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Tarot Readings with Alison Day

Alison Day

Alison Day has had a fascination with Reading Tarot Cards ever since she went for her first reading when she was sixteen years old. Alison was delighted to discover how tarot readings brought comfort and helped provide clarity when she was clouded with confusion.

Alison's ability to access intuition guidance became stronger as she meditated. The constant stream of messages and images became clearer and easier to understand. However, it was only when a close friend expressed a desire to learn about reading tarot cards that Alison decided it would be fun to learn too. Little did she know at that time how much a part of her life it would become.

Over time, Alison developed her own unique relationship with the Tarot cards. Now Alison has an international client base, and she offers readings over the telephone as well as face-to-face.

I am grateful that Alison has agreed to offer the tarot readings for the realityshifters web site, dedicating a portion of her busy schedule to corresponding with our visitors. I hope you enjoy her interpretations as much as I do!

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Here are Alison's comments about the Tarot...
    "I believe Tarot is an ancient form of counseling, rather than fortune telling. For me, a reading captures the essence of the moment as experienced by the client, picking up on influences or lessons from their past and showing possibilities for the future.

    A responsibility comes with the Tarot, and the practice of Tarot reading must be treated with respect and humility. The majority of people consult the cards in a time of confusion or distress, hence the need to deal with people and their feelings responsibly.

    If I were asked what do I hope to provide for each of my clients, I would answer clarity of mind and boldness of heart. For most of us it is our fear that causes the most distress, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of loneliness, and so on. The Tarot can bring comfort and reassurance.

    The Tarot however should never be used as an emotional crutch, which is sometimes very tempting to do, especially on the Internet. We limit the number of daily readings on this site and suggest that it is counter productive to address the same issue or question with more than one reading. In actual fact, it is always your first reading for any issue that will be the most appropriate.

    I believe the secret to happiness is to be able to truly live in the moment and embrace it as though it was your last, with no regard or concern for the past or the future. I know how difficult that is to achieve for most of us and I hope that by sharing the insights and messages of these tarot readings I can evoke hope and courage in all of you."

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We're thrilled and proud to be able to link up with Lotus Tarot, probably the best Tarot Reading site on the internet today.

By clicking on the link below you will be taken to Alison Day's site, where you will be able to access free on-line card readings and lots of other tarot related information, including a free learn tarot course, articles, an active discussion forum, card interpretations and loads of links to other great stuff.

To get a free reading, you will need to register your email address with the site, which is perfectly safe (no spam). It takes less than a minute and is well worth the effort!

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