Prayer is Good Medicine
by Cynthia Sue Larson
October 5, 2000


If you've ever wondered:

Then you'll be delighted to know that Dr. Larry Dossey has written an excellent book, Prayer is Good Medicine, which answers these questions in detail. Dossey has written several excellent books on this same topic over the past decade, which set the standard for books written on the subject of prayer and health.

In his book, Healing Words, Dossey points out how some of people get turned off to prayer by being told there is "only one best way to pray". Many of us will be glad to know that Herbert Benson of Harvard University Medical School has conducted research which reveals that prescribing "one right way" to pray can disenfranchise people from praying and create "prayer drop-outs".

I'm a big fan of Dr. Dossey's work, which I consider to be some of the most comprehensive and most readable books on the subject of prayer and healing. Dossey consistently provides examples of how we all pray (even those of us who think we don't), and what the effects of our intentions can be. Dossey's books are consistently full of scientific supporting evidence to back up his fascinating anecdotal stories.

Not one to avoid controversial subjects, Dossey delves into the dangers of negative prayer, including curses, hexes and just plain old angry thoughts. He has one book dedicated to this subject, called Be Careful What You Pray For... You Just Might Get It, which I dearly love.

Most of us don't realize that when we are wishing for something like that a loved one "... would just give up that crazy dream of becoming a writer", we are effectively making a prayer that can have long-term effects. One man wondered why it was that his writing career never seemed to take off... until his mother finally told him that she'd been praying for years that he'd give up that dream and do something different.

Dr. Dossey is one of several doctors who are now writing books and giving lectures on the importance of considering prayer to be an important part of any healing program, since many recent studies are proving the power of prayer to help people heal. If you'd like more details about these studies, you'll probably enjoy reading my article Scientific Research Confirms Distant Healing.

The good news for those of us who weren't raised in religious homes and don't have religious training or affiliation is that those things don't seem to matter. Prayer is something that we are all doing anyway... it's the way we express our desires to the universe every day.

Prayer Is Good Medicine

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