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October 2008
Issue #109

How Good Can it Get?
Cynthia Sue LarsonCynthia Sue Larson at the de Young Museum's Chihuly exhibit
Shine Your Light in Dark Times

"People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from within."
~ Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

One of the things I enjoyed most while attending the Chihuly exhibit this month in San Francisco was seeing the glass art sculptures glowing brightly with brilliant colors, as if hidden lights were tucked inside each one. The genius of these art sculptures relied upon the breathtaking contrast between light and dark, so their true splendor came through most clearly when fully lit and placed in contrast with dark surroundings. I looked up at the ceiling to see well-placed spotlights shining down through the gorgeous sculptures -- and I peered inside the sculptures to satisfy my curiosity that they indeed had no hidden lights placed inside. Some art pieces shone so brightly that they illuminated the entire room with their beautiful multi-colored glow, and others smoldered quietly with gentle warmth. In all cases, these sculptures reminded me that just as the stars in the sky provide us with points of reference in what could otherwise be complete darkness, we, too have the ability to shine for ourselves and others.

Cynthia Sue LarsonCynthia at the de Young Museum, San Francisco
The light we shine is something that comes through us quite naturally, sometimes giving others around us a feeling of being uplifted, at the same time as we are uplifted as well. Scientific studies mentioned in the book, Aura Advantage describe how this light we emit is quantifiable, and can be measured, and we can verify through such studies that happier people literally do "light up a room" much more than those who are not feeling so joyfully radiant. In so-called dark times, when people are feeling more stressed than usual, we can benefit from realizing that the amount of light we welcome into our lives can make a tremendous positive difference in our ability to consider more options and possibilities, while staying relaxed, focused, and aware.

Knowing that we humans have a lot to do with how much light shines down and through us gives us the ability to "take back the night," and reclaim a sense of confidence in all places, times and situations we may face. You can increase the amount of light in your world right now, by doing a very simple meditation:
    Imagine that every photon and ray of light that you can see and that you can imagine in your immediate vicinity is now joining with you and shining through you.

    Breathe deeply, inhaling this divine luminosity into the essential core of your own radiant being.

    Exhale, and notice how you are becoming increasingly more radiant, happy, and light.
Wishing you may discover just how good your life can get,
Cynthia Sue Larson
email Cynthia at
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In This Issue:

(1) Spiritual Life Coaching
(2) Upcoming Events
(3) Intriguing Articles, Interviews, & Films
(4) Your Reality Shift Stories
(5) Reality Shifting Q and A / Mail Bag
(6) Reality Shifters Award Winner
(7) Reviews that Shift Your Reality
(8) Join in the Discussion
(9) Noteworthy Web Sites & Ezines


Cynthia Sue Larson MBA, author, intuitive, and spiritual life coach

(1) Spiritual Life Coaching

Do you feel like the universe is trying to tell you something, but you can't quite figure out what it is? Are you wishing you could understand the signs and messages in your dreams, life events, and synchronicities? Need help facing a challenging issue in your life? Require clarity making an important decision? Could you use some help shifting your reality? Are you curious to know your divine gifts? Are you ready to feel energized? Could you benefit from getting some validation for your intuitive hunches... free from judgement? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can benefit from Spiritual Life Coaching with Cynthia! Contact Cynthia at to set up a life-enhancing telephone consultation today.

"Thank you so much, Cynthia! It is always such a joy to speak with you. One immediate outcome of this meditation is that there has been so much laughter in my office since! And in my life outside work, so much palpable love." Much love, -- Esther

(2) You're Invited to Fabulous Upcoming Events!

Evolution Expo
Concord Evolution! Festival
Spirit Photography Talk
Centre Concord, 5298 Clayton Road at Ygnasio Valley Rd, Concord, CA
Sunday, October 12, 2008 at 11:30am

Learn about the fascinating art and science of how it is possible to take energy pictures of orbs, auras, angels, ghosts and other beings of light... with an ordinary, everyday camera. Explore the history of spirit photography and the ways that some pictures expose much more than what usually meets the eye. Bring your camera with you to do a hands-on exercise in charging your camera with Qi and intention to take more unusual and revealing photographs than ever before. Cynthia Sue Larson, author of "Aura Advantage" and editor of RealityShifters News shares some of the most closely held secrets of spiritual photography in this riveting experiential talk.

Holistic Arts Festival
Wholistic Arts Festival
Shift Your Reality Into Higher Gear
Pleasant Hill Community Center, 320 Civic Drive, Pleasant Hill, CA
Sunday, October 19, 2008 at 12 noon

When life's slings and arrows strive to knock you down, how is it possible to not merely survive, but actually thrive? Author and life coach Cynthia Sue Larson delves into some of the most common mistakes people make when facing seemingly overwhelming obstacles, as well as ways to experience the best possible results in any situation.


(3) Intriguing Articles, Interviews, & Films

Cynthia Sue Larson asks "How Good Can it GET?"
Quantum Radio
Originally aired on September 23, 2008
Cynthia Sue Larson, author of the Aura Advantage, Reality Shifts and spiritual life coach joins the Unstoppable Frankie Picasso on Quantum Radio to discuss how to measure and increase your energy field, and how your thoughts and feelings change the world.

Reality Shifting for Current Events
Ilumine Ao Insightful Talk Radio

Originally aired on September 22, 2008
When recent events in the world and our personal lives feel discouraging, how is it possible to get back on a positive track? Al Diaz interviews author and Spiritual life coach Cynthia Sue Larson, who delves into some of the most common mistakes people make when facing seemingly overwhelming odds, and describes ways we can positively transform any situation.

Reality Shifting with Cynthia Sue Larson
Conscious Living

Originally aired on September 17, 2008
Hosts Wendy Garrett and Sandy Jorgensen interview guest Cynthia Sue Larson about how reality may be less solid than it appears. Rather than everything running on a fluid and single line, might there be pockets of reality? Do we shift in and out as we go about our day's events? Listen to reality shift stories that can inspire you to enjoy more positive shifts on a regular basis.

Point of Life Radio
Originally aired on September 17, 2008
Host Michael Levy talks with guest Cynthia Sue Larson in a discussion that clarifies concepts which might otherwise seem difficult to grasp... such as how we energetically influence physical reality on a daily basis, occasionally witnessing amazing shifts in reality which challenge our very notion of what reality truly is.

Defending Your Life

Reality Shifting Films
What do movies and TV shows like Defending Your Life, Next, Peaceful Warrior, Premonition, Deja Vu, The Secret, The Jacket, What the Bleep Do We Know, Just Like Heaven, Indigo, Tru Calling, The Matrix, Frequency, Wonderfalls, Dark City, Sliders, The Lathe of Heaven, Sliding Doors and Passion of Mind have in common? These films feature the reality shift phenomenon in their plots. I find it especially refreshing to see films that describe reality shifts close to the way I've experienced them myself, and I am grateful that reality shifts are being featured more often than ever in film!

Schedule an Event with Cynthia!
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Cynthia's schedule of events for this year is posted online at:


(4) Your Reality Shift Stories

Traveling Magic
Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

I'm a longtime reader of your website, and especially enjoy perusing the stories from subscribers.

My story is from the Northwest Territories in Canada, north of its capital city Yellowknife, in an area called Rae-Edzo, a small Dene Indian community. I was visiting my girlfriend Matty there, and one snowy day we went out moose hunting with her two cousins and her grandfather. The old man tottered behind us, poking his cane into the snow ahead of him. I worried about him, and kept looking back to see if I could see him coming, but no one else did. He eventually arrived at our campsite and spent the day telling us about his hunting experiences.

The boys returned empty-handed and tired. We had a long trip ahead of us back home and I think grandpa felt sorry for them. The winter light was fading fast so grandpa started out walking ahead of us and we stayed by the fire and ate the sandwiches we girls had brought. As soon as we finished we set out to catch up with the old man. It didn't take long because he was walking so slow. He told us "I will walk ahead of you a little ways. Follow in my footsteps and don't look around anywhere." So we did that. I walked in his bootprints and kept my head down, just focusing on the snow. Pretty soon I felt kind of dizzy, like I was a little drunk. Everything went kind of hazy and then we were home.

That walk back home must have been at least five miles long, yet it felt like it took about half a minute. I wasn't tired at all when arrived back at the house. Matty told me her grandpa had travelling magic but no one knew how he did it. Even when the cousins used to have sled dogs, at the end of the day they would run all the way home because they were hungry and cold, but even though grandpa didn't get much of a head start, he would always beat them home.

How did he do this, do you think? And how was he able to include us in his reality shifting?

Note from Cynthia: Thank you so much for sending me your wonderful reality shifting story... I love it! Accounts from people who have been able to travel very far in a very short amount of time are numerous here at RealityShifters, and while different people utilize different techniques, it does seem necessary to be fully focused on a goal of arriving somewhere by a certain time or in a certain (short) amount of time, or as soon as possible... and then whether the person is walking, driving, or as in your case, hiking through snow, they reach their destination very quickly. As to why and how others can be influenced by someone who is maintaining such a focus, it could simply be the combined intent of all the members of the group to stay together, coupled with Grandpa's gift for reality shifting to shorten trips.


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Self-Starting Computer
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I have a second, old computer I keep. Monday, I heard a high pitched sound and found this computer's monitor on and making the sound. I turned off the monitor and the sound stopped (of course). I went out onto the balcony, for about a minute, and when I came in I heard the sound again. The monitor was back on again. I turned it off again (the phenomena didn't continue after this).

Note from Cynthia:I've noticed that some computers seem quite susceptible to people around them... sometimes switching on when someone else is hoping we'll check our email, for example... or when we're considering getting back on the computer.

Materializing Glasses
Jerusalem, Israel

We moved out of Jerusalem last week, preferring a village to the city. It is beautiful here, green, green, green, unlike where we lived before which was right up against the desert, so not very green. My daughter and her family live in the middle of the Negev desert, it certainly has it's beauty, stirring vistas, but different strokes for different folks. When my eldest grandson says we should move there, I tell him I need to wear two pair of sunglasses whenever we approach the Negev.

Another reason, crucial really, for wanting to leave Jerusalem was the swirl of thick energies at the center of the universe (as Kryon says) and I was finding it difficult. We had been living in Jerusalem for nigh on forty years.

Now to the reason for this message: Last Wednesday I had to drive into Jerusalem for final procedures in transferring our previous apartment. I was tense because I didn't want to go back, not so soon after leaving. So it can express itself in various ways. Mine was tension at night, and wanting to have my spare pair of glasses with me in the car. Sounds like I didn't want to be seeing the town. Not being the greatest navigator I wasn't even certain how I'd enter the town center where city hall is located. But on the way, intuition took over and I made turns without knowing why I was doing them. Anyway, when intuition was doing what it's supposed to I calmed down and even kind of enjoyed being in town.

So I wanted that spare pair of glasses with me in the car. But where could they be? The house was disorganized with tens of cartons all over. I made an attempt to find the glasses, but to no avail. I opened drawers but they weren't there. What I did do was pull out a yellow pad and place it on top of the chest. A few minutes later my wife called to me to say she'd found my spare glasses. ON TOP OF THE PAD I HAD JUST PULLED OUT.

Note from Cynthia: What an amazing reality shift story this is! Presumably you did not put your glasses on top of the yellow pad, nor did anyone else come along and place them there... meaning that somehow, these glasses showed up in such a way to make your search for them as quick and easy as possible. That's truly marvelous, and truly amazing!


(5) Reality Shifting Q and A / Mail Bag

Hi, Cynthia,
"Life is an ongoing process of choosing between safety (out of fear and need for defense) and risk (for the sake of progress and growth). Make the growth choice a dozen times a day." (from Taking the Journey Within, the September 2008 RealityShifters ezine.) I wanted to express some thoughts out loud about the issue of fear and facing it for the sake of progress. I really do agree with this, mostly, except that at this point in my life I am facing a fear and working through it, although using baby steps. This sometimes makes me feel like a failure "why aren't you facing it all the way" is the voice I hear. Except that even with these baby steps, I am experiencing such overwhelm, both emotionally and physically, that I am listening to my body and deciding to step back from something which feels as if it will cause complete physical collapse (probably adrenal in origin), connected to childhood trauma. Now, rationally, I know I'm facing this fear and not ignoring it, but it would be lovely to hear in Abraham Maslow's message, that sometimes it is necessary to slow down and listen to our bodies, and take things slowly, while also not staying in the status quo of paralysis from fear. Sometimes the growth choice is also being able to say "slow down" with this process for now, "take a break". I'd appreciate your thoughts on this.
Warm wishes and hugs,

Dearest Shoshana,
Yes, I like your thoughts on taking baby steps, on taking it slow. This is actually what I do recommend and advocate to all my clients... that we all have a choice, and that one of the choices is to remain where we are for as long as we need to, before making steps to more directly face whatever we fear. I don't know what Maslow's recommendation was for people, other than that we all have what he called a "hierarchy of needs" in which we must first deal with our most basic needs before we are able to deal with matters which are not directly related to our survival. Slow and steady wins the race. It's good to know that you are indeed facing your fears as best you can each and every day, and that little by little, you are seeing how your life is changing and improving as you make each small, but steady, change.
love always,


Hi, Cynthia,
I too see hearts everywhere, it's been that way for most of my life. I have a huge collection of heart shaped rocks that come from my travels, they seem to find me. I have always felt them to be signs from the Divine, reminders, that it has and always will be about love. That is all there is. Thanks for being a messenger of light.

heart-shaped lichen covered rock
Dearest Lynne,
Yes, I know what you mean about hearts! I see them everywhere, too. That particular day my "hearts per minute" went through the roof... and some of them were so spectacular it left me feeling in a state of lasting awe and reverence all day. I agree that they are signs of the Divine to me, too.. reminders that we live our life for love. Thanks for sending me such a lovely message, and for continuing to keep your eyes and mind and heart open to seeing love everywhere you look!
lots of love,


(6) Reality Shifters Award Winner

I am proud to announce this month's winner of the Reality Shifting Award, for recognition of demonstrating consistent excellence in web site content and design, while helping people shift their reality in a positive direction:

Stress Management
The goal of stress management is to bring your mind and body back into balance. By adopting a positive attitude, learning healthier ways to cope, and changing the way you deal with stress, you can reduce its hold on your life.


(7) Reviews that Shift Your Reality

Here is something that will give you nourishing food for thought! Every time you click through these links before making purchases at, you help offset the costs of the realityshifters web site and ezine! This is true even if you don't buy anything listed on the realityshifters site. You can see some excellent metaphysical books at:

Shapeshifting with Our Animal Companions

Shapeshifting with Our Animal Companions
Connecting with the Spiritual Awareness of All Life

by Dawn Baumann Brunke
Gaining Spiritual Benefits of Shared Animal Consciousness

SHAPESHIFTING WITH OUR ANIMAL COMPANIONS takes readers deeper into Dawn Baumann Brunkes world of animal communications to the realm of conversations and merged consciousness with other living beings. The shapeshifting Brunke describes in this book is that of sharing consciousness with others, and thereby gaining newfound appreciation for other lifeforms as we let go of our old ideas and habitual patterns, experience life the way other animals live it, and gain a tremendously expanded knowledge and understanding of the significance and spirit of all that is. The idea that our animal companions in everyday life can also be spirit guides is at the heart and soul of this book, as Brunke shares insights she has obtained from her pet dog Barney that assist her in learning to blend consciousness with others. Brunke's journaling of a variety of plant and animal communications that ensue bring us along on her journey, which ends up illustrating how we are all interconnected -- how we are all One. The plants and animals who communicate with Brunke share wise messages which sound much like the perennial teachings from long-established spiritual faiths and traditions, which is what gives this Brunke's third book on animal communication a much more spiritual tone than its predecessors. As Brunke's dog, Barney, transitions from life to death, a deep sense of eternal connectedness comes through the messages that Brunke continues to receive from Barney, even after his passing. Many of Barney's messages to Brunke remind us of simple truths which we so often tend to forget, and can greatly benefit from taking time to remember... such as everything you need is right here, right now. I highly recommend SHAPESHIFTING as a book that can help you transcend boundaries between yourself and others... even those who cannot speak, and those who have passed on. This is one of those rare books that leaves readers feeling a "reader's high" long after the last pages are read and the book is placed back on the shelf, as it continues to work its special magic in our hearts.

Energize Your Heart

Energize Your Heart
In Four Dimensions

by Puran & Susanna Bair
A Simple, Yet Powerful Method for Living a Heart-Centered Life

ENERGIZE YOUR HEART provides readers with powerful techniques for healing wounded hearts in a process that keeps the heart open to seeing greatness in ourselves and others while practicing a simple yet profound method of harmonizing breath and heartbeat. Once this method is mastered, authors Puran and Susanna Bair describe how we can utilize it in every aspect of our lives, from love and family relationships to our careers. The basis of much of the approach of the Bair method of heart energization is to help people better understand and master the six basic powers we all possess, which are: intention, placement of attention, breath, physical posture, self-produced sensation, and invocation. Working with these basic building blocks, the Bairs then proceed to explain how it is possible to observe the dimensions of the hearts of everyone you encounter... and to begin to note the dimensions of your own heart... and finally, how it is then possible to find strength in all areas of your life from the dimensions of your heart. What the Bairs mean by "dimensions of the heart," is that our hearts possess depth, width, height, and an inner sense of who we truly are. Descriptions of various types of hearts are provided, so we can better recognize those whose hearts are deep, full, blocked, elevated, or driving, for example. Examples of people who embody these various heart types are provided clearly enough that readers will indeed recognize their co-workers, family and friends... and begin to better understand the true value of expanding the dimensions of one's own heart for more complete happiness and prosperity in life. What makes ENERGIZE YOUR HEART so special in the field of heart consciousness books is how it helps readers make positive, tangible improvements in their lives using tools we already possess. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in genuinely stretching themselves to transcend life's challenges, everyone who wishes to heal their hearts from pain of the past, and everyone interested in taking all their relationships a quantum leap forward.


(8) Join in the Discussion

Would you like to be part of a community of positive-minded people who share your fascination with reality shifts and finding out how good life can get? Do you have questions you'd like to ask, or reality shifting stories you'd like to share? Have you read good books, seen intriguing movies, or found a web site that relates to reality shifts? Get the inside scoop on reality shifts, contemplate the big questions and make new friends in the realityshifters discussion group at:

(9) Noteworthy Web Sites

Hay House, Inc. 130x130 Flower
HAY HOUSE is one of the most dynamic and inspirational publishing houses that also offers enlightening and positively life-changing workshops and events with some of the best-known and best-loved authors.

HOTWIRE provides discount travel deals for airfare, hotels, car rentals, cruises and more.

Ka Gold Jewelry

Find the perfect rings, pendants, and earrings for people who appreciate the very finest gold and silver jewelry. Artist-designed, hand-crafted Ka Gold Jewelry is based on spiritual symbols and sacred geometry.

Indoor pet crate
PROBLEM SOLVERS have solutions for all kinds of everyday problems... from special items for pets, to just about every room in the house.

US passports, only $99.  Same Day
RUSH MY PASSPORT is an amazing service for those who need a passport immediately.

SHUTTERFLY helps you organize and share your photos in gorgeous, high quality photo albums. You can take advantage of a special offer and find out for yourself how easy, beautiful and fun making a photo album can be!

SkyMall, Inc.
SKYMALL is one of the most amazing places to find things you have been longing for... even if you never knew they actually exist.

Spiritual Cinema
SPIRITUAL CINEMA CIRCLE is the place to connect with films that deeply satisfy the heart, mind, and soul.

Lotus Tarot

Free tarot card readings can help guide you through your troubled emotions and clouded thoughts.

Transformational Book Circle

Now you can try a free demo of the most amazing computer meditation biofeedback system ever. I feel like I'm in Shangri La in Wild Divine, where I can build stairways with my breath, meditate to open doors, and juggle balls with laughter. It's awesome!


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