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High Energy Money

Money Manifestation Experiences

Sometimes money does literally fall from the skies, and mysteriously appear in pockets, dresser drawers, wallets, and bank accounts. Here are some real-life accounts of reality shifts in which money appears--often exactly when needed most.

These first-hand accounts of money manifestation reality shifts (aka: mind-matter interaction MMI, quantum jumping, glitches in the Matrix) on this site have been collected and shared through Cynthia Sue Larson's RealityShifters since 1999. Special issues of RealitShifters focusing on particular types of reality shifts (such as: the Dead seen Alive Again, Seeing Loved Ones Before They Arrive, Invisibility, Walking through Walls, etc.) can be found by browsing through the RealityShifters archives and subscribing to the free monthly ezine.

You can read many more reality shift and money manifestation real-life accounts in the best-selling books, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World and RealityShifters Guide to High Energy Money.

Money Fell from the Sky
Milton, Ontario

On one windy Fall afternoon, I was walking along the main street of my hometown. The trees had just changed color, and it was so beautiful. I thought I would do some window shopping downtown, because I love to look in the windows and see the displays of the local merchants. I don't think I had any money with me. I am the sort of person who feels that, "If I have money in my pockets or purse, great. If I don't, it doesn't really matter." Anyway, I was walking along the sidewalk, and for some reason I started to look down. I then looked up away from me, and saw a $20.00 bill coming toward my hand! It just flew right into my hand! I was so happy, so I treated myself out to lunch at one of the nice little tea rooms. It was a beautiful afternoon. I was treated by the universe!

Dollar Bills Appear to Tip Waitress
Alameda, California, USA

I was at the Chevy's Fresh Mex restaurant in Alameda with my daughters one evening when I noticed I did not have enough dollar bills for the tip I wished to leave. I showed my daughter sitting next to me how my wallet only contained two one dollar bills, and then I closed my wallet, commenting to her that it would really be nice if more dollar bills would show up in my wallet. After a moment, I opened my wallet and looked inside it once again with my daughter, and we found two more one dollar bills! I closed my wallet again and asked my daughter," Should I look again for another dollar bill?"
 and grinned as she nodded "Yes!" enthusiastically... and the next time I opened my wallet, there was another dollar bill. We repeated this process of me closing my wallet and grinning as I asked "Should I look again?" and my daughters agreed--as I pulled out a total of six one dollar bills one at a time--more than enough for the tip!

Money Manifestation

One Thousand Dollars Appeared in Drawer
Sacramento, California

I know you may not remember me, but I attended your first class in Sacramento with Alijandra. I have read "Aura Advantage and have listened to your Aura Healing Meditations CD; all of these materials have been very useful and fascinating. About a month ago, over $1,000 mysteriously appeared in one of my desk drawers. It appeared in an obvious place, so I don't think I could have possibly "over looked" it. This was a truly remarkable reality shift. In smaller ways, other shifts in reality are constantly happening around me. Books which I have found interesting regarding the "mysterious" appearance of things are the three "Oversoul Seven" books of Jane Roberts.
Sincere Thanks for being You.

Money Manifestation
Hemet, California

I had a money manifestation once in which I spent nearly all my cash, and I knew that I only had $4 left one day. A few days earlier, I had spent all the money I had in my wallet, and I remember distinctly having exactly four dollars left. A few days later, I wanted to go to a nearby corner market to buy some soda, but thought I wouldn't be able to afford it with the money I had because I knew I only had four dollars. I looked inside my wallet, and lo and behold, I had seven dollars there! The bill at the corner market, interestingly enough, came to $6.23 as I recall.

The other times I had a money manifestation was when $10 appeared in my wallet right when I needed it and once a mysterious envelope appeared to my mom with, I think it was $50, and a note that said that they were moved to give the money after prayer. The letter was anonymous, and no one we knew would have given it. We would have seen it. That one was the most interesting, magical to me so far. But, that wasn't what happened with the latest. Just an additional $3 to my $4. I love it when it happens. :)

The one thing with money manifestations that comes to mind when I get them is the "just enough" factor. There is usually just enough money. I wish it worked that way with the lottery, hehe.

Ever Increasing Money
Provo, Utah

My children love to go camping with their fathers family every summer for a week at Bear Lake in Idaho. It's a cherished family tradition. The summer of 1998 was financially challenging for me and I wasn't sure how I would purchase the food and clothing that they would need to go. I managed to save $100 from my budget and took them shopping. I told them we needed to say a positive affirmation that we would have more than enough money for their wants and their needs.

I reached into my pocket and took my cash out to count it. I counted $150. I was so surprised and I told my three children that I had $50 more than I originally thought I had. As they tried on new shoes I decided I better count my money one more time to be sure I had enough. Imagine my surprise when I counted out $200. I completely emptied my pocket in front of my 16 year old daughter and I asked her to count the money. She counted $200. I returned the money to my pocket.

My children were feeling ecstatic about the ever increasing money in my pocket. They asked me to count it again. What I'm telling you is the truth, this really did happen. I'm a single parent, my parents live in another state and I had no possible way of anyone adding money to my pockets. When I took the money out of my pocket I counted $250. Each time I counted the money it increased by $50. I couldn't believe it and I felt like I was going to faint in the store.

The money increased to $450, and stayed at that amount. We hurried with our shopping, bought groceries and new clothing (we were at a superstore that sells both) and returned home knowing that we had witnessed a miracle. I will be forever gratefull for the material gain, but most of all for the lesson that my children and I learned about the nature and generosity of the universe.

Do that Thing You Do
Bethel, Connecticut

My brother mentioned this site to me. It is really great, and I am sending information to other friends so they can visit, too. I had a great experience with a wallet I lost that was missing for over a week. I kept telling my family I would find it, even though we had searched everywhere. I decided to "let go" and visualize finding it, since I felt I had been trying too hard before. I woke up in the middle of the night, walked into my closet to a place I had searched several times before, and found the wallet. As soon as I woke up, I knew I would find it. Now when we lose things my son says, "Dad, do that thing you do with letting go."

Manifesting Money
Kingston, Ontario, Canada

I've finally gotten the hang of manifesting money! My paycheck was about $100 higher than it should have been, and when I checked with my manager, she said I deserved it and to enjoy it. For a student, a bonus $100 is huge! When I received my utilities bill, I was shocked to see that it was already paid for me, and that I had credit with Kingston utilities! I called them, and they told me that they had been accidentally overcharging me for the past few months, and that I had $146 worth of credit with them. Now that they're no longer overcharging me, and that I'm living with roomates, that much money should last me until at least November. On top of that, I went from being barely able to cover my textbooks with tons of surplus in my account!

I don't know what's changed, but money is just rolling in now! I even won a $10 gift certificate from the restaurant I work at for doing a good job tonight, so I can take my boyfriend out for dessert some evening. However, on the not so good side, I have had a hard time drawing a line between my dreams and reality, I've been in a daze lately, and my headaches have increased. Perhaps it's stress, perhaps it's lack of sleep, or maybe something else is wrong.

Now that I've gotten the hang of manifesting money, it's my goal to get a good grip of time so I can start making more time for my family and partner, both of whom I've been squeezing in whenever I can, but it always feels rushed. I don't know what the switch has been in my energy, but it's kind of cool! I can hardly wait to solve the migraines so that I can live my ideal reality! In the past month, I have manifested even more money, enough that I can take two weeks off of work to do my play and still be able to pay all my bills and cover groceries and such, which I wouldn't have been able to do one month ago. Thanks for everything, this is really cool with the instant manifestations. I've been doing it a lot lately and it's REALLY REALLY fun!

Reduced Service Charge with Retrocausality
Hollywood, California, USA

The following has happened quite a bit over the years and happened to me again this morning. It probably happens all over every day. You call a company with a question such as, "How much is your service?" They'll say $100. I'd rather have it for $50 so I say "OK, bye." I then call the same company again, and get a different rep. He says "$100, always has been." He reads from their rule book about why it's $100. OK. I go online, look at their information, and see that it's ambiguous. I wait a month or two and call again, get a third rep, and the same $100 answer. So after about eight months of this (in this case it's not a new service issue but one that I care more about) today I call, get a rep, and ask him. He says $50! How? Nothing has changed in their rule book according to him. It's just now the answer is the one I've been hoping for, and according to this rep it's always been the answer. He says he's sending me verifying papers.

The call and call thing tends to work. People do it until they hear what they want to hear, and then what they're hearing is not only what they wanted, it's right! It has become as real and valid as the stuff they hadn't wanted to hear used to be.

I've assumed different logical explanations for the disparity - untrained reps, honest mistakes, outright lying, luck, odds, etc. But this morning I wondered if somewhere in there reality shifting is going on. Then a couple hours later here comes Cynthia's February RealityShifters issue, (which arrived at 1:11 pm!) talking about retrocausality.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for sharing this exciting reality shift story! One of the things I like most about this story is your dogged determination to keep phoning and checking the cost of services, until the answer finally matched what you had all along been feeling was the right price. The reality shifting confirmation is the fact that "it's always been this price," which is the standard reply following most any reality shift, when we move from one reality probability path into another. This reality shift has a feeling of retrocausality all over it, and I'm so happy to know about it!

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