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Your RealityShifter Stories
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Reality Shifts
The hundreds of first-hand accounts of reality shifts (aka: mind-matter interaction MMI, quantum jumping, glitches in the Matrix) on this and the following pages have been collected and shared through Cynthia Sue Larson's RealityShifters since 1999. Special issues focusing on particular types of reality shifts (such as: the Dead seen Alive Again, Seeing Loved Ones Before They Arrive, Invisibility, Walking through Walls, etc.) can be found by browsing through the RealityShifters archives and subscribing to the (free) monthly ezine. Hundreds of stories are reported here in this "Your RealityShifter Stories" section of this web site, and the phenomenon is documented in the best-selling book, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World.

Vanishing Man
New York

Your site is amazing. I never knew that these things happened at all and that there are even websites about them. Then I got to thinking and realized that maybe some reality shifts have happened to me.

My grandfather passed away six years ago after a long illness. His brother passed away a couple of weeks ago and on the day that his brother (my great uncle) was being waked I was walking to work and was thinking of my grandfather and how much I missed him. I was lost in thought for a while but when I looked up, there was an old man walking towards me wearing a long overcoat and a fedora (my grandfather always wore a fedora, and these days you never see anyone wearing them) I thought that was weird. As the man got closer, I realized he didn't look like my grandfather, but he reminded me of him by what he was wearing. The man made complete eye contact with me and I can't explain the chill that went through my body, it was like I felt the presence of my grandfather, I 'd never felt like that before. After he passed me I was literally shaking. And before I even turned around, I said to myself "Imagine if the man I just seen is gone, wouldn't that be weird?" and sure enought I turned around and the street behind me was empty. It was the most bizarre experience I've ever had, but it made me happy because I know, I just KNOW my grandfather was there with me for a split second.

Thanks for letting me share!

Disappearing/Reappearing Watch & Cat
Istanbul, Turkey

Just went through your ezine, and as usual enjoyed it very much. I would like to share some experiences I had with you. The first one is kind of "basic". The other is a little bit more interesting, at least for me.

Well yes, I lost my watch, and I did exactly as you instruct in your web site. I found it below my computer keyboard several days later. I use my computer around 10 hours a day. I never do put my watch at that place, and I live alone!

The more interesting one is kind of scary. About the time you put out last month's ezine, I was reading through the, looking into the depths I haven't reached before. I ended up at the page you post the results of the survey. I read through the questions and was intrigued by the question "have you ever seen animal, people or things disappear and reappear". Well, somehow I was stuck at this question. Sometime later I got up and called my cat, Sushi. She was nowhere to be found. Living in the big city I don't let her out usually. I looked everywhere she may hide. Considering she might have slipped out while I was taking a delivery or something, I went out and looked everywhere. I know how good a cat be in hiding, but I literally looked in every hole in the house, whether it seemed possible or not possible for her to get in. Yet, she wasn't around. I was pretty sure she ran away. Not being able get the survey question out of my head, I sat, earthed myself, wished for a reality shift, and released my wish for finding her. I said to myself "If she really wanted to go, there must be reason. Good for her if she did". I got back to work, and after some time she appeared just behind me from nowhere, yawning and stretching, as if she was sleeping on the couch the whole time!!! I still don't know where she might have been, but the timing was extremely weird!

Missing Earring Reappears
Montpelier estate, Virginia

I was selling jewelry at a wine festival two weekends ago at the Montpelier estate, near Orange, Virginia, east of Charlottesville. A lady came by to try on a small pair of malachite earrings. We found that she needed a larger, plastic back to hold the earring in the proper place on her ear. I turned to get the earring backs from my briefcase, and when I again turned to be in front of her, she said she could not find the second earring. Her husband was standing beside her and said that he saw it on a white card. We looked all around where the earring should have been, looked on the ground in the grass at her feet, looked in her purse, but no earring. Then I told them that it was a Reality Shift, and that the earring would show up. I produced a duplicate, she bought the pair, said she would come back, but didn't return. Interestingly enough the woman mentioned that this had happened to her regarding "papers on her desk", and was glad to know what to call it! You guessed it, I was telling my husband about the incident, looked down on the table where the earring should have been before, and there it was. No, we did not have too much wine at the time! I only wished that the lady had returned, because she needed to see this!

Time Stopped During Reiki
by Peggy
Sacramento, California

I was really impressed by your website and it's key topic, realityshifting! We share similiar interests, right down to Quantum Physics and David Bohm.

I've noticed time standing still and objects appearing to move. I was attuned to Reiki back in 1998, and along with that gift came the ability to see "prana", better know in physics terms as "molecular movement". I see specks around me when I relax. You might see it, too. When I do Reiki, especially on my head, the specks move much faster. It's a bit like micro-waving oneself and the surroundings. Out of this has come the ability to play "stupid people tricks," such as watching things disappear.

Garden hoses are great for this. Yellow hoses throw purple auras and green ones throw a reddish tone. I practice looking at something close to the hose, like several inches or a foot near it, keeping the vague image of another part of the hose in my outer view. After a while the part of the hose in the corner of my eye starts to get holographic, fat, fuzzy and one can see thru it, then it disappears. If I look directly at the disappearing part it comes back instantly. Same with auras, one cannot look directly. Do you play any of these games? I made my hand disappear. Pressed it up against a wall and looked to one side of it and watched as it got fatter, then flattened out and looked like a hologram. I could see through it, but it was there. A bit more time, and it disappeared.

I was doing Reiki several weeks ago and sat down to do it after I checked the clock. It was after 10 PM. I timed myself to get in a couple of hours daily, in spurts. I turned off the light and did Reiki, and then when I was through, turned on the lights and checked the clock to see when I finished. The clock still said 10 PM, as did all the clocks in the house. I know I did Reiki for about an hour, and I know I started at 10 PM. This stuck in my mind so much that I emailed a couple of friends about it.

I'm so absent minded my purse, keys, etc., could move all over the house and I would think I did it. Unless they moved to a top shelf in the closet!

Missing Time
Omaha, Nebraska

I've had more than a few interesting things happen in my life. I'm sure most other people have too, but they often either turn away and fail to recognize them, or are so frightened that they aren't curious. I'm frightened sometimes too, but mostly I'm curious.

When I was 17, I had a "missing time" episode. I lost the better share of a whole day! I can tell you the day had been perfectly normal up to that point. Then it was just over! When it had just been late morning, suddenly it was late evening. My friends that I was with that day all had the same strange sensation. One of them refused to talk about it, but two of them said that they acted just as if was perfectly normal for the day to be over, when we knew it wasn't. Ten hours of that day just vanished. And very few people mentioned it.

This incident has bothered me for 24 years. It's very strange the way some people reacted to that incident, too. My friends and I were all in a large city park that day. There were people all around us, and yet everyone seemed to accept the end of the day as if it were normal! I did, too, for the most part. The difference in my experience was that I had plans with my family that I was looking forward to that evening. My parents and I didn't get to do what we had wanted to do that evening, and when I asked my mom about it, she put a whole new light on things. She said, "Sometimes things just change." She was very attuned to such things, and swore that there were reality shifts, she just didn't call them that. But sometimes she would say things like "Well, it's different, now". When things weren't where they belonged or when time messed up, she accepted it because "Well, it's different, now". This didn't happen all the time, but it happened in her life quite frequently, or perhaps she was just more attuned to the changes. I must say some of these things still bother me. I'm not quite as accepting as my mother was.

Granted it's easy enough to say that these things didn't really happen, that when I was 17, I just lost track of the time while hanging out with my friends. But I know that is not what happened. Several other people besides me had the same experience that day, and I can't ignore the fact that my family didn't get to do what we'd planned for that evening.

Mysterious Town Appears
Omaha, Nebraska

For various reasons, I don't believe that reality is stationary. I've had too many incidents that would indicate that not just my reality...but REALITY as a whole has changed. I once came across a town in Colorado that didn't exist. I was southwest of Denver on Hwy 285 (an area I've been very familiar with my whole life) when on one occasion my then-husband, myself, and my two daughters came upon a town that didn't belong there. But there it was.

I was astonished to see an entire functioning town that I had never seen before, with people, houses, and cars. I saw no school, but there was a post office. We noticed a couple of interesting shops, so we stopped and walked around. We had ice cream, and sat wondering where on Earth we were. I don't recall the name of the town now, but at the time I went so far as to write it down. Later, when I checked on a better map than the one we had in the car, I confirmed that the town did not exist. And let's not forget that this is a part of the state that I knew like the back of my hand for 20 years prior to this! To say this was interesting is an understatement. Of course on other trips through the area, the town was not there.

It could be said that when we discovered the town that wasn't there, we had taken a wrong turn. This explanation is just not a possibility. I know that often enough things like that can happen, but this was not one of those times.

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