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Reality Shifts
These real-life "glitch in the matrix" experiences and hundreds more first-hand accounts of reality shifts (aka: mind-matter interaction MMI, quantum jumping) on this web site have been collected and shared through Cynthia Sue Larson's RealityShifters since 1999. Special issues focusing on particular types of reality shifts (such as: the Dead seen Alive Again, Seeing Loved Ones Before They Arrive, Invisibility, How to Walk through Walls, etc.) can be found by browsing through the RealityShifters archives and subscribing to the (free) monthly ezine. The reality shift phenomenon is documented in the best-selling book, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World.

Glitch in the Matrix Experiences

Black cat in hallway

Reality Repeats... a Time Loop Story
Jennifer Shepherd
Stockton, New Jersey

I had an amazing experience about two years ago in Easton, Pennsylvania. My friend and I had stopped at a traffic light next to a bike store while taking a road trip, when I saw the strangest thing. A young man came out of the bike shop wearing brightly colored clothing, and got into his car.

As we sat at the light, I turned my head to chat with my companion. A moment later, I turned around, and THE EXACT SAME SCENE played itself out. The SAME young man, dressed the same way, came out of the store and got into his car in exactly the same way!

Not enough time had elapsed between these moments for the man in question to have been able to get back out of the car, return to the store, and then come back out of the store. The passage of time between these moments (of me seeing him come out of the store once, then again) was not more than a few seconds.

This is just one experience I've had where I seem to have seen a "glitch" in the Matrix! My own "action replay," or perhaps a reality shift, or perhaps stepping out of time. What's interesting is that it happened when I wasn't in a particularly meditational state of mind, just hanging out, listening to music on our road trip.

A New Door Appears
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I've been reading the stories about peoples' reality shifts on your web site for some time now, but have never had a reality shift of my own, beyond instances of synchronicity, which happen to me often. But I think I've finally got one. I've worked in the same building for five years now. For virtually every weekday of those five years, at least once a day, I've made a trip down the hall to use the ladies' room. As I walk down the hall, at the far end, I've simply seen wall space, with a door (which is usually closed) on a small section of the wall that comes out at a right angle from the wall I face as I walk down the hall.

On one particular Thursday this year, I noticed another door facing me while I walked down the very same hall. I was so startled that I actually stopped in my tracks. I have never noticed this door before. Not once in five years! Now I admit to the occasional brain fog, but five years worth?! As I reached that wall, where the hall takes a 90 degree turn to the left, I looked closely at the wall and door frame to see if it looked as if it had just been put in overnight. But no, it looks like it's been there for some time. The door frame even has dents, scuffs, and nicks in it.

I asked some of my coworkers about the door, and they seemed very surprised and amused that I had apparently not seen this door before. But come on... not once before in five years? That's a bit much, even for me. :) So I think I have finally experienced a reality shift.

Transported Car in Parking Garage
San Francisco, California

One afternoon about four months ago, a friend and I went to see "Opera in the Park" in San Francisco. We had parked on the 2nd floor in a busy parking garage. As always, we each made a mental note of where we parked. We returned about 4 hours later, and began walking up to the level we parked in. We both commented on how weird it was that there were no cars anywhere, and how everything seemed so quiet for a very busy downtown day. We arrived at the 2nd floor and noticed there were no cars to be found, including ours. We figured we were in error, and commented on how odd it was for us both to be wrong about where we parked. We proceeded up to the 3rd floor, to our amazement, no cars. We were beginning to feel uncomfortable about this, I said jokingly, "We are either in the wrong parking garage, or in the Twilight zone." The 4th floor began to show some cars, but not ours. Finally the 5th floor, much to our relief was full of cars, including ours. We felt happy to find the car, but were so baffled by our experience. We then proceeded to drive down to the exit, then by sheer horror noticed that every floor level was full of cars! We were both quite bewildered. I wanted to go back to reevaluate what we had experienced, but my friend was emphatically against it. Normally, I would have attributed this experience to a glitch in my brain. The fact that two of us experienced this brought even more validity to it. I know for certain that we used the same entrance of the garage, same elevator section, and used all the same doors. We could also see around the whole level of whatever floor we were on. It was not staggered. I will never know what really happened that day. These are things that make you go, "hummmm".

Falling in Slow Motion
A Reader in California

A few years ago, while doing camera work at a public meeting, I managed to trip over a piece of equipment which another technician was moving. I felt myself falling in slow motion, then landing "softly" on the floor.

When I got up, a few people who had not yet left the meeting were staring at me strangely. I said, "Hey, didnt you already know what a klutz I am?" and laughed. One man said, "I cant believe it -- you seemed to be falling in slow motion." A lady said, "Ive never seen anything quite like that." I said, "I guess things like that do happen sometimes..." and they nodded with bemusement.

I think all of these incidents are relevant, if only to illustrate how just about anything and everything is possible when it comes to reality shifting.

I Didn't Ask for Eggs... but People Say I Did
North Texas

I recently went to pick up my raw milk and cream, when something unusual happened. I was in line, and girl at the table looked at me and went to the back of the truck and came back and said, "We are out of eggs." I replied, " I didn't ask for eggs, just my milk and cream." She looked puzzled, as three people behind me said, "You asked for eggs." I took that as a sign I needed eggs in my diet.

It was certainly a "head scratcher" most of that day. I rarely eat meat; only dab of chicken or seafood every so often, so I was probably needing some protein. As I told my husband Jay, I would have bet money I didn't say "eggs," but since there were witnesses saying otherwise, I conceded to the event as described.

Small Maple Tree Appears
Stratford, Connecticut

In our garden, there was a spot where I SWEAR there was nothing....there was only pachysandra.. and I am not drinking or on drugs, and haven't become delusional or senile, but one day when I walked by that spot there was a small maple tree! I HONEST TO GOD SWEAR THAT TREE WAS NOT THERE, CYNTHIA! When I asked my mother if she noticed the tree, she said she hadn't noticed it before. And I asked my sister, but unfortunately, she didn't remember a tree or not because she has been so busy with her three boys. Some trees grow fast, but not within a matter of two days! My "inner skeptic" says "No, that's ridiculous.. I just never noticed the tree before... I've been busy lately and I just never took the time to see it." Well, no one in my family has had time to garden lately, and I doubt anyone in the neighborhood would want to sneak into our yard and plant a tree just for fun and because they had nothing better to do!" (Even though planting a tree is ALWAYS a nice thing to do.) And I swear there was no maple tree there before!

The Matrix Applied/Small Flight With Project Runway
Fighting Shadow
Everett, Washington

This is a summary describing how to do everything you've seen in the film, The Matrix, in what I call Project Runway.

A few days ago, on a nice sunny Monday, I went with a friend to test a theory I've had for a while. We went to a local park for a new type of long-jump. Neither of us had been in track or sports for at least a year. We set up some sticks in front of a hill for us to jump over. Our objective was similar to what Morpheus advised Neo in the movie The Matrix, "Let it all go, Neo. Fear, doubt, disbelief [and love (explained later)]."

We started small, jumped it, then made the jump larger. This went on for 20 minutes before I looked at how far our last successful jump was. I couldn't comprehend it (and had to quit for the day because I started thinking about it). From only jogging (if we ran, we only got half-way), we both successfully jumped 16 size 13 feet! (we had no ruler). As in, take a size 13 shoe, and step 16 times, heel-to-toe. Quite a long way for jogging, huh? I swear we flew for at least a few feet as well, when we did it right, because sometime in mid-air, I felt completely joyful, and closed my eyes. You'll have to try it to find out though...

You try it: Method explained.

My theory involved letting go, as explained above. But first, here's some history. No "finding lost objects" techniques ever worked for me, not even using my awesome "third eye manifestation". So, soon after I started thinking of the body as a "shell", I said "shell, find my book." and it did, instantly. Then my towel, then another book, etc. Later, I remembered it's just energy linked to the mind. So I consider it a function, not even a physical thing (this is important in letting go).

Then, sometime after that, I began experimenting more, and learned to stop thinking. Yes, when you don't think, sparring's easier, and so are sports. In order to obtain this state, I decided to use the Buddhist practice of mindfulness. It clears the mind quite well. Remember people telling you "not to think about it so much"? Well, forget that, just don't think. Now, one last thing. I said that you'd have to let go of love as well. I believe this is explained somewhere on in the Let Go of Wishes article .

The idea is, you can't hold on to love, so just let it go, and it will flow naturally. Love is also the energy to live, fly, etc. (YES! You DON'T need to spend years gathering energy!) What I have learned is something others have also felt and written about. Reading Communion With God and Illusions helps a lot in understanding this. Remember to just let it go, and let it flow. Most importantly (because you have to stop thinking once you start running) is to trust yourself.

Ready now? Here's how I did it.

1. Set up your sticks/markers. Start out small if you're new.
2. Find a place to start (I started on a small hill).
3. Let go of all fears, doubts, worries, etc.
5. Tell your body to jump the distance.
6. Trust your self, AND your body.
7. Be mindful, and clear your mind.
8. Everything will suddenly just "click", and you'll know it's time to start.
9. Keep a clear mind, free from negative thoughts, and don't force anything. The speed of your run does NOT matter. Trust you will fly.
10. Repeat until you want to stop.

Tomorrow or the next day, I'm going out to train again with my friend. I know I flew, and I'm gonna do more than just jump far.

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