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We Are All Reality Shifters
by Cynthia Sue Larson

Whether or not you've witnessed socks or keys moving around in your house, chances are you're shifting reality right now, at this very moment. Perhaps you haven't noticed things suddenly appearing out of thin air, or disappearing... or transporting or transforming.... but chances are you've noticed amazing synchronicities in your life.

My viewpoint about synchronicities is that they come into being (or "manifest") based on our thoughts and feelings. We create the very world that we observe.

If this sounds a bit far out to you, consider the fact that until a century ago, we didn't realize that the act of observing something changed it. We were naive voyeurs, assuming that we could watch tiny quantum particles without having any impact on their behavior. This assumption proved to be completely false when physicists noticed that observing quantum particle/waves had the effect of popping the wave function and forcing the particles to choose their position as they materialized into physical form.

This "quantum weirdness" showed up when Thomas Young conducted an experiment in the 19th century involving firing a stream of subatomic particles at a particle sensitive screen with a barrier in placed in front of it. Particles passed through one of two parallel slits in the barrier before they hit the screen. The resulting pattern that developed on the screen showed the interference pattern of particles passing through the slits at the same time, just as you can see interference patterns in a pond or lake if you throw two stones into the water simultaneously. Each slit in the barrier could be opened or closed independently and the tiny quantum particles could be directed towards the screen in a trickle, so only one particle passed through the slits at a time, showing a spot every time a particle hit the screen.

The really surprising thing about Young's double slit experiment is that when one particle at a time was fired through the double slits, a pattern developed that looked like particles had passed through BOTH slits at the same time! This would be like having the double ring effect in the pond when you only threw one pebble in.

When the apparatus was modified to include particle detectors behind each slit, scientists found two blobs of light on the screen behind the two slits with NO interference pattern! Somehow, every quantum particle knew exactly how these experiments were being conducted, and adjusted their behavior accordingly.

Just as quantum particles seem to depend on our observations to determine their behavior, I've witnessed large-scale changes in physical reality -- most especially when I've been in a state of feeling tremendous love.

You can ask yourself the following questions to start paying attention to the reality shifts in your life.

How many did you say, "Yes" to?

Please consider how all of these changes brought about by love are shifts in reality... and how every one of us who loves also shifts reality.

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