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Your RealityShifter Stories
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Reality Shifts
The hundreds of first-hand accounts of reality shifts (aka: mind-matter interaction MMI, quantum jumping, glitches in the Matrix) on this and the following pages have been collected and shared through Cynthia Sue Larson's RealityShifters since 1999. Special issues focusing on particular types of reality shifts (such as: the Dead seen Alive Again, Seeing Loved Ones Before They Arrive, Invisibility, Walking through Walls, etc.) can be found by browsing through the RealityShifters archives and subscribing to the (free) monthly ezine. Hundreds of stories are reported here in this "Your RealityShifter Stories" section of this web site, and the phenomenon is documented in the best-selling book, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World.

Bleeding, Blisters, Vanishing Woman & Levitating Candle
Brisbane, Australia

When I was a young boy, from the age of 8, my mother and her 'New Age' friends were teaching me meditation. Since that time I have seen:

* My mother held a crystal to her face and her face bled. There were no cuts, bruises, or abrasions. When the crystal was removed, the bleeding stopped. It wasn't a torrent of blood, but there was a constant 'drip'.

* When I meditated, Mom occasionally handed me a wind up watch. EVERY time if I was meditating the second hand, then the minute hand would wind backwards (never stuck around long enough to check the hour hand).

* After meditation one night, a friend of mine went to touch my crystal. Blisters formed on her hand. Once she put the crystal down, I placed my hands over hers and the blisters went away.

* Sitting down in the City Mall one day, I began talking to a lady sitting next to me while waiting for a friend. When my friend arrived I went to introduce the lady to my friend, but she was gone. My friend said that there wasn't anyone sitting there when she approached me, and she saw me from about 100 metres away.

* During meditation one night, I opened my eyes. This was very out of character for me -- however when I did, I saw the candle I was using that was placed on the ground had risen to eye height. It was levitating at a height of about 1 1/2 feet above the floor.

Appearing/Disappearing Brother-In-Law
Brisbane, Australia

A couple of years ago, I was standing in my front yard when I saw my sister's husband walk to the letter box, open it and walk away as my daughter passed him close by. My sister lived just a couple of doors down, so I looked to see that his car wasn't in the drive... and I knew he should still be at work. I went over to my sister's house, and he wasn't home. I then asked my daughter if she'd noticed passing him, and she told me she did not see him -- even though I saw her pass him! He was wearing a very bright orange shirt that he liked to wear, but when he arrived home, he was wearing something else. I know I saw him... it was very strange.

Money Appears In My Hand
Northwest Arkansas

I believe that our awareness of our own creative nature becomes more acute as we become more conscious. Several years ago I spent a weekend in Phoenix at an intensive spiritual workshop. I left the group in a blissful, joy-filled state... a much higher level of consciousness than I usually experience. I stopped for gas in my rental car at a gas station, and went inside the store part of the station to pay the cashier after I filled the tank. As I was paying her, I realized that I was creating the money with which I was paying her! I realized that the bills were coming into being as I handed them to her. A handful of coins appeared in my hand, and I knew that it would be the correct amount of change required... and what is more I knew that the cashier was aware that I was aware of what was going on and was enjoying it all. Without thinking much about it, I simply knew this was a moment of "higher self" awareness for both of us. Because of my spiritual training I am able to remember the experience. I know that the cashier does not (because nothing "unusual" actually happened from her perspective). Since we normally live in 3D consciousness, we create belief systems with our minds to explain where money (and everything else) comes or doesn't come from.

Sometimes these explanations just don't make "sense". It is then that we have anomalies...and stories to tell. I believe that this will become more and more common as our paradigm continues to shift. Your website is a wonderful contribution toward our realization of the nature of our developing consciousness.

Vanishing Ring
Mary Ellen
East Meadow, New York

I was wearing my late grandmother's heirloom (circa 1900) pre-engagement ring one day when I was watering the grass by the side of the house. Later on during that same day, I suddenly realized my precious heirloom ring had disappeared from my finger! I panicked, and both my hubby and I searched for the ring outside, and couldn't find it. One morning about a month later, I went downstairs in the house to my washing machine to take the wash out and put it into the dryer. Imagine how shocked I was when I opened the washer door and lo and behold! There was my Grandmother's ring sitting right there on top of the wash!!!!!! I SCREAMED with delight and shock at this surprising discovery. I wondered HOW it got there, and how I didn't see it when I was doing the wash for the whole month since it was missing? My grandmother passed away in 1977, and before her passing, we were very close, with a very special bonding.

Grapefruit Appears
Madison, Wisconsin

Many years ago while living in Madison, Wisconsin, I got up very early just as the sun was coming up. I had an intense craving for a grapefruit, but it was too early for the neighborhood co-op to be open, so I tried to forget about it. I went for a walk, thinking about what a beautiful day it was. As I was walking along, I glanced down in the grass near the sidewalk to see a beautiful grapefruit. I looked around in disbelief, but there was no one around who might have brought it to me. I picked up the grapefruit and walked down to the lake to eat it. I really don't think that piece of fruit was from this world. It was the best grapefruit I've ever tasted. It was incredible.

Vanishing/Reappearing Necklace & Medication Bottle

I had kept my necklace with pave set diamonds that spelled "love" locked in my safety deposit box at the bank. When I went to get my necklace out of the safety deposit box one day, it was not there. I questioned the bank, who reported no wrongdoing. I wondered for a long time where I might have put the necklace as many months passed by, and the necklace didn't turn up.

Then one day I was shopping, and I noticed the clerk had on a necklace identical to the one that disappeared. I told the clerk the story of my necklace and admired hers. I remembered how I'd had trouble with the chain on my necklace breaking several times, as it was attached to the pendant itself. I asked her if the chain on her necklace ever broke. As she replied, "Never", she put her hands on her necklace in the same spot that my necklace always broke... and the necklace instantly broke in the same spot as mine did! The clerk gave me the strangest look, as if I were a witch or something. Somehow I think that was the same necklace.

I usually keep a couple of bottles of my heart medication at all times in the medicine cabinet in the master bathroom of my home. Since this is a medication that can't be discontinued all of a sudden, I make sure that I have enough on hand. When it came time for me to open a new bottle of medicine, I went to the cabinet to retrieve the medication. I was sure I had a couple of bottles, yet the medication was not in the cabinet where I put it. I asked my family members if they had seen the medication, and of course the answer was "no"! I persuaded my husband to look into the cabinet, to see if I missed seeing the medication. He could not find the bottles, so I called the pharmacy and ordered more medication. I had a feeling on the way home from the pharmacy that the medication would be in the cabinet the minute I came home with the new prescription. Sure enough, one bottle was on the shelf. The other bottle never did return. Similar reality shifts have happened to me in the past, so although I am in awe, I was not surprised that this happened. It still makes one feel like they are a little nuts at times!

Toy Car Gift Reserved
Dryden, Michigan

I received a sale paper from Walmart, in the mail. Inside was an ad for a little car I wanted to get for my grandson for his birthday. I decided to go to Walmart after work on Sunday to get one. I went back to Toy Department, and found that there was only one little car left. On it was a yellow sticky note, with a message: Please save for Clark. Clark is my last name, so thinking my husband may have called to have one saved for me, I ask a gentleman to help me put it in a cart. Then the salesgirl asked if I needed help. Telling her "yes", she asked if I was Clark, so I said "yes" again. She said, "I thought a guy called. I ask her if she wanted to see my ID. She said no, and took it to checkout for me. When I got home, I told my hubby thanks for calling Walmart for me. He looked at me like I was crazy. Said he didn't know I was going there today. So I told him the story, and we laughed. We had a son pass from suicide, so I really think he helped in getting this gift for his nephew. I just say, WOW!!!! This is wonderful.

Love Letter in the Sky
Roanoke, Virginia

My sister in law, Sherry, was diagnosed with cancer in November 1996. She died four months later, on March 27, 1997. My sister and I had to get my brother Sam away from the cancer center when Sherry died so the funeral home could prep and transport her! We went to a nearby restaurant to try to get our thoughts together. My sister was the first out of the car. I heard an airplane and my sister told us to look at what it was writing, about the time we looked up, out it came in puffs of white smoke, first an "I"... then a heart shape... then a "u" and then a big "S". All three of us saw it. To this day I believe God gave Sherry a last request and it was to assure or confirm Sherry's love for Sam. After we saw the "I love you S" message, The "S" turned into a $ sign which was an advertisement for the Virginia lottery jackpot. But still we saw what we saw at the beginning!

My brother is still grieving Sherry's loss. Sherry's son, Daniel, is now 4 years old and he talks quite often about his mom. When the ambulance came to their house to take Sherry to the hospital, Daniel didn't understand that his mom would never be home again. My sister mentioned to him that the ambulance would help mommy and to this day when he hears an ambulance, he'll stop... listen... and repeat the words, "Help mommy". Daniel is so precious, and I thank God for him.

Boy Thrown Clear of Oncoming Bus
Limburg, the Netherlands

Many years ago, I was raising my six children alone after a divorce. One day I was looking out the window when I suddenly saw through my inner eye that my son, Jeffrey, was going to get involved in a car accident. I saw a huge bus and then I saw Jeffrey getting run over by the bus. Before I realized what I was doing, in a flash of light I swiftly shifted out of my body and arrived at the spot where Jeffrey was. I threw my body with my entire weight against Jeffrey, which threw him off his bike onto the footpath. I looked back to see his bike run over by the bus, smashed into crumpled scrap. I whispered into his ear, "Go home, naughty boy. You were not supposed to be that far away from home." Then I flashed back into my body, with a sigh, and was shaking all over. I did not realize at that time what had overcome me.

When my foster son arrived home, he wanted to tell me about the near accident. I interrupted him to say, "Do not tell... I know... I was there to save my child", and I told him what I had just seen, and also that I had seen him driving past the spot of the accident. He then told me what he had seen... a miracle had pulled the child off of the road onto the footpath! I could only smile and thank the Lord.

Disappearing/Reappearing Keys
Union Grove, Wisconsin

I was reading about reality shifts on your web site, and had to chuckle when I read your first paragaph where you talk about keys disappearing, and figured this was a sign! I had to write you! I had some keys "disappear" on me one very crucial night, so I was nodding my head "yes" as I read.

Now, this story isn't particularly happy, but it was profound for me. I was a senior in college, a communications art major (graphic design, illustration, etc.), and was really struggling to make it through with sometimes 2 or 3 part time jobs and no support system. I was under constant pressure from classes (I was in a program people had to "win" their way into), and it seemed I was always broke. But as tough as school was, I think it kept me alive during this time, so I refused to "give up".
One night I was working on a major senior design portfolio review. The portfolio HAD to be there at 8 a.m. the next morning - we'd already been warned we'd be locked out if we arrived late. I had worked non-stop on it the last few days, begging off work, begging my way into the student Mac lab past hours to finish up a few final pieces, and after several computer crashes and much angst, I had gotten to a point where all I needed to do was high-tail it the student copy center (opened until midnight - it closed in twenty minutes!) and finish a few things, then matt these final pieces.

As I gathered up my things to go, I couldn't find my keys. I knew I had just seen them on the counter by the computer. I was perplexed, agititated, frustrated, and now becoming consumedly scared. The feeling that the Universe was against me was creeping in and starting to overwhelm me. There were two other desperate students that had followed me into the lab, and as they saw me frantically dumping my purse, opening drawers and scanning the floor, they helped. We actually pulled out drawers, got on our hands and knees and checked under the counters and desks, picked up stools and chairs and turned the upside down lest my keys had dropped from my pocket or the counter and had gotten stuck on a bar. I paid particular attention to the stool I had sat in, because I thought it would make sense that I'd knocked my keys off the counter and they'd gotten caught in the myriad of silver tubing that made up this particular stool. All of us looked at it, turned it upside down, shook it. I'm not sure why we shook it - you could see all of the stool, there were no blind spots. I was desperate though, so I shook it like hell!

Ah! After my poundiung heart just couldn't take it anymore, I just sort of sunk. Enough. One of my lab mates suggested I just run to the copy center. That might have been an option, even with only minutes left, but it wouldn't do me much good without the remaining pieces of my portfolio puzzle LOCKED in the hatchback of my car behind the lab!

Since I hadn't worked in several days (I was waitressing and bartending) I had little money, not enough for a locksmith. Besides, I knew even if I called the locksmith, it was too late. He'd never get there in time to get me to the copy center to finish up what I had to finish up, and I knew this copy center was opened the latest of any around. I walked home feeling quite broken, forgotten, a failure, and praying my roommate would be home and I could at least get into my apartment. I wasn't sure what I was going to do, but since I hadn't slept much in several days, I knew I just had to sleep.

The next morning I walked to class and went to the review, trying to explain to my teacher what had happened. He wasn't overly sympathetic, but luckily one of the other students in the lab with me the night before was in this class too and spoke to him, confirming as best he could what had happened. As we stood there talking to the instructor, the other student who had been in the lab walked by on the way back from dropping off her portfolio to another class. And as she walked towards us she fumbled in her pocket and pulled out my keys, jangling them high as she walked towards us with a funny grin on her face. She said she didn't know what happened. She just happened to change computers ("mine" had more fonts installed on it) and sit in "my" stool when "jangle-crash!" - down fell my wad of keys from the stool itself. ??? She was dumbfounded, but happy to give me my keys.

As I said, this isn't necessarily a happy story. My instructor did allow me to turn in my portfolio late, but my steam was gone. I was pretty deflated, feeling the Universe had let me down. This was about ten years ago, and now I understand it was my own "disconnected" self that let me down, but at the time I felt pretty betrayed. Ironically, a little after this I was reading a Shirley MacLaine book where she had some tapes or notes simply disappear in a store, and the reason this happened was made clear too - it was because she was relying too much on the tapes and notes and not enough on her own energy flow. But I couldn't think of any good reason for my disappearing keys. I thought perhaps the Universe wanted to teach me not to rely on external things for my state of well-being, but I really didn't feel I was doing that. I knew a diploma didn't make a person, nor did a grade. I simply wanted to feel empowered enough in my world to do this, to create, to finish, and perhaps even make some good grades. Perhaps that was the issue, perhaps I was relying on the "school stuff" to give me a feeling of accomplishment in my world, of success.

Anyway, I have always wondered how this happened. Did I do this to myself somehow with my own fractured energy, or was there some "otherworldy" being or energy involved? My "stories" are much more uplifting these days, and I have had reality-shifting experiences other than this one. But the synchronicity of the key story with what I read in the first paragraph of one of your pages led me to feel I should share this.

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