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The Power of Prayer

Prayer, or "distant healing" as it is more commonly referred to in medical journal articles, is now being recognized by researchers as a statistically significant factor in maintaining and improving peoples' health. It does not seem to matter whether people requesting the prayers believe in any particular faith, nor does it seem to matter which religion (if any) those doing the praying belong to. What matters is the frequency and duration of prayer, and the love that is felt for those being prayed for. I cover this topic in more depth in my article titled, Scientific Research Confirms Distant Healing.

This is good news for anyone in need of prayer, because it means that simply by asking for help, we can receive it. The internet makes it easy to make prayer requests with literally hundreds of web sites that welcome us to do so. Hopefully, with such a wide variety of non-local healing options freely available to you, you will be able to find something helpful here!

If you belong to a particular religion, chances are very good that you can go to a search engine, such as Google and type in that religion with the words "prayer request" and come up with a list of good places to submit your prayers to.

Don't worry if your childhood was religion-free (like mine was). If you are facing a seemingly insurmountable problem, most prayer sites welcome anyone to place their requests for prayer. Remember that the most important factor in prayer is the direction towards particular recipients, and a genuine feeling of love.

I found several wonderful web sites which all offer prayer request services to the public. Some of them request that those placing prayer requests also pray for those who have made requests earlier... while others will take your prayer request to religious services, or place it on the western wall in Jerusalem. Some promise to treat your request for prayer confidentially, and others request that you publicly post your request.

This list is not intended to be a comprehensive listing of prayer request services on the internet, and I make no promises about the services you will receive at any of these web sites. If none of these feel right to you, try the search engines and see if you come up with something better. There are also many discussion groups dedicated to prayer -- and these are too numerous to mention here!

My intention is to inform you that there are hundreds of prayer request services available to you on the internet, and to remind you of the scientifically confirmed power of distant healing. It's up to you to take that first step and make a prayer request!

Prayer Request Web Sites

You can make prayer requests to Mystics, if you wish to receive help from a mystic... "someone who, in searching, experiences union or direct communication with God or ultimate reality."

Add a name to our list for Refuah Shelemah (a complete recovery). Please add a name of a Holeh - one who is (Lo 'Alenu) seriously ill. Do not request prayer here for non-critical illnesses. Prayers will be recited (beli neder) on a regular basis at the Midrash, particularly when a Sefer Torah is out. In order to ascertain that all requests are genuine, an acknowledgement will be emailed to you. We pray that Haqqadosh Barukh Hu will heal all His people Israel, Amen.

You can make prayer requests to The Circle of Light, by psychic clairvoyant Reverend Cassandra, who channels three angels: Uriel, Metatron, & Yannie.

Shamanistic healing prayers are available through The Shamanic Healing Prayer Drumming Circle, who gather monthly at the side of the creek in Frog Hollow, Pennsylvnia, with drums, rattles and wind instruments.

Welcome to the Spiritual Connection Healing Circle! This page is dedicated to those that seek help, and you are invited to spend a healing prayer and send some light to those listed.

The primary activity of the Sufi Healing Order is spiritual healing. They offer "The Healing Service", a group prayer circle asking the Divine One to heal those who ask this of us. Through ritual, prayer, and attunement to the Divine Spirit, The Healing Service offers the possibility of healing to those who request it.

The Star Work Energy Circle provides free energy support for people with projects or crises. This energy work is provided by a group of about 25 light energy workers from across the United States of America. These light energy workers come from a variety of backgrounds and traditions, but share a common belief in giving back to the community. Their healing services are offered as a gift to humanity.

The Silent Unity approach to prayer is "affirmative, based on positive prayers and affirmations that have universal, interfaith appeal." Silent Unity is available 24/7 ready to offer you free confidential prayer support whenever you want it, and can be reached by mail or phone at 1-800-NOW-PRAY and Silent Unity, 1901 NW Blue Parkway, Unity Village, MO 64065.

The Discalced Carmelite Nuns of San Antonio Texas invite you to send your prayer request to them. These requests are posted in a cloister for all sisters to see and take prayer.

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