Creating Miracles
by Cynthia Sue Larson
September 4, 2000

When we are faced with seemingly impossible situations, it helps to remember that things are not as they seem and that our emotional state has a huge transformative impact on even the most traumatic and stressful crisis situations.

In her excellent book Creating Miracles, Carolyn Miller describes how people have faced potentially lethal situations and avoided victimization by realizing in the midst of their ordeal that they could find and project a higher state of awareness on the situation. Their feelings changed their situations so much that would-be muggers and rapists walked away from potential victims, and a car plummeting off the side of the road landed safely in a lake... that had never been there before.

Miller tells numerous true stories that all share a common thread... in a time of need, people can and do create miracles. All that is needed is an attitude of love and "miracle mindedness". This attitude can overcome even the most horrific situations, bringing compassion to individuals who otherwise would show no mercy, and shifting reality in very profound ways.

What makes this book particularly fascinating and useful to me is that Carolyn Miller reviews dozens of stories to find some common threads... some ways that people have found to shift reality in these times of great stress:

It seems that by practicing achieving a meditative state on a regular basis, being optimistic, and being loving, we can predispose ourselves to experiencing wonderful miracles. I know this is true from my experiences with reality shifts!

I love the way Miller explains that it's not necessary to believe in divine intervention in order to create miracles. She explains that people who simply keep the "miracle-minded" attitude can bring miracles to even the most hostile situations.

I give this extraordinarily inspirational book my highest recommendation.

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