Let Go of Wishes
by Cynthia Sue Larson
September 4, 2000


Have you ever tried to remember something, like somebody's name, so hard that you couldn't remember it at all? Most of us have learned that if we want to remember something, it helps to stop trying so hard and let go. By letting go, we give the thought the freedom it requires it find its way home to us again.

You can also think of this as choosing to let a butterfly go... or choosing to pin it down. If your wish is that butterfly, your only hope of seeing your dream come true is to keep your dream alive. Choosing to pin your wish down and closely scrutinize it is to kill it... leaving you with just a wish that you are examining closely that still looks like a butterfly, but is actually a dead butterfly. In this way, many people hold on to dreams tightly, clutching them so hard that they can't possibly have the freedom to come true.

When we make wishes or prayers, we are releasing our thoughts into the universe. If we choose to hold on to an idea of how much we long for something, we can get in our own way... by keeping the longing, and blocking ourselves from receiving what our heart desires. When we let go of a conscious thought, we release that thought form and allow it to reunite with that which we seek to retrieve. You can think of it as dematerializing a thought form so it can freely transport itself to a reality in which you find what you are wishing for.


The easiest way to release one's desires is to practice the art of meditation. There are many different kinds of meditation to choose from, and if you don't already have a favorite one, check out What Meditation Is Best for You? to quickly zero in on your best meditation technique. First choose a favorite physically relaxing activity, and then select a favorite mental focus. When you combine these two, you'll have a customized meditation technique that's exactly right for you.

Let the Universe Help You

If you still can't let go of your wishes, even with the help of meditation, don't worry. The universe will help you out. I've often found that after I've clung to my wishes for a while, something comes along to help me let go and relax again. I find that when I'm not too picky about what I'm wishing for, things will work out. In other words, I may not get exactly what I thought I wanted... but if I pay close attention, I almost always find that I get what I need. Yes, the Rolling Stones were onto this when they wrote the song, "You Can't Always Get What You Want"!

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