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Lucid Dreaming Can Help
When Bad News Gives Kids Nightmares

by Cynthia Sue Larson

Karen Kimball
Karen Kimball & the Dream Weaver's Web

BERKELEY, Apr. 23, 2003. There's a battle raging inside children's bedrooms around the world. Research shows that while nightmares have not become more common, they are now more often about scary news stories than scary monsters. As parents encourage their children to watch the news more and more openly discuss each day's bad news, children are bringing the terrible events of the day into their dreams at night. Fortunately, it is possible to know that one is dreaming, and to effectively change one's dream. This ability is known as "lucid dreaming," and children as young as five years old have been able to utilize it to help combat nightmares once they understand how it works.

Cynthia Sue Larson's new young adult novel, Karen Kimball & the Dream Weaver's Web, describes what it feels like to dream lucidly and change nightmares into good dreams. Karen Kimball & the Dream Weaver's Web describes the world from the point of view of a young girl who learns the art of living a waking dream, lucid dreaming, and astral travel. Ten-year-old Karen Kimball discovers she's no ordinary girl when she notices she can sense and hear things others can't. She talks with animals and spirits, affects other peoples' thoughts, and flies to real places in her dreams. When Karen's mother signs her up for summer swim camp at Lake Lovell, Karen finds herself in the middle of a dangerous mystery that demands she quickly come to terms with and master her newfound abilities.

Cynthia Sue Larson is a bioenergetic field researcher who lives in Berkeley, California, with her two young daughters. Cynthia says Karen Kimball is "the book I always wished for", and hopes that children everywhere can learn the art of lucid dreaming, so their nightmares will be replaced with more pleasant and enjoyable dreams.

Karen Kimball & the Dream Weaver's Web
ISBN 0-595-27615-6
Available through iUniverse 1-877-823-9235
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Publication Date: April 18, 2003
Price: $12.95
Trade paperback

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