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PlanetLightworker Interview
with Cynthia Sue Larson

by Leslie Ann Garrison

Cynthia Sue Larson is a force to be reckoned with, as the saying goes. One look at her website, "Cynthia Sue Larson's Reality Shifts", will tell the reader that this is no ordinary mind, and no ordinary woman. Intelligent, aware, a seeker of answers to the puzzle of the nature of reality, Cynthia is drawn to the study of energy and its tendency to change form. These changes sometimes happen in front of us, a phenomenon Cynthia discusses in her as-yet-unpublished book, "Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World".

In the section of her website entitled "Stories", Cynthia features descriptions sent by ordinary people who have experienced sudden, unexplainable changes in their surroundings. These intriguing testimonials give those who have experienced similar phenomona reassurance that they're not alone.

Cynthia describes these shifts in the following manner:

"Most of us have noticed things missing from places where we're certain we last saw them. Lost socks, missing keys, wallets, and tools often seem to have a mind of their own... disappearing from the places we know we put them and sometimes reappearing unexpectedly. Mechanics are so familiar with this phenomenon that they refer to "gremlins" who must be responsible for moving their tools around. We also notice synchronicities and coincidences in our lives... times when the events happening around us seem orchestrated to bring together ideas, people, and situations.

She has also put a great deal of time and effort into the study of why these shifts happen. With an incisive mind and the patience of a researcher, Cynthia has delved deeply into the energetically-determined reasons for these shifts, taking her studies to the level of quantum mechanics.

"Take a moment now to consider the possibility that your thoughts and feelings are responsible for creating your experience of reality... that the very way you observe the universe is affecting what you are observing. Just as the most fundamental building blocks of matter and energy are non-locally connected across time and space so that they change their spin simultaneously when they are observed, so too can we notice such "spooky action at a distance" when we make wishes or prayers that come true. Albert Einstein used the expression “spooky action at a distance” to convey his doubt that quantum non-locality could exist. Quantum non-locality was experimentally proven in the 1980’s in Paris in a series of experiments conducted by Alain Aspect and his colleagues. These experiments measured the polarization of two twin photons... one photon being “up” and the other “down” as they traveled in different directions. Aspect’s experiments dealt with beams of correlated photons (pairs of one up and one down photons), and these experiments showed that as the angle of measurement changed for measuring the first group of photons, the statistical probability of the second group of photons going through the filter at a different angle was changed.

Cynthia realized at a very early age that another reality exists beyond that which is perceived with our physical senses. "I was about five years old when I noticed that my thoughts and feelings affected physical reality in a way that was not generally spoken about. I was looking out the window into my back yard one rainy day, feeling very energized and relaxed when I noticed that if I thought "Stop" the rain instantly stopped falling down... and the exact moment that I thought "Start" coincided with the rain resuming its gentle fall to the Earth. I was mesmerized by this beautiful linkage between my thoughts and the rain... and I stopped and started the rain several times for the sheer joy of it! I then wanted to share my discovery with my mother, so I ran to her bedroom with great excitement and asked her to please look out of her bedroom window for me... that the rain starts and stops with my thoughts! She gave me a probing, quizzical look before turning her gaze to look outside... and I was greatly disappointed to discover that the rain no longer started and stopped when I thought "start" and "stop". This event was pivotol for me because I learned how pre-existing beliefs can totally block our ability to experience new things... like reality shifts. We'll only see them happening when we are open to seeing them."

Cynthia also feels a strong fundamental connection between the nature of reality, the energetics behind it, and the presence of a spiritual awareness in her life. "I feel a great sense of awe and reverence whenever I witness reality shifting. I feel that I've seen something precious and rare; the point where a wish is being born, where coincidence is beginning its new path, where a prayer takes shape. Reality shifts have a miraculous feeling to me, and I'm amazed and awe-struck each and every time I see one happen in my life. I feel that the experience of witnessing reality shifts gives me a profound sense of faith in the power of love. I feel this most strongly when wishing for someone I love to heal a sickness or injury. Healing requires love; the person being healed needs to open themselves fully to feeling totally loved. I would say that my spiritual belief system is love-based; I believe that Love is what I need most in my life."

Cynthia addresses the role of emotion in our efforts to move energy and bring about reality shifts. In the "Exercises" section of her website, Cynthia gives us a simple way to learn how to discern personal energy fields, using positive emotion as a tool. "If you try out the dowsing exercise on my web site, you'll find you can easily discern the human energy field using two simple wire coat hangers. You can also easily observe the way a person's emotions affect their energy field. The more loving and loved a person feels, the larger their energy field becomes. This expansive energy is something we all are capable of feeling, even without the dowsing wires! When we feel loving and loved, our days are brighter and full of more joy - they are rich in lucky coincidences and happy surprises. When we feel worried or angry, our energy fields are greatly diminished, and we may even find that the very things we most fear or feel angry about seem to intrude even further into our lives. This very simple exercise can help show you how the way you choose to feel affects the world around you. As your energy field expands in feelings of love, your whole life will feel much better. It can sometimes seem hard to feel loving and loved 'because things are such a mess'. So try feeling loving just a little bit at a time when you feel it's easy. Gradually work up to feeling loving even in stressful situations."

A well-read student, Cynthia has paid her dues. She is familiar with the findings of physicists and other researchers who have opened up new fields in the study of matter, which she considers to be quantum in nature. When asked to comment on the teachings of two great scientific minds, she offers the following:

"I have heard that Sagan was a 'skeptic', and that he would demand scientific proof of something like reality shifts before accepting that such a phenomena could exist. I also know he wrote the book 'Contact', which was made into a beautiful movie. So perhaps Sagan is more open-minded than his friends in the Skeptic's groups would have us believe! With regard to Hawking, I feel that he would acknowledge that all matter has a probabilistic, wavelike nature, which opens up the possibility that matter can occasionally demonstrate that probabilistic/quantum tendency to appear or disappear, transport or transform. I would also expect Hawking to only accept scientifically proven facts in his world-view. I guess I see a lot of similarity between Sagan and Hawking! I'd expect that they'd both want to be shown experimental evidence prooving that reality shifts on the 'macro' scale."

Cynthia has given thought to the intriguing idea that we will someday make contact with beings who are not from this world, i.e., life forms from other star systems or planets. "Some ancient cultures on this planet feel we have already been contacted by beings from other worlds, and that seems entirely possible to me. Any race of beings intelligent and motivated enough to visit us could very well have been doing so for thousands of years. Many people assert that aliens are visiting us right now at this time, in fact."

As to whether she thinks modern-day physicists are coming close to realizing the true nature of our existence, Cynthia says she sees the field of physics as a continuing saga, a search for the pieces of the puzzle. "I believe that physicists (and all scientists, for that matter) are on a never-ending quest for answers to an ever-increasing list of questions. The search for the true nature of existence is likely to be unending! Our ideas and beliefs will continue to change as we re-examine the world with new information... and find that many more mysteries arise for every mystery we solve."

When asked for a short synopsis of her book, Cynthia states, "The book 'Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World' is a fascinating exploration into the moments when our wishes and prayers come true... and when our random thoughts result in objects mysteriously moving 'by themselves' around us, like those pesky socks that don't always come out of the dryer. Reality Shifts provides readers with dozens of real-life examples of reality shifts, as well as explanations for why such phenomena are not a violation of the laws of physics, and tools and techniques for learning to shift reality in ways that are most personally enjoyable and fulfilling. I'm still searching for a publisher for this wonderful book! In the meantime, I invite people to visit my reality shifts web site to read reality shift stories from people around the world."

Cynthia Sue Larson holds a bachelor's degree in physics from UC Berkeley (1982), earned in conjunction with her pursuit of a more complete understanding of reality. Shortly after receiving her physics degree and working with scientists at the Space Sciences Laboratory in Berkeley, she earned an MBA degree from San Francisco State University with the intention that she would be able to help scientists better manage their projects. Following completion of her MBA degree in 1984, she worked as a project manager at Citibank for seven years at the California Data Center.

Cynthia currently writes articles for Magical Blend and Parabola magazines about reality shifts - discussing everything from the physics of prayer to the connection between language and our culture's view of reality. She has taught workshops and classes to dozens of people, and communicated with thousands more on the internet through discussion forums and chats. She has been interviewed by Elliot Stein for his Stein Online talk show.

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