should result in your feeling a tingling sensation in the palms of your hands, which are now sensitized for doing energy dowsing directly -- no more need for dowsing rods! This is an excellent exercise for getting yourself familiarized with energy fields, and with the concept that you can influence your own energy field and benefit from the energy fields around you. Stronger energy fields will increase your ability to shift reality in your life.

Most of all... remember to have fun!

Dowsing Earth Energy Fields

handAvebury Henge is the oldest megalithic stone henge in Britain, predating the druids and carbon dated to between 3304 and 2625 BC

You can also walk around dowsing energies inside your home and outdoors, keeping in your mind what you are seeking (such as subterranean water, electrical power lines, or natural energy fields and vortices) and you will be able to locate them using these dowsing techniques.

I first learned how to dowse in Royston, England, in one of the places where the Michael and Mary energy ley lines converge. I started with dowsing rods (wire coat hangers), and noticed that it is possible to detect whatever one wishes to detect with the use of these divining rods. I first located the path of the Michael energy line as it wound its way through the Royston museum, and also located where the Mary energy line ran through. The place where the two energy lines connected felt like there was more intense energy present, and it is true that you will find churches and other spiritual centers are often built where Earth ley lines converge.

After locating the ley lines in Royston, I next located where water was running underground, beneath the cobblestones in the court yard in front of the museum. I did this simply by thinking that what I needed to know was where the water was... shifting my attention away from ley lines and over to subterranean waterways. Even though the water lines ran at something of an angle, it was immediately obvious where the water was, even though it could not be heard or seen from above the cobblestones. I used the same dowsing techniques to measure subtle energy fields around Avebury Henge at the time of the summer solstice, and was delighted to note that it is easy to tell where the missing stones in the stone circle once were, as well as how the ley lines of energy wind around the town of Avebury.

It has been said that the most productive manifestation energy lies where ley lines intersect, and that problem energies are often attributed to places sitting atop waterways... so this is something you can investigate on your own when you start dowsing.

Dowsing energy fields allows you the ability to detect where Earth energies are strongest so you can meditate and practice your manifestation techniques with the benefit of Earth energies combining with your own energy.

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