How I Feel When Reality Shifts
by Cynthia Sue Larson
September 11, 2000

Reality Shifts

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To those who have not yet experienced reality shifts, this phenomenon might seem scary or strange at first. After all, it's not considered part of normal experience to see something appear, disappear, transform, or transport. While we know that we lose socks in the laundry and sometimes our keys, jewelry, wallet or eyeglasses seem to move around on their own, we don't usually give these things much thought.

It's also easy to see how some people might assume that the entire phenomenon can be explained away as "coincidences", or "confusion" on the part of the observer. I wondered the same thing when I first experienced reality shifts... until I found that the more closely I observed my environment, the more reality shifts I encountered.

When I first began encountering large numbers of reality shifts in 1994, I wanted to ignore this phenomenon. I hoped I was imagining things... that in fact, I had not just witnessed a woman vanish in front of me, or a coat change from one kind of fabric to another, or a massive concrete sun dial sculpture appear in a place it had not been before.

I believe it is human nature to do our best to accommodate our experiences first into whatever belief structure we have already established. Since most of us have been socialized to believe that things simply don't appear, disappear, transform or transport without some clear physical cause... we tend to first disbelieve such experiences that contradict our primary beliefs.

I felt very confused and disoriented when I first noticed reality shifting... although I felt grateful that I frequently experienced reality shifts with others, so I didn't feel I was losing my mind.

I found it was easier to discuss this subject with children... any young children... because they are generally much more open to directly experiencing the world however it may be, rather than trying to map some theory or belief structure on top of their observations.

Once I gained a sense of familiarity with reality shifts, I felt much more at ease when I noticed something had changed. I felt thrilled and awe-struck, the same way I do when I face any natural wonder of the world (such as an active volcano, a beautiful sunset, a mother bird feeding her chicks in the nest).

I love the sense of awe that reality shifts bring me, and I feel much more alive and inspired when I see reality shifting around me. I have a sense of hope -- that no matter how things may seem, they can always change for the better.

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