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Ka Gold Jewelry Designs by David Weitzman
by Cynthia Sue Larson

Ka Gold Jewelry
Beautiful Spiritual
Ka Gold Jewelry

Gold Merkaba Pendant

I recently purchased a merkaba gold pendant, which is one of the most exquisitely gorgeous pieces of jewelry I've ever seen, from Ka Gold Jewelry, a jewelry company specializing in spiritual and sacred geometry jewelry. I also love a silver prosperity ring I got through Ka Gold Jewelry, and have enjoyed numerous fabulous synchronicities and consistently good financial prosperity from wearing it.

Most all the jewelry created at Ka Gold Jewelry is created with healing intention, a sense of sacred focus, and according to celestially significant timing. David Weitzman is the primary jewelry designer at Ka Gold Jewelry, and he has taken his initial dream of a spiritual business and made it into a reality--working with fabulous artistic jewelry creations that brighten the lives of people around the world. David Weitzman is a marvelous living example that it's possible for each of us to follow our bliss to a point where we bring additional happiness to the world through everything we create!

Over the years, I have come to know David through his monthly emails, his charming facebook posts, his fascinating YouTube videos, and through a number of email conversations with his colleagues. I admire David greatly for long being a seeker of truth who began studying many of the worlds wisdom traditions and spiritual paths from a very young age. David gains inspiration for his designs from observing the natural world, and he also welcomes new design ideas from anyone willing to share their artistic vision of a new jewelry design. What most impresses me about David Weitzman and his spiritual jewelry creations is how his work conveys meaning through the language of sacred symbols. The sacred symbols David works with come from nature, where our view of what is beautiful based on symmetry, curves, balance and flow transcends all boundaries. Just as much of nature that we consider beautiful follows the golden mean ratio, so too do the artistic designs of David Weitzman.

Silver Abundance Ring

All beautiful jewelry has the ability to transform people's lives, simply by helping people remember their connection to spiritual ideals of beauty, truth, harmony, balance and love... yet there is something I find especially healing and beneficial about David Weitzman's creations. When I wear my silver Abundance ring, I feel an amazing rush of positive energy flowing through and around me, and an improved sense of having an improved relationship with money and prosperity such as I write about in my book, RealityShifters Guide to High Energy Money. The secret to understanding High Energy Money rests not so much in noticing what it is about this money that is so special, as in activating an energized relationship between money and ourselves... and wearing a piece of jewelry like the Ka Gold Jewelry Abundance ring is wonderfully helpful in getting and maintaining an improved relationship with money and prosperity. Such a ring is helpful when transforming one's thoughts, feelings, and beliefs to be more consistently positive, as it provides a consistent reminder of one's progress in improving the relationship with prosperity and money.

One of my favorite ways to remind myself that all is well and right with the world is to wear something that gives me a sense of prosperity and well-being every time I see it. When I was ten years old, I had a favorite bracelet I wore every day because it felt good on my wrist and brought a smile to my face every time I saw it. I felt loved and cared for when I wore it, even though it was made of stainless steel, and not classically beautiful or intrinsically valuable, because my parents got it for me. I felt calmed, soothed, relaxed and energized whenever I noticed that bracelet, and like a good luck charm it seemed to help me weather the various ups and downs of life. One simple thing you can do to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life is featured in the following video, Personal Prosperity Feng Shui, where I show and discuss my Ka Gold Jewelry designed by David Weitzman:

Gold Galaxy Ring

One of the things I most admire and respect about David Weitzman's jewelry is that each piece is hand-crafted, and made in a spiritually meditative state of mindfulness, at carefully chosen times. Some of David's pieces are so unique that they are limited in number, as they were only created during one of the exceptional astronomical events we have been experiencing recently that have been long anticipated by indigenous peoples, such as the ancient Mayans. Some of these very special designs are extremely limited in number, due to the fact that they can only be made at a certain time. Fortunately, some of David's most beautiful creations, such as his gold Galaxy ring, are not a limited production run, and are continuously available. Just looking at such a ring, it's obvious to me why so many people choose these rings for their wedding rings!

David Weitzman has been the subject of several wonderful interviews over the years, and you can read an interview with David that was conducted by Instablogs News Network to get a feeling for David's love for what he does. This interview is posted on David's blog site here: Interview with David Weitzman

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