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Energize Yourself
by Cynthia Sue Larson
September 4, 2000

Have you noticed that some days feel better than others... some days are full of joy and unexpected delights, while on others you find yourself wishing you'd stayed home in bed? Once you've taken care of your obvious physical needs by getting enough rest and sleep, eating healthy foods, and exercising, there is something else you can do that will make a huge difference in your life... you can raise your energy yourself.

When you raise your energy, you'll find you are increasing your enjoyment in life at the same time as you change your "luck". Things will go your way. Each of the following tips is a powerful tool by itself --- using both of them together will change your life... for the better!

Are you ready to get started?

Practice Meditation

While there are many forms of meditation, you can assess which one is best for you by trying it out and discovering how you feel during and after the meditation. Meditation provides us with a way to retain a sense of energized relaxed awareness, and gives us detachment. Meditation can give our minds room to take on new information, clearing out the clutter that prevents us from experiencing what's happening right now. Meditation is a way of rediscovering the love that you were born from, and will return to when you die. That boundless love is still with you... and meditating can help you remember that.

There are big advantages to those who meditate... everything from improved health, increased happiness, and greater prosperity. In addition to these perks, people who meditate also find themselves surrounded with happy coincidences and delightful synchronicities. Things just seem to go their way.

A very simple meditation is to find a quiet place where you won't be interrupted for a few minutes. Breathe love in, feeling it in your heart, and recall some of your favorite memories. These feelings of Love will energize you tremendously, which increases the probability that you'll experience enjoyable reality shifts. Breathe out, imagining that all your worries, anger, and fears are being expelled from your body. Breathe Love in with each inhalation, and breathe out all the stress.

Not sure about What Meditation Is Best for You? Read this article to find out.

Dowse Your Energy Field

You can discover for yourself where your energy field is before and after these energy-raising exercises, by Dowsing Your Energy Field with a couple of coat hangers and the help of a friend. This will give you the necessary feedback to let you see for yourself the power of raising your energy, and keeping it up!

The main idea of this exercise is to become aware of how your feelings affect your energy body, by seeing it happen. There's nothing more convincing than real-time feedback, and this energy dowsing exercise shows what a difference your thoughts and feelings make!

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