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Tune Up Your Chakras
& Shift into Higher Love

by Cynthia Sue Larson

Hello, fellow Masters of Creation! As you become aware of your true cosmic identity, you reclaim the understanding of how you exist throughout this entire universe and every universe it is connected to. Yes, this can feel exciting, and it can also feel scary and lonely sometimes. Please remember that you are not alone -- you are never alone! Through every feeling of love you have and have ever had, you are connected to All That Is. You can feel and sometimes see cords of love bridging the time and space between you and everyone and everything you love -- leaping out from your auric field to span the gulf between you and the auric fields of all you care about. These colorful cords of love weave themselves together in an energy web of life in such a way that everyone and everything is interconnected. What you perceive and how you feel therefore affects everything on Earth, throughout this universe, and throughout the multiverse. As you uplift your thoughts and feelings, you help raise consciousness everywhere.

Through auric connections of love between you and all you care about, you are in constant communication and contact with much more than you could ever be consciously aware of. Your love shines forth from you like radiant beams of light, and these beams of light pour forth such love that they can sustain life. You can feel this connection between yourself and beloved pets, friends, and family. Sometimes these cords powerfully attract you to others, which is reflected in colloquial English expressions such as, "she pulled on my heartstrings". These bonds of love can transfer healing to those in need, exactly when they need it, and can provide you with intimate information about how your beloved ones are feeling. These connections of love energy also exist between you and those you have long forgotten, for they are the Energy Web of Life that binds us all together. Like a nervous system, they carry information from one point of consciousness to another. When any one of us becomes more conscious of our ability to change the way we perceive in order to change the world, it uplifts us all in the web of life.


Now is the time to shake off the drowsiness of slumber, and awaken to your true super-human nature. Just as you have more than five basic senses of smell, touch, taste, sight and hearing; you also are not limited by death (it is merely a gateway to another form of consciousness) nor are you confined anywhere in space and time. You have the power to transform your awareness when you let your chakras be your guides. You have the power to slow and even stop time -- to bring things into being which were previously absent, and to move things across time and space.

Your chakras are spinning, vibrating vortices. The word chakra came from Sanskrit, in which it means "wheel" or "spinning wheel", but the true nature of the chakra has more in common with a vortex (or more accurately, a system of vortices) than a wheel. Each chakra has its own unique perspective and intelligence. When your chakras are fully active, energized, and cleared, they can transform you into a time and space traveling, reality-shifting being of light! You need not seek special vortices or gateways in order to brighten this planet with love -- because when your chakras are tuned up, they are all you need to access everything.

The brightly colored, spinning chakras in your energy body behave a lot like engines in an airplane or car. You depend on them to be running smoothly in order for you to get where you need to go in your life. You also depend on their functionality for your good health, ability to clearly perceive and communicate what is happening to you and around you, and even your ability to perform amazing psychic and psychokinetic feats. For your chakras to function well, they need to be tuned and energized.


You can clear and tune your chakras by seeing an energy specialist who can help you (in much the same way that you take your car in to a mechanic for a tune-up), or you can learn some basic skills for self-tuning your chakras. You don't need any special drugs to enhance your chakra system, since most drugs will cause damage to your energy body even as they may provide you with short-term effects. You also don't need any special equipment, nor do you need to go to a certain location. Everything you require in order to self-tune your chakras you have within you right now.

Since chakras are vibrational in nature, they respond quite well to both color and sound therapy. Each of your seven basic chakras resonates in tune with a specific color and a specific musical tone, and by visualizing the colors and tones of each chakra one by one, you can effectively restore your chakras to their original brightness, clarity, and vitality. It definitely helps to request Spirit assistance in this process, so that your chakras will be tuned to their point of maximal balance and strength. You need your chakras to be open (but not too open), spinning smoothly (but not too fast or slow), and shining brightly. As with most things in life, balance is the key to good health in your energy body, and you can best achieve this by intending it to be so and behaving accordingly.

This self-tuning method requires use of colors and musical tones. You can either visualize the colors and hum or sing the tones, which are familiar to anyone who ever sang along with Julie Andrews in the 1965 movie "The Sound of Music" to the song, "Do-Re-Mi". If you prefer, you can also find pictures of the seven primary colors in a rainbow, and prerecorded versions of the musical tones. If you wish additional assistance with the sound healing portion of your chakra tuning, you may play a chakra healing song, such as Stephen Halpern's "Chakra Balancing" song on his "Music for Sound Healing" CD... or you can make your own recorded tape beforehand for playing during your chakra tuning. As you tune each chakra, take several minutes to focus your attention entirely on that given chakra together with its color and tone.


Your first chakra is located at the very base of your spine, and is known as the kundalini chakra. This is your grounding chakra -- the chakra that connects you to the Earth below your feet. It is connected to the secondary chakras in your feet, and is associated with the adrenal glands. Basic survival and sexual energy is handled in the first chakra, and it can give you sudden bursts of strength and energy when you need it. Tune your root or base chakra by playing or humming the musical note "C" (the "Do" part of the "Do-Re-Mi" song), while visualizing the color red.


Your second chakra is situated just below your navel. It's known as the hara chakra, and is associated with the gonads. This chakra is identified with your center of emotions, and with gender identity. It is sometimes referred to as the Dan Tien in Chinese medicine. This is the place where you may find yourself feeling what others are feeling, or inadvertantly picking up other people's issues. Most healers need to keep a close eye on the second chakra, because it is so easy to accidentally accumulate other peoples' "stuff" there. Tune your second chakra by visualizing the color orange and humming, singing, or listening to the musical note "D", or "Re".


Your third chakra is located at your solar plexus, between your navel and sternum -- just below your lower ribs. This chakra is associated with the pancreas. This is a powerful chakra, which can control and manipulate any incoming energy. This is also the energy center in your body which aligns your physical body with your spirit and intellect, and is your center for self-esteem. Tune your solar plexus chakra by visualizing a sunny yellow color, and humming or singing or listening to the musical note "E", or "Mi".


Your fourth chakra is located at your heart, and is associated with the thymus gland. This chakra connects your spirit to your physical body, and allows you to channel love energy both inside your body and out into the world. A compassionate sense of humor is a sign of a very healthy heart chakra -- you can see this in people who laugh at their own foibles with good-natured love. A healthy heart chakra allows one to keep healthy perspective even in the most troubling situations. Tune your heart chakra by visualizing the color emerald green and humming, singing, or listening to the musical note "F" or "Fa".


Your throat chakra corresponds to the thyroid gland, and is the center for expressive communication and making and keeping commitments. This chakra is the center for receiving clairaudient information (hearing voices), which allows people to hear psychic truths from seemingly mundane sources. You can tune your throat chakra by humming or singing the musical note "G" or "Sol", and visualizing the color of sapphire blue.


Your third eye chakra is related to your higher mental and intuitive abilities. It is also associated with the pituitary gland, and it is responsible for providing tremendous amounts of psychic information in a naturally clairvoyant manner. A healthy sixth chakra can ensure that you are on path and constantly finding support and valuable information in the most unusual and off-beat places. You can tune your sixth chakra by visualizing the color indigo, and humming or singing the musical note "A" or "La" (about 440 Hertz).


Slightly above the top of your head is your seventh or crown chakra. This is the chakra which connects your energy body to Spirit, and is where you receive information about your life purpose and spiritual path. The crown chakra is associated with the pineal gland, and it provides you with the highest level of spiritual knowledge -- and a deep understanding of who and what you truly are. You can tune your crown chakra by visualizing the color violet and humming or singing the musical note "B" or "Ti".


So how do you energize your chakras? There are many ways and many schools of thought which provide tips on how to do this. You can start with basic energy exercises such as meditation, prayer, yoga, and chi kung to help you familiarize yourself with storing and moving energy through your energy centers. I practice a combination of some yoga, some chi kung, some meditation and some prayer, because I find valuable aspects to a variety of energetic practices. There are many excellent books on these subjects, which you can request that your local library purchase and stock -- or which you can order online or from your local book store. You can also try out classes to get a first-hand sense of what advantages each technique has to offer you. Whichever method(s) you select, it is important to stick with it as a regular, daily part of your routine, since you will likely notice effects after several days or weeks of daily practice. Wonderful results can come from the seemingly simplest techniques -- such as meditation and/or prayer. The most proficient and skilled energy workers have been keeping a daily energizing practice for years or even decades!


When I finish tuning and energizing my chakras, I become more aware of their true nature as the power centers in my energy and physical body. Keeping them clean and clear is every bit as important to me as keeping my car running well, for my quality of life depends on them completely. Just as you might keep a schedule for your car to keep it tuned, and as you keep regular dental appointments, consider remembering to make time for yourself on a regular basis for chakra tuning. It doesn't have to cost you any money at all, and you'll find the benefits to be an excellent investment of your time and effort!

What can you expect to change after you've gone through a basic chakra tuning session? You will find yourself moving more easily both through the three-dimensional world of consensus reality, and through other times and spaces that you can view in dreams and astral travel. You will also notice that you are much more attuned to everyone and everything around you, and that what you think and feel becomes reality much more readily.

You will have a deeper understanding of who you are and what your purpose on Earth is right now. You will clearly see your path in life and will have strong intuitive hunches which prove invaluable at bringing you to the right place at exactly the right time. With time and practice, you will gain the ability to slow or stop time, to change the past and select between possible futures, and gaze into remote places. Most of all, you will be helping to raise consciousness everywhere as you raise your own level of clarity and brightness. The cords of light that connect between you and everything and everyone else will be brighter, and clearer.

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