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Your RealityShifter Stories
Page 118

Stephen Hawking Dead, Now Alive & Noahs Ark Discovery
Shadow Myth
Colorado Springs, Colorado

I have been into dimensional/time research for quite some time, and have experienced quite a number of anomalies. This last week, I experienced a rather interesting one. For most of the world it seems, Stephen Hawking has been around doing his thing up until our present time, however, not for my family. It has been quite a number of years since his death, since 1999 according to my son. Family Guy started making Stephen Hawking jokes shortly after his death, and my family commented on how this was kind of them, waiting until his death at least. The first Family Guy Hawking joke was in 1999. I personally do not remember it really, as it has been eleven years, so I am unsure of the time line. However, I know I have not heard anything about Hawking for several years, and just discovered he was alive this week. I called all family members, who were quite shocked. The same day I discovered his death, I discovered an article on Noah's Ark being discovered on Mt. Arafat in Turkey... it was pretty much the exact same article I read about ten to fifteen years ago... but this had supposedly just happened! So not only did I experience someone dying returning, but other events having altered as well. I spoke to a friend of mine regarding Stephen's death/rebirth, and he told me Hawking has died several times, and he assumes it is due to his being involved in time and dimensional work. Whatever the case, I am very certain of this incident. I first heard of Hawking's death on a national news station, along with my family.

I tend to attract or 'be aware' of various kinds of phenomena quite often, but not usually the 'was dead, is alive again' thing. I really appreciated your site being there, as it was the only cohesive page on the subject that I could find. Thank you for providing this rare opportunity for people who have had similar experiences to share and know they are not alone in such phenomena, and are not crazy!

Note from Cynthia: Thank you so very much for sharing this reality shift story with me! In the reality I recall, Stephen Hawking has been continuously alive all this time, so it is especially intriguing to hear your report that you recall his death a decade ago and that several family members besides yourself also shared in that reality. With regard to the discovery of Noah's Ark in Mount Ararat in Turkey, I recall that having occurred at least a decade ago.... how truly bizarre for me then to see today that the news reports are just now coming out about this "news" as of the end of April in 2010! Now I find myself intrigued that these two different streams of events and possible realities can arise apparently so independently of one another... as I am just as startled as you are to see that the Noah's Ark discovery is being greeted as news, when both of us recall this from years ago (more than ten years ago, I'm fairly sure)... yet in my recollection of realities, Stephen Hawking has been consistently alive, whereas in yours he's been dead a while, and now is back again. Fascinating! I greatly appreciate your story, for the reasons I cited as well as the fact that I am certain it will help jog other peoples' memories regarding these and similar things they have experienced and encountered in their lives. I am so glad you found the realityshifters site, and so happy you're talking with people about reality shifts and the alive again phenomena. I'm constantly amazed at the way we move between so many parallel worlds, so often with most people not noticing what's going on at all.

Missing Items Returned Atop Dryer & Refrigerator
Kingston Ontario, Canada

I normally buy big bottles of vinegar because I use it to clean. A couple of months ago, the vinegar bottle disappeared. It turned back up yesterday on top of my dryer...which normally doesn't have anything on it. Kids did not put it there.

The Tylenol disappeared about a week ago. Today it showed back up on top of the microwave. Once again, it is normally bare on top of there, and the kids didn't put it there. It was Mary-Lynn who found it today after she developed a headache and wished for it.

This was actually the first time something returned on top of either of these... that I remember, anyway! The dryer and the microwave are usually totally cleared off. Once in a while, a loaf of bread or bag of bagels will make it's way on top of the microwave, but they don't stay there long when I catch it. As for the dryer, unless I have a basket of clothes on top or it ready to go it, it normally doesn't have anything on it. LOL, durn Universe messing up my kitchen again! :)

My fridge is the same way. So much stuff has returned in the fridge. I think Michael's honey mustard was the last thing that reappeared. The Kitchen is definitely the place where most of the shifts happen in this house... I'm not sure why that is. :)

Note from Cynthia: These shifts may seem small... yet the fact that missing items can be returned atop the dryer and refrigerator gives all of us an opportunity to be wowed by what an amazing universe this is that such things can happen. And frankly, if a big bottle of vinegar is capable of returning after a couple of months away, pretty much anything of any size ought to be equally able to appear. I am fascinated by the way some things have returned to me while walking around the house, wishing and hoping for their return... and often as I've circled around past the refrigerator, something has either appeared on top of it, inside of it, or alongside it. The refrigerator in my house is part of a walking circuit, so I have sometimes wondered if the fact that I'm walking around and around, circling it, perhaps it is becoming a kind of focal point for reality shifting / teleportation! These things amaze me too, as often I'm the only one circling around and around... noting that something definitely was not on/in/alongside the refrigerator... and then, voila! There it is. Thanks so much for sharing these stories!

Psychic Cell Phone
Fresno, Calfornia, USA

A couple of years ago some friends and I took a "ghost tour" of Wolfe Manor in Clovis, CA. This old abandoned nursing home was featured in an episode of Ghost Hunters. While none of my group felt any paranormal activity during the tour, the photos we took in one of the rooms showed numerous large orbs floating around us. One of my friends and I remarked that we both felt a tremendous affinity for the house and felt comfortable and welcome there, even though it was pitch dark and decrepit inside and out. After the tour, I went home and went to bed. The next morning, I was getting dressed and I noticed some strange scratches on the back of my left arm above the elbow. The scratches were fresh, and deep enough that I would have awakened if I had scratched myself in my sleep. In addition, I am a nail biter and have no nails to scratch with. Some of the scratches looked like letters or symbols, and the letter "M" appeared quite distinctly. I had a friend take photos of the scratches on my cell phone camera. The photos have been in my phone now for almost two years, and I haven't looked at them in at least nine months.

The other night my boyfriend was visiting me and the subject of ghosts came up. I mentioned the tour of Wolfe Manor to him and told him about the scratches. I was going to show him the photos from my phone but couldn't lay my hands on it, and we kind of forgot about the whole thing. That night I went to plug my phone in to the charger. When the charger is plugged in, a screen always comes up indicating that charging is taking place. That night, however, when I plugged in the charger it was not the usual screen that came up but the photo of my arm with the scratches! How this happened I cannot imagine as one has to dig through several folders to access the picture. In addition, the picture was in landscape mode, which in not the default view. I called my boyfriend and told him about what happened and he was majorly creeped out. I'm still trying to figure out how it might have happened.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks for sharing this story with me! I am intrigued at the way some reality shifts can seem so much like hauntings... and also in the way some reality shifts involving psychokinesis apparently are triggered by extremely psychokinetic individuals. Author Michael Talbot writes about some such events in his life in his excellent book, "The Holographic Universe," and I've also experienced many occasions in which things moved around me (doors slamming inside the house with nobody else home, sticks and stones hitting my windows with no wind, objects rolling around under my bed when there was no space for them to be rolling, light bulbs and appliances literally blowing out as I entered the room)... and in each of these occasions, I was in an ungrounded yet highly anxious energetic state. I mention this because I am intrigued at ways that each of us apparently has considerable influence over our physical world just with our thoughts and feelings... and sometimes, our influence can seem a whole lot like we're in the presence of ghosts.

Response from Karen: It just so happens that "The Holographic Universe" is one of my all-time favorite books. I have also experienced all the phenomena you mention. I often hear the sound of a large object hitting my roof and and actually shaking the house when there is absolutely nothing there. On one occasion my granddaughter was with me and also heard the loud bang. When I'm alone in the house, downstairs, I consistently hear the sounds of people moving about upstairs. Yet I am absolutely never afraid or disturbed by the sounds. I agree that we have the ability to affect our surroundings using non-physical means. Thanks for the wonderful forum you provide!

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