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RealityShifters News is a free email newsletter dedicated to exploring the ways our thoughts and feelings change the physical universe. Reality shifts are the source of synchronicity, as our chi energy and consciousness affect our experience of space and time. Read strange-but-true articles and stories from around the world about mysterious appearances, disappearances, transformations, and transportations -- and discover related paranormal and healing web sites and books. Reading this monthly publication can restore your sense of faith and hope that love changes the world, as you learn how to make your favorite wishes and dreams come true.

You will receive your monthly newsletter directly to your email account without your email address being publicly displayed at any time. This protects you from receiving undesired emails. Your email address will not be shared or sold to anyone, so your privacy is assured.

Please feel free to browse through the archives to see previous issues of the RealityShifters News, which has been published monthly since it began in 1999, to see for yourself how much fun receiving this newsletter will be!

RealityShifters Celebrating 10 Years

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