Reality Shifts Saved Both My Babies
by Cynthia Sue Larson
September 5, 2000

photo by Anne Geddes

I've told the story of how I Felt Time Slow to a Stop, and I was able to catch my baby before she fell head-first onto the marble floor of a train station. I had been walking several paces behind my husband as he carried our first-born baby girl up on his shoulders, and she was not holding onto his hair, but instead was bouncing along with her arms flapping up in the air with each of his steps. His arms were full of luggage (one suitcase in each hand) as we walked on the marble floor of a Swiss train station. I saw my daughter lose her balance and begin to fall backwards, head-first towards the marble floor. I was too far back to catch her... yet that was the only thing I was wishing for at that moment. I experienced the strangest sensation at that time... I literally felt time slow to a stop around me! I could hear sounds drop down into lower frequencies (like a low hum) as I continued to walk several paces forward and catch my daughter in my arms while everyone else around me was moving in slow-motion... and then came to a stop. Time started up again once I held my daughter in my arms, and I felt an overwhelming sense of joy and gratitude.

What I didn't mention in that article is that my second-born daughter also fell head-first toward the floor one day, and was also miraculously saved.

The reason for my hesitation to share the story of my younger daughter's close call with a head-first fall is that for many years, I felt the near-tragedy was brought about by my own negligence and was ashamed to mention it. I've now dealt with my feelings of guilt, and am ready share my story. I hope that if it helps even one person who faces similar near-disasters realize that even in a crisis (perhaps especially in a crisis), miracles can and do occur, it will be well worth it.

It all began when my baby was still in diapers, and my older daughter was away at preschool. I was carrying garbage out from the kitchen to the garage trash bin, so I set my baby down for just a few minutes on a waist-high shelf by the garbage. She was old enough to sit upright by herself, and seemed to be perfectly stable, so I let go of my hold on her and set down the tall plastic kitchen trash container and removed its contents to be emptied into the garbage trash.

When my arms were full of trash that I was moving from the kitchen receptacle to the garage large bin, I saw in horror that my baby was starting to tumble over. She was rolling over on her diaper, beginning to drop down off the shelf towards the concrete floor three feet below.

I was horrified to realize that there was absolutely nothing I could do about her head-down descent toward the concrete floor, because I had both trash cans and a bag of garbage between us. All I could do is watch and pray that she would be OK.

I was astonished to witness her fall head-first off the shelf, when miraculously her trajectory brought her shoulder into contact with the rubbery plastic edge of the tall kitchen trash receptacle. She bounced off this edge, having hit it square-on, and as she headed back up again, her body moved gracefully into an upright position so her head was now up and her diaper-protected bottom was down. In this position she fell to the floor, landing on many layers of fluffy cotton diapers (the kind I washed at home). She cried only briefly from the shock of the landing, and I cried tears of gratitude and relief when I picked her up to hug her close to me!

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