Wish Repair
by Cynthia Sue Larson
May 31, 2000

Reality Shifts

Have you wondered why we aren't millionaires yet? After all, some of us have been wishing for this with great intensity for years. The first thing to check is that we have the necessary intention, desire, and focus -- and that we are doing our best to forget about our wish and just let it go. So if we've done all of those things... what else could possibly be going wrong, and what can we do to fix those broken dreams?

Ask Yourself If Your Wish Is In Everyone's Best Interest

The first thing we can do is to ask ourselves if what we're wishing for is truly in everyone's best interest. In this universe, we are all interconnected on a very fundamental level. It helps to realize this, and to remember that wishes made in the spirit of interconnectedness are the ones most likely to be realized. It's also true that we are more likely to succeed at getting that which we can all have, which is best for us all to have. Some of the finest things such as Love, Joy, and Meaningful Work can be found in even the poorest parts of this world, because they are some of the finest qualities of life which we can incorporate into our very being. This insight leads us to realize that we can become what we're wishing for... allowing whatever it is to flow through us. As the old saying goes, "If you want a friend, be a friend"!

Find Friends to Support You

Throughout many parts of the world, parents have a pronounced and passionate preference for having sons rather than daughters. Their reasons for preferring boys range from wishing to have someone to carry on the family business and/or name to minimizing the dowry payments required when daughters marry. Regardless of the reasons, the desire for having a son is so widespread that it makes an excellent place to investigate whether all those wishes have had any kind of marked effect on the birth statistics in such areas. What we might expect to find is that the actual percentage of boys born in places that prefer boys might change the probabilities, so that more boys are actually born in those places. What we find is that there isn't a much larger percentage of baby boys being born there, even with all of that intense wishing and praying for boys. So what does all this have to do with your wish? Basically, it means that in any competitive situation where many people are vying for a limited possibility, not everyone can win. One thing you can do to tilt the scales in your favor in such competitive situations is be to recruit others to join you in your wishing -- a "Manifestation Circle", or "Dream Team" of people who think and feel positively on behalf of each others' wishes. A wonderful side benefit of joining such groups is that you'll find the group expects to hear you report back on how your wishes are coming along -- they'll be counting on you to keep making progress towards living your dream come true!

Spring Clean Your Mind

Those inner cobwebs of self-destructive negativity really do interfere with what we're wishing for! If we contemplate these nagging doubts as being the dust-bunnies of our consciousness, we can have fun practicing the art of mental clearing -- visualizing blowing them away! If visualizations don't work for you, then listen to the negative self-talk in your mind. Most of us are constantly running a sound-track of somewhat negative comments through our minds every day... which is like sweeping big clouds and piles of dust and debris from room to room. Few of us notice these energy "leaks", or recognize that all of this self-sabotage can put a big damper on what we're consciously attempting to create.

Fortunately, there are tools for counter-acting our negative self-talk. One of the simplest is to create affirmations out of the opposites of the negative statements. These affirmations are then repeated and left visible in places where we can see them and read them aloud several times each day. This can stop the leaks, and sometimes change the interference from destructive to constructive... helping us to create what we thought we wanted in the first place.

Good luck with your future creations,
and may all your favorite dreams come true!

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