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Cynthia Sue Larson
Interviewed by Jordan Gruber of
on January 6, 2000

Interview Contents

Keying in to Reality Shifts

Opening Oneself to the Miraculous

Practice Wakes Perfect

Balancing on the Shoulders of Giants

A Body of Practical Applications

Spreading the Good Words

Keying in to Reality Shifts -- Cynthia, what is a reality shift?

CSL - Well, Jordan, I'm glad you asked. Basically, a reality shift is a mysterious physical appearance, disappearance, transformation, or transportation of something where you don't really have an explanation for why it would move. It seems like things are moving by themselves. A reality shift could also be a change in the way we experience time.

I think most people can relate to the fact that they'll run the laundry and put socks in the laundry, and you don’t necessarily find all the socks’ mates when they come out. You’ll put two socks in and get one sock back out. This is a well-known phenomenon. Most people make jokes about it and talk about it ... but few people have thought about what’s really happening. Similarly, we have synchronicities and coincidences in our lives, and we notice that if we make a wish or a prayer, often that wish or prayer comes true.

A reality shift is actually the point in time when these changes take place.

If you are open to seeing them, you can actually witness reality in the process of shifting. You can see something materialize seemingly out of nowhere. You can see something disappear. You can see things transform. I believe that this is possible for all of us to do. I believe we are all reality shifters, and some of us are able to see this a lot more often, just by being open to it. - Now, have you actually seen objects appear from nowhere yourself?

CSL - Yes, I have. - Could you describe one of those?

CSL - OK. A very noteworthy experience that I had was when my friend and I were out... it was a holiday... I think it was Memorial Day. The keys probably got locked inside the trunk of the car. It seemed that he was holding the keys, then he locked them in the trunk, shut the trunk, and the car was entirely locked. Still, we were searching around, looking for the keys, and neither of us could find them anywhere.

My friend just took a very meditative pose. We’d searched everywhere; we’d pretty much given up on finding them, but he was standing on the passenger side of the car with his hands in a prayer-like position, just meditating and looking inside the car. And as he was doing this, I was standing just to the left of him and watching his hands. He’s not a stage magician -- he wasn’t doing magic or anything -- but what I saw was the keys appear right below his hands - about an inch below - I saw them as they appeared, just out of nowhere, and then they fell to the ground.

He was very surprised. He wasn’t expecting that to happen. He heard them fall to the ground, and I said, “There are your keys!” He looked down, and there they were. He was pretty certain they had been in the trunk of the car. - How did you feel when you saw that?

CSL - I was amazed. I just got chills. I felt like this was an amazing experience. I’ve seen several things like this, and each time it happens I get a sense of awe and wonder that first of all I’m able to experience something like this, and secondly that it’s possible for things to just materialize. It’s a surprise every time it happens. And it gives me a renewed sense of faith that there’s something much greater than what we normally experience as reality.

Opening Oneself to the Miraculous - So you think reality shifts are going on all the time? In effect, you think reality is fundamentally not what we think it is?

CSL - Exactly. I think that our perception of reality as being very static and as objects staying where we put them, and being exactly as we saw them.... I think that’s a very large assumption on our part that we often don’t check. I think we have a lot of beliefs that we don’t examine, and many of these beliefs were set up back in the sixteenth century. They’re pretty old. They’ve been with us for a long time.

We tend to think that if we examine a situation, like if we are outside of something, we can observe it and be a very impartial observer. And that theory, that assumption of being strongly objective is very principal in most of our sciences. It’s also incorrect, and it doesn’t work at some levels of reality. That’s something that has been observed in quantum physics to be not true. - The Heisenberg effect, among others.

CSL - That’s right. It’s impossible to even participate in a quantum physics experiment without affecting it. What I’m discovering and I think a lot of other people are also discovering right now, is that the things that happen on the quantum level can be seen at the macro level. It is possible for very large objects to move around. Everything has a wavelike nature. And that’s definitely what I’m seeing when things can transform, transport, appear and disappear. - Now our common sense says that that’s not possible. Do you think that it’s mainly our common sense that prevents more of this sort of thing from happening for people more frequently?

CSL - That’s a really good question. I believe that that’s true. When our beliefs are such that we feel that this is impossible, this can’t happen -- that’s setting up a request to the universe that we don’t experience it happening, and so of course that won’t happen for us. And I know that that’s true.

When people are around who are open to seeing reality shifts, they definitely see reality shift around me, because I’m very open to it. I’m pursuing it, actually! I want to know, “What are all the different kinds of reality shifts that can happen?” So if you’re around me and you’re open to it, you probably will experience this phenomenon. I think people that are closed to it -- they don’t experience it. - So you think you can teach a way of being to people that enables more reality shifts to happen around them.

CSL - Right. And you might wonder why would they want to do that. - Why would they want to do that?

CSL - (laughing) Good question! I’m glad you asked! I think it’s very valuable for people to see the beauty of this universe. It’s a very magical place. It’s very mysterious. And when you open yourself to the experience of witnessing the moment when a wish or a prayer is becoming true, then it’s a real gift. It’s like being present -- being fully present -- and being perfectly aware of what’s happening all around you.

I think most of us are pretty much in a trance most of the time. I believe Gurdjieff said that many years ago, and I’ve seen that that’s true. Some people are less likely to observe reality shifting due to their beliefs, and others are less likely to see it because they’re not observant enough.

And so if you want to observe reality shifting and you want that sense of reverence that it brings -- at least that’s what it brings to me -- and it gives me a feeling of hope, too! Because each time I see that, then I feel like, “Well things are never what they seem. Things are never as hopeless as they might seem. There’s no such thing as an impossible situation. Everything can change in a minute.” And I really love that. I really love the feeling of faith that that brings me. It’s a very strong message of hope that I get from reality shifts. - How do reality shifts differ from what the standard religions would call miracles?

CSL - I don’t see a big difference, actually. So I think what you’re asking is “Are reality shifts basically miraculous?”, and yes they are. Definitely, they are miraculous. I used to be very skeptical; I wasn’t raised with any kind of formal religion. When I’d hear of stories in the Bible, such as Moses parting the waters, I’d think that sounds kind of hokey. Obviously, I have a different perception on this and a different feeling about it now, having witnessed many miraculous events in my life.

I’d say that these things are not out of the realm of possibility. I’ve never seen waters parted, and I’ve never seen a burning bush, but that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t happened -- because I have seen things such as cars and statues vanish or appear. I’ve seen people walking towards me vanish. I’ve seen just very basic household items move around -- all kinds of things change. And when I witness that, then I know that things are very different than what we tend to think of. - What about the traditional prescriptions in all of the great religions and the perennial philosophy that says you want to avoid getting sucked into the powers, into the siddhis. That these things happen, but that they actually are a distraction and a diversion from the pathways to higher consciousness.

CSL - I have heard that, and it fascinates me. All I can speak for is my own experience. In my own life, I’ve experienced a greater sense of faith and connection to the universe by seeing these things. I find that by paying more attention to them, it renews my faith. Because otherwise, I tend to get stuck in feelings of hopelessness... I think most of us do. We can face a situation and think, “Well, this is impossible. Things can’t change. I’m stuck.”

But when I see reality in the process of shifting, I get a real feedback from the universe that says, “There’s something going on here that’s very much more powerful than anything that you can physically do. There’s something from the heart ... something from the way you feel about yourself ... that can have a very powerful effect on everything around you.” - But you think it is kind of heart or spirit related, and not just having to do with the way physical reality is structured? What I’m thinking of here is Ken Wilber’s notion that the perennial philosophy says that there are a certain number of levels ... a rough analogy is an apartment building with seven levels. On the bottom level, the level of physical reality where we are right now, what science has shown us in the past hundred years let’s say, is that everything is interconnected in a horizontal fashion.

CSL - Right. - So, there are all these really cool ways that things interconnect, but what Ken says is that that doesn’t have very much to do with ascending levels from matter to mind to soul to spirit. That yes, everything is connected horizontally on the physical plane, but it’s not that relevant. The physical world may actually work in a way that is fundamentally different than the way standard sciences said it works for the last three or four hundred years, but it still doesn’t have anything directly to do with spiritual ascension.

CSL - OK. So what was the question? - Well, the question is -- let’s say you’re right, and things are actually only staying put because most of us believe that most of the time, that that’s what they’re supposed to do. And we opened up our belief systems and paradigms, and all of the sudden we realized that things were a lot less stable - and things did appear and disappear and move. What does that have to do necessarily with spiritual evolution and progress?

The universe might be physically interconnected that way -- a large network, holographically intertwined, or fractally cascading, or whatever it is -- but does that really speak to spiritual progress and evolution?

CSL - OK! That’s an excellent question, and I think I understand it. What I would say is that there’s a carrot and stick thing going on. As you realize that you are creating all the reality around you, you actually are giving yourself the opportunity to experience the direct feedback from your own feelings. And so if you’re feeling very loving, very expansive -- that’s your energy field that’s actually expanding around you.

You can try this out with coat hangers. You can actually dowse and feel where your energy field is, and where your friend’s energy field is. This is something that I’ve got on my web site that people can try out as an exercise. It’s very powerful. And you’ll notice that as you’re feeling much more loving, you’ll find that the things that you’re thinking come true. It’s more like living in a waking dream that’s a good kind of dream. Now when you do the opposite and you don’t feel very loving -- you’re feeling angry or you’re feeling fearful -- what that does is it collapses your energy field. You have a much reduced impact on everything around you, and so if you’re making a wish or making a prayer, there’s much less likelihood that anything will come of it. - So the negative, bad things that you’re thinking tend not to come true, because you don’t have enough energy being put out. But the good, positive things that you’re wishing and hoping and praying for do come true. It’s sort of like a one-way filter, almost.

CSL - That can be true. Fears can come true, too, though. Because you can put so much energy into it. It really has to do with your energy field.
So if you’ve got a very powerful energy field, and you’re putting a lot of energy into a fear, you can manifest that -- the thing that you’re most afraid of, and a lot of people notice that that happens. And so, when it comes to a spiritual path, I think this is a very, very powerful carrot and stick kind of a way of learning about the way that your beliefs and your attitudes affect your reality. - Now when you’re talking about having a bigger, more expansive energy field, bringing more reality shifts your way, is that just being physically robust and healthy, or is that also or mainly what we call heart energy, or what is it?

CSL - It’s mainly heart energy. It’s feeling the things that make you
happiest. It’s the things that bring you the greatest sense of joy. Thinking about your friends, the favorite places that you’ve been to, the moments in your life when you felt like a complete success, of feeling completely loved by someone, of being held in that love. Of being just surrounded and wrapped in love. Feeling the most loving and loved that it’s possible for you to feel.

Practice Wakes Perfect - Now you’ve been cultivating this over time, I take it?

CSL - Yes. It’s definitely a spiritual discipline, and so I think that it addresses the question that people might ask of “How does this give you a sense of spirituality?” It’s definitely a process of becoming aware of how you feel, and noticing that your feelings affect your reality.

When I’ve gone into a state of feeling just complete relaxed ecstasy, it’s really a very loving state of mind and state of being, and it gives me an integration of all those different levels of perception that you were referencing earlier ... because it’s possible not to just be in one of them.

I think that there’s a lot of focus given to going for the top, reaching for enlightenment, going straight to the maximum enlightenment point. But what I’ve found to be true is that it’s actually healthy for me and it feels better to be operating on all of those levels of reality creation concurrently, and that’s something that I haven’t seen written about, but it feels best for me, so that’s why I do it. - What’s the simplest thing that somebody could do
to put themselves on this path? Is it as simple as just spending a few minutes when you wake up and orienting yourself in a positive way?

CSL - Yes! Actually, that is the simplest way to do this, to wake up and start each day with a meditation or a feeling of being loved, of being held. If you believe in a God, then feel that you are basking in that God's love... like being held in God’s hands, completely surrounded with love.

And when you go to sleep, you can feel that again. This gives you a direct connection with spirit. If you don’t believe in God, that’s OK too... it doesn’t really matter. The point is that you need to feel all of the love that it’s possible for you to feel. Most of us shut love out in some way. We have barriers to it. We feel like, “Well, I can’t really be worthy of that much love. There’s something about me that’s not good, or I did something that’s not so good and I know that, so therefore I don’t deserve all this love.” Sometimes, even if we don’t think this way consciously, there is a lot of unconscious blockage to love going on.

I believe that by making this a daily meditation when you wake up and when you go to sleep, it can empower everything in your life and start changing the way that you feel about yourself. - But it’s mostly a feeling tone that you’re creating in your body? It’s not saying a mantra, it’s not ... I mean, how do you do it? Could you demonstrate aloud what it is that you do or say to yourself?

CSL - Well, that first one that I told you is a feeling based meditation. You can work with attitudes, mantras. You can work with things that adjust your reality by working on internal, repeating statements that you may make.

I used to be in a rush a lot of the time, and I’d feel that I wasn’t good enough unless I was getting lots of things done. If I’m not careful, I can still slip into that sometimes. Now, I take each statement that I make, and I flip it around to it’s reverse, and have a very customized mantra just for me working with the kind of things that I tend to knock down in myself.

For example, as things come to my consciousness, I realize, “I’m not letting love in, because I feel like I need to rush around, and I feel like I’m not getting enough done.” That's a statement I’ll write down because it helps to write these things down. I’ll write down, “I’m not getting enough done, because I’m not doing enough things in a given day.” That’s what I’ll write on one side of a page. And then I’ll flip that around, and I’ll say, “Everything is happening just exactly the way it needs to”, and “I’m perfect the way I am, and I don’t need to get lots of things done in order to prove that,” and I’ll repeat that back to myself as many times as I need to, to change the belief within me.

These affirmations are extremely powerful, and I do believe in them. Depending on what kind of person you are -- if, for example, you are conscious of hearing these kinds of critical voices -- then affirmations are something you can work with. However, if you are more of a feeling, body-based person, you can work on feeling loved and just soaking in that. If you want to do everything, then you can do both of those ... and you could also do the exercise on sensing your energy field and noticing the difference it makes when you feel loving thoughts versus when you feel angry thoughts or fearful thoughts. Getting that feedback is very powerful.

So that’s most of the spiritual practice: it's just working with yourself and becoming aware of your own feelings and your own perceptions, and realizing that it all begins with you and your relationship to spirit. - Is it important to not, in effect, wish for particular
things, or to want... If there’s something in your life that you want, whether it’s a new apartment, or a kitten, or a new relationship, or a new piece of electronic equipment, or finding the perfect whatever... do you recommend that people should do the thing where they focus on what they want and try to materialize it and manifest it, or are you more of the notion that you ask for whatever is best for you and let it go?

CSL - Do you mean personally in my life? - Or what you recommend to people.

CSL - What would I recommend? Recommendations are tough, because it really depends on where you’re at right now. Some people, even if I could tell them to do the generic form and wish for whatever is best for them... that’s a very enlightened path and it shows a great trust for the universe to do that. Some people don’t have that kind of trust, and for them, even if they said something like that, their heart wouldn’t be in it, and there would be some part of them really hoping for that perfect kitten. Those unconscious feelings are very powerful, and you can’t really shut them off.

I feel that this is something that’s very personal. Each person needs to do
what feels best for them. I can’t really advise one way or the other. But if you are going to wish for the best for everyone, there’s a great deal of good to be said about that, because it tends to prevent you from being in a situation where it seems that things are spiraling downward.

A lot of times when people make very specific wishes, it seems like things are going great because they get what they wished for ... but then it can also start a pattern where they find out that that’s not really what they meant... “I need to change that now!” I’ve seen that happen so many times, when people make wishes and then they are very surprised, “Wow! This really works, and I got what I wished for... except, now I realize that’s not quite what I wanted ... I’ve got problems ... this kitten is tearing up the house, and I need to take care of it” - Right... the old saw about “be careful what you
wish for; you might get it”.

CSL - Exactly. - It also seems important to not get addicted to or hung up on the notion of the universe magically delivering to you everything that you want or need. On the one hand, you want to keep in your mind that it’s true -- that it may be possible to in effect magically and synchronistically change the course of the universe’s energy flows, and that your life will be better if you are loving more and wanting better things. But on the other hand, if you get, well, almost greedy, that won’t work, either.

CSL - The question that cuts right through it all is to ask yourself “What do I need?”, and that’s another very powerful meditation. Just ask yourself, “What do I need?” When you do that, you’ll find that you’ll start off by answering with all the things that you mentioned before, like, “I need a good job, and I need a good relationship, and I need a better sense of connection to my spirit."

However, as you start going through this process and do this every day, asking yourself, “What do I need?”, you’ll find that things start changing. Whatever you start with is likely to be more petty than what you end up with down the road.

I believe that what we all need is love. We may start off saying other things, but eventually it just comes down to “I need love.” You can lie to yourself and say, “I don’t need love,” and “I’m fine without it.” What I’ve found is that that’s not true ... that none of us can live without love. When we have love, then we feel the connection to everything that gives us the power to feel everything else that you’d want. I think the other things slip away ... they become less important as you realize that what you want -- love -- is with you right now, and it’s fully attainable.

But don’t take my word for it! Go ahead and try it. Each day, ask yourself, “What do I need?”, and then as you move through this process, let me know what you find. I think you'll find it’s very powerful.

Balancing on the Shoulders of Giants - Personally, at this point, you’re basically re-creating yourself and starting a career where you want to take the notion of reality shifting out to the world. Who do you see as your predecessors in all of this?

Seth comes to mind right away -- his notion that "you create your reality." Certainly there have been a lot of other magical traditions, both western and non-western indigenous, where there is a more magical world-view. The Perennial philosophy tends to say, "This stuff is real, but it’s not important; you shouldn’t get hung up on it.” Western science says “It’s just not real at all.”

So how do you see your career ... what would you like to see happen with your reality shifting career?

CSL - Ideally, I’d like to be beneficial to people who want to know what
the nature of reality is, and who want to make a difference in the world and in their lives. I see myself as someone who can shed light and illuminate a new way of believing about the world.

You’re correct when you say it’s also a very old way of looking at the world. It is. It’s very similar to the Aboriginal dream time in Australia, and a lot of other traditions such as Huna, would be right along those lines. So I’m synthesizing the very old with the very new, and I’m making it understandable for people.

A lot of people get excited about quantum physics, and they want to know what reality really is, and I can’t say for sure that we know.... because actually we don’t know, and our science is changing every day. As we were saying before this interview started, string theory is very popular right now. Most likely, that will be replaced by something new in the next decade, and who knows what that will be?

As our science changes, and here I agree with Ken Wilber completely, the one thing that doesn’t change is our understanding of spirituality and our connection to spirit. That’s very ancient, that’s very pure, that’s very true. What I’d like to do is bridge the gap between our understanding of science and our understanding of ourselves and how we connect to spirit.

I’d like to make it easy for people to see the nature of reality in their lives, and to see ways that they can change the world with their thoughts and feelings, because this is real. I think a lot of people want that kind of confirmation. A lot of people are noticing things change around them, and they think they’re going crazy. That’s what I was wondering about when it was happening to me. - How do you convince yourself that you aren’t going crazy? How do you know that you’re not crazy?

CSL - How do I know I’m not crazy? Well, I can talk to therapists and psychiatrists, and.... - They’ll tell you you’re crazy!

CSL - No, actually, they don’t! - You talk to therapists...

CSL - Yeah. - ... and psychiatrists ...

CSL - I do. - ... in the strict western model...

CSL - Yes. - ... and they say, “Yes, well you’re probably actually experiencing objects moving around and appearing because you’re having better feelings, and they think that’s OK?

CSL - I think it’s fine as long as you’re not losing your ability to cope. As long as you can function in the world and you’re able to see what other people can see, which I do. That’s not a problem. I think the problem comes in when people lose control, and they feel that reality is just changing around them, and it’s not anything that they can keep a grip on. In other words, there’s too much change. - This sort of goes back to William James’ notion of the world as a booming, buzzing confusion,” and basically consciousness is a filter to bring us a little slice of it, because otherwise we would be overwhelmed.

CSL - That’s true. - And what you’re saying here is that you want to be able to realize that reality shifting happens, but you don’t want to be necessarily seeing it all the time or inviting it all the time, because then you would become a freak.

As Jean Houston said, “If you make yourself a freak, you become useless to the collective.” You want to invite people to open the filter, but not open it too much -- because then you’d become psychotic.

CSL - Exactly. With all things, balance is important, and this is no different than anything else. I believe that it’s important to have the intention that you can witness enough of this to give yourself an energy rush. Because it does! When you can see that reality changes around you, it gives you faith... or it gives ME faith... I can’t speak for you. It gives me a great deal of faith that there’s a much larger force working here.

It renews my commitment to myself and to love, and it takes me out of old, habitual ways of reacting to the world that were fear-based or were based in anger. I think the world is ready for that right now. A lot of people believe that we’re faced with more crises right now on Earth than we ever have before in history. Actually, some old traditions would disagree with that. The Hopi Indians, for example, say that this is but one of many worlds. We’ve gone through the end of the world many times, and probably we’re facing it again.

The most important thing to do is to keep open to spirit, and to keep your heart open, and treat the world with loving feelings of affection and compassion. This is a very old message; it’s true of all of the great religions, so I think there’s a lot to be said for living a balanced life and being aware of the connection that you have to spirit, to yourself, and to other people. - So basically, reality shifts, when you let yourself see them ... are kinds of external confirmations that there is a spiritual reality that surrounds us ... or that we are in it.

CSL - Right. I was raised in a very western framework. My father is an engineer, and my mother is a school teacher. I was raised to believe that science has the answers, and if we have questions, we can seek them, and receive the absolute facts about what’s going on. But what I’ve found to be true as I majored in Physics at U.C. Berkeley and have continued following physics for the rest of my life is that actually there are lots of things that we don’t have answers for. And a lot of the questions that we ask can give us an answer, but then it raises more questions.

The main thing to realize is that there is much more out there than we are ever going to understand. So when we have a sense of balance, and we allow ourselves to be open to that mystery without being consumed by it, then we can live a balanced life and be useful to the community.

A Body of Practical Applications - Do reality shifts happen on .... we’ve talked about physical objects, about them transporting or moving around. What about the human body? Silly question: can we just lose that five pounds of truncal fat? You can’t do things like THAT, can you, but you can encourage healings? How does it work?

CSL - Well, I can only speak about my experience here, and what I’ve seen. I’ve seen the most miraculous transformations on myself and my children. Children are very open to reality shifts. In fact, if you ask small children about this, they’ll tell you about many experiences that they’ve had.

My daughter was seven years old, playing in a playground and she got a blood blister in the web between her fingers. She came running up to me, crying ... it was a really nasty blood blister, about a quarter inch in diameter. She was wondering what I could do for that. She’s very open
to energetic healing .... Reiki is a form of energy healing where you can envision something on the body being transformed. It’s basically reality shifting.

So I was able to hold her hands in mine, and envision and remember her hand being very healthy, the way it normally is. The only other thing I did was feel all of my love for her. With both of us joined in the intention that her hand would be fine, when I took my hand off of her hand, it was fine ... and there was no blood blister there! She just wiped her tears away, and gave me a big hug, and asked me, “Is this what your mommy did for you when you were a little girl?”, and I said, “No... actually not!”

It’s a very wonderful thing to be able to do for someone. For myself I can do that. I’ve had a number of injuries where I’ve smashed my finger in a car door, and been able to heal it. I’ve injured myself with steam ... now I don’t suggest you go out and do these things!

CSL & - Don’t try this at home!

CSL - But if you want to pursue this, you can definitely investigate Reiki. There are other ways you can learn to work with energy. The main thing is just feeling love and connecting to yourself being whole. I feel there’s a tremendous power available to all of us, and when we can realize it’s there and available for us, we can transform everything.

The other things I’ve seen have been related to long-distance prayer for people. That was my initial introduction to prayer and healing, and I didn’t believe in it at all, actually. I had a friend of mine, and a member of her family was in a coma, very sick. He was in a different state, Arizona -- a different state of consciousness, too, actually! As it turned out, she asked if I could do anything, and I said “I don’t know... I’ll definitely keep him in my prayers, and I’ll send thoughts of love, because I really care about him.”

As I was doing that, I was starting to get feedback in my body which was like a real-time sense of what he was going through, which was very off-putting and confusing ... a little bit disorienting to me at first, because I didn’t understand how I could be feeling here in California what someone in Arizona is going though ... both physically and emotionally. I was thinking, “I’m doing something wrong,” and “I don’t understand what’s happening, but I’m getting a feeling of pain in my heart right now, and that can’t be right because he’s not in the hospital for heart problems. He’s having other kinds of problems."

And then I found that he *was* experiencing heart pain, because there was a mass of fluid causing pressure to his heart, exactly at the time that I was feeling it. That blew away all of my doubts, and I realized that there is such a thing as non-local consciousness, like what Larry Dossey writes about. - And what Elisabeth Targ has shown.

CSL - And Elisabeth Targ! She’s proven it! I love that -- it’s a
phenomenal study.

Spreading the Good Words - Well, that brings us to the question of psychic
phenomenon and ESP in general, and how that relates to what you’re doing. We’ve talked a little bit before about Dean Radin’s The Conscious Universe, and I’ve argued on and elsewhere that the reality of psychic phenomena is proven beyond a statistical doubt, and any real scientist with an open mind at this point would say, “Oh, yeah! That stuff is real”. So how does your reality shift perspective work in with the whole body of experimental data and descriptions of psychic phenomena that people have been doing for a long time. Where do you fit in?

CSL - OK! Good question again! Regarding the non-local phenomenon,
what Elisabeth Targ has shown with her study of AIDS patients is very much in line with what I’m noticing about reality shifts and what I write
about ... and also with Dean Radin and The Conscious Universe. It fits right in with all of that. What I’d like to see is more studies being done and more experiments being conducted on reality shifting, and observing it as it happens. There hasn’t been too much of that. There were some studies done with Uri Geller, and there were some scientists working at Stanford to observe him and to be able to isolate different powers of the mind, but I think a lot more can be done in this area, and I’m looking forward to that as we go forward. - In a way, what you’ve done by putting the term “reality shift” on all of this, and I assume you’re hoping to garner intellectual property in the term ... by putting a label on it, you’ve collapsed it down and made it easier to understand for a lot of people what is out there in a lot of different places. A lot of different churches, let’s say slightly more New Age churches, embrace the notion that if you’re feeling good, and you’re loving more, and you’re in touch with God, then better things will happen for you in your world. They sort of already have that notion built-in.

What you’re doing by putting a specific label on it ... it’s almost as if
you’re collapsing the quantum wave, and you’re collapsing it into a meme that is definite enough and small enough that people are going to carry it around in their heads and pocketbooks, and say “Oh, yeah! That’s what this is!” By looking for it, they start to see a lot more of it.

Robert Anton Wilson talks about an experiment you do where you start thinking about finding quarters on the street, and you start
looking on the ground for quarters ... within a day or two, you’ll see
quarters all over the place! You’ll think someone is playing a joke on you, or some kind of cosmic genie is kind of throwing quarters at you! But they’re just kind of out there.

So I imagine that your notion is something like: to the extent that by popularizing this meme and making it possible for people to get a handle on it, they will see a lot more of it, and then a feedback loop starts between having more heart energy and more spirituality in their lives and seeing more good things happen, and then it continues to build.

CSL - Exactly! It’s very powerful for people to have a word that they
can refer to when this happens. I talk to strangers, and ask them what kind of reality shifts they’ve observed. Once I have a word for it, they can
explain it. They can say, “Oh, yes! I’ve walked past a building and there
was no door in the wall there, and then the next time I walked by there WAS a door there. I didn’t tell anyone about this, because what do you say about it?”

It’s the kind of experience that you don’t have a place to put, so there’s no way to talk about it, really, because it’s an experience that doesn’t fit in our normal concept of what reality is. And by having the words “reality shifts,” it gives people a powerful tool for understanding what’s all around us right now. - And you’ve got both sort of a noun and a verb, right?

CSL - I like that about it! - Reality shifts are things ...

CSL - Yes ... and it’s something we do. - ... and it’s something we do. Is that a transitive or
intransitive verb?

CSL - We do shift reality! I think that there are people who are probably more open to seeing this phenomenon happening, they’re more readily
able to access that. - Seth argued that you’re constantly co-creating your body all the time, for example. Would you say that reality shifting is something that you’re doing right now and that I’m doing as we’re doing this interview, and that sometimes we just become more aware of it? Or that most of the time we’re really not doing reality shifting, and every now and then it kind of pops up to the level of something amazing happening. Is it going on all the time -- and it’s kind of on a continuum and occasionally it pops up into awareness, or does it only happen some of the time?

CSL - I believe it’s happening all of the time. It’s funny you mention time, because I’ve had very strange experiences with time, as well. I’ve seen it come to a stop and slow down, so as soon as you mention time, it’s fascinating to me! Yes, I believe it’s constantly happening. It’s all around us. It’s the one thing that’s probably always true. You’ve heard that saying, that change is the one constant, and I think that’s true of reality shifts as well -- that’s the one thing that’s always happening.

You may not be seeing things flying around all the time and transforming, transporting, appearing and disappearing ... but I don’t think it’s necessary to see that right in front of us. It could be that just as you’re thinking what you’re thinking, it’s having an effect somewhere else in the world ... somewhere else in the universe. And that I know is true! I know that we’re non-locally connected to each other, and that when you have expansive feelings of love, you are spreading that throughout the entire universe.

It’s something you can do right now for peace. If you’re worried about things, you can bring about change in the world by focusing your thoughts on love and by changing yourself. Once again, it’s one of those old messages that sounds new again. It’s very powerful, and it’s very true. - What else would you like to tell people about reality shifts?

CSL - I think if you’re interested in learning more, you can access a
couple of articles that I’ve written. One is out in print right now. It’s
available through MAGICAL BLEND magazine; and that’s the January 2000 issue. It’s a good introduction to what’s happening. It talks about the basic assumptions we make about reality, and how those have been proven to be untrue. Those are assumptions about objectivity, locality,... and I think the best thing to do is to read the article rather than go into all that right now.

And the next article is in PARABOLA magazine. That article is about the Hopi Indians and what they believe about manifestation for the way reality operates. That article comes out, I believe, in February 2000; it’s the spring issue. I am hoping that my book will be published soon; it’s written and awaiting publication .... and I’ve got a web site; the address is: - Is there any last kind of energetic pulse you’d like to give people, inviting them to practice being open-hearted more?

CSL - Just think about that question I was asking earlier, “What do I
need?” Really ask yourself that and answer it honestly, and get a feeling
for what that is. That’s going to help do two things. It’s going to focus
your awareness on what you’re really interested in, so you can learn a
little bit more about yourself, and it will also bring in the sense of
inspiration that will keep that momentum going to bring about that which you most need. You may not see a reality shift come about directly through this, but it will start powering the process up.

The next thing is to just feel as good about yourself as you can. Remember all the good times in your life. Think about how special you are right now on this Earth, and what special gifts you have. As soon as I say these things, if you feel anything talking back and saying anything other than that, take a note and just write it down. Try out the experiment of writing an affirmation on the flip side of it. If you feel like “No, that can’t be true, because I’m not worth it,” then write that down and flip it around and say, “Yes, it can be true. I am here for a reason and I am worth it.” Start repeating these personalized affirmations back to yourself, and you’ll see reality shift. I can guarantee it. - Well thank you very much!

CSL - Thank you!

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