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Highlights from the April 2001
International Conference on Science and Consciousness
in Albuquerque, New Mexico

by Cynthia Sue Larson
April 30, 2001

The third annual International Conference on Science and Consciousness was held in Albuquerque, New Mexico. When I walked towards the Crowne Plaza Hotel on the first day of this year's conference, I recalled having seen a roadrunner bird here the year before, and wondered if I would be fortunate to see another bird this year. A few seconds after contemplating these thoughts, I turned my head to look up above the multi-story hotel, and was thrilled to see a large hawk circling overhead!

This conference sold out weeks in advance, and lasted for five full days. During this relatively short span of time, there were tremendous gusts of wind, flurries of snow, some rain, and some sunshine. Just like the incredible variety of weather in Albuquerque this spring, the conference brought together many perspectives from different viewpoints.

It was not humanly possible for me to attend all the sessions, since most of the time there were four sessions running simultaneously. The exception to this general rule were the excellent keynote presentations by: Joe Firmage, Peter Russell, Gregg Braden, Larry Dossey, Swami Beyondananda, Brian Swimme, and Karl Pribram.

Rather than transcribe all 160 pages of my notes here for you, I am sharing a few photos taken of me with some of the conference presenters alongside some quotes from their talks.

Charles Tart and Cynthia Sue Larson
Charles Tart and Cynthia Sue Larson

Charles Tart


"If you know you live partly in illusion, you have the possibility of realizing your conceptualization may be stuck -- and it is not necessarily reality that is stuck."

James DeMeo and Cynthia Sue Larson
James DeMeo and Cynthia Sue Larson

James DeMeo

Orgone Accumulator

"We do not make rain like cloud-seeders with chemicals squeezing out moisture. Instead (with Dr. Wilhelm Reich's cloud-buster), energy is restored... like acupuncture needles can release blockages. (The cloud-buster) recognizes and works with natural, biological, living systems. The cloud-buster tells the clouds to remember the living water structure in the sky."

Larry Dossey and Cynthia Sue Larson
Larry Dossey and Cynthia Sue Larson

Larry Dossey

Reinventing Medicine

"We know of no cultures that do not pray. The idea of Eternity Medicine could annul the fear of death, which has caused more suffering than all illnesses combined."

Cynthia Sue Larson and Judith Orloff
Cynthia Sue Larson and Judith Orloff

Judith Orloff

Intuitive Healing

"It is essential that we live our life knowing that the end will come. The fear of death holds us back in our lives. You can feel death and know it, and it is not going to harm you. When our times comes, we will go. You can invite the death energy in (pointing at abdomen) and the feeling is felt and then lifts. I find the death energy to be soothing and centering. It uplifts and relaxes me quicker than anything else."

Cynthia Sue Larson and Claudio Naranjo
Cynthia Sue Larson and Claudio Naranjo

Claudio Naranjo


"The quest for pure consciousness is beyond objects. To be happy, the secret is not in finding this or that 'out there'. We continuously generate thirst for something we are lacking that we are not conscious of. We are compulsively driven to expore this object, that object. Stillness meditation says 'don't look outside... look inside'. We don't find anything there at first, but there are two ways to find nothing there. The first is that there is no self there to be found. The second is to persist in faith, refining perceptivity so not finding anything becomes something positive... 'nothing is the very thing that needs to be found.'"

Cynthia Sue Larson and Bruce Lipton
Cynthia Sue Larson and Bruce Lipton

Bruce Lipton

"Genes do not control biology. Stress produces our illnesses, not genetics or being ravaged by the environment. Stress takes away our protection. Our cells pick up whatever is in the environment, and make complementary copies of the environment we find ourselves in, like a camera. Belief filters get between the environment and genes. We are victims of our beliefs, not our genes.

Perception controls behavior.
Perception controls genes.
Perception rewrites genes."

PMH Atwater and Cynthia Sue Larson
PMH Atwater and Cynthia Sue Larson

PMH Atwater


"Near-death experience kids come back thinking abstractly and have to re-learn thinking concretely. The younger the child is who undergoes an NDE, the greater the boost in intelligence. The NDE is a neutral model we can use to glimpse what is happening to the human species on Earth; it is part of a larger shift in consciousness."

Cynthia Sue Larson and Gary Schwartz
Cynthia Sue Larson and Gary Schwartz

Gary Schwartz

living energy

"Energy is 'power'; information is 'pattern'. Information without energy is powerless. Energy without information is purposeless. An information-energy system exists in every material system. All of us have it! All of our history is stored in 'empty space'. Everything evolves through circular feedback. Neurons learn not because they are neurons, but because they are arranged in a feedback loop."

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