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Stein Online Show Interview
with Cynthia Sue Larson

by Elliot Stein
on November 17, 1999
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ES: We've got, as usual, a fascinating topic for you today. Folks, have you ever gone to pick up your keys or another object, and you could swear... you say, "Look, I know I put it down here in THIS place", and it pops up somewhere completely different. Somewhere where you don't put things, and you go, "Now look. I know I put it in this place. I'm SURE of it." And it winds up somewhere completely different.

You've probably all had some experience like that, and then many of you have probably had experiences that even go beyond that. Can our minds control physical and metaphysical objects and principles? Are there mysterious appearances and disappearances and transportations and transformations? Well, there's been a name given to this phenomenon. It is called reality shifts, and the nice lady behind that is Cynthia Sue Larson, who joins us today. Hi, Cynthia!

CSL: Hello, Eliot!

ES: Thanks so much for being with us! The first thing I want to do is give people your web site, so they can go check it out. Hopefully, if they put reality shifts in a search engine, they can find it easily that way. I know I did. I found it that way, but I'm going to give it to them anyway.


I thought this was fascinating, because yes, I haven't ... I'm telling you, I've had times where things popped up in other places, and I know I didn't move them, Cynthia, I was SURE of it. And I said, "Well, did a cat move them, or did a dog move them, or did somebody else decide to do it?" Sometimes these little strange things happen. Tell us about the phenomenon of reality shifts.

CSL: OK. Well I'm glad you asked! Basically, I noticed a lot of reality shifts around me, and at first, I didn't know what was happening because I'd see something like you mentioned -- keys -- those move around a lot. But then I started seeing stranger and bigger things moving around. I noticed that a coat that went into the laundry came out with a different kind of material in it than it went into the wash with. It came out with sort of a raised anti-ripping kind of a fabric. It was a Gortex coat. It went in with a very smooth surface, and came out with rip-stop.

ES: Could that be from really bad, cheap detergent?

CSL: (laughing) No! I don't think so! And if there was such a thing, I think people would be buying it, to convert their clothing to rip-stop!

ES: OK! Alright.

CSL: No, that didn't happen that way. And then I've seen lots of other things that changed in a number of different ways. I've had experiences where I've said something to someone, apparently, or so they've told me, although I was certain I did not say such a thing. That was the case when I told my husband that I needed to use the bathroom when I got to the movie theater. When we got there, he reminded me like, "Well, this is a great time", and I thought, "What? Why do you think I need to use the bathroom?" He said that I'd told him that. It turned out that was a great thing to do, but I didn't remember that.

I had a similar experience with my daughter, where she told me when we were at Disneyland, and it was the same situation, again, oddly. She needed to use the restroom, and she told me that, and then as soon as I saw a restroom coming up, I said, "Hey! There it is, let's go!", and she said, "Mom... how did you know I needed to do that? I didn't tell you!" It was an extremely noteworthy incident both times.

The reason I'm mentioning this example is that I want people to know it's a very big, broad phenomenon. It's not just the situation where you set your tool down under a car, like a lot of mechanics do. Mechanics that work under large vehicles are very good at knowing exactly where everything is, so when they reach back to pick something up, they can find it and retrieve it easily. I've spoken to mechanics, and some of them told me that they have a name for this phenomenon when things move around. They call it a gremlin. Basically, it's a very well-known phenomenon. And also, it applies to much larger objects. I've actually seen cars, statutes, people and very large things appear and disappear.

ES: Well, is this like a David Copperfield kind of thing?

CSL: (laughing) I guess so! Except I wasn't planning to do any kind of sleight of hand, and it wasn't something I was doing on purpose, usually. These are things that I'd notice moving around. Also, there's a message in the change or transformation. It seems like very often, the message might simply be in my case that reality definitely does shift. When I've gone about writing articles for magazines, I've sometimes faced great doubt and wondered that the things that I've seen have ever happened at all. But then, just in the process of getting ready to do the magazine article, I'll notice something like I'll go on a walk, and then a sign will suddenly be there, looking like it's been there for months, that had never been there before, blocking my access to the trail. And that's something that I can't ignore. I can look at that, and walk around it, and ask other people if they've seen it before. And when I do that, in pretty much all cases, people will tell me, "It looks like that sign's been there a long time", and they seem to think it's been there a long time, when I know that the day before, it was not there -- I'd walked right through it.

And so these are interesting things which lead me to believe that the universe is indeed acting in a very quantum kind of behavioral basis. And that's something that fits in very well actually, with what physicists are looking at when they look at the Theory Of Everything, and they are trying to link quantum physics with the very large physical theories for relativity. What they're noticing is that we've got a lot more dimensions operating in the universe than people normally think of. We tend to think of just three dimensions working around us... a height, a length, and a width. In order for all the different theories in physics to be unified, it seems like it's required by all these theories that they have about ten different dimensions, or possibly more. When you start looking at that, it seems very clear that there's a lot going on that we're not seeing, and so it's very possible for the quantum properties that are happening to be seen on a macro scale.

ES: Joining us today, Cynthia Sue Larson. She is the woman behind this movement called Reality Shifts, and we're talking about can our minds control physical and metaphysical objects, principles? Are there coincidences that happen in the universe? Mysterious appearances, disappearances, transportations, transformations? If you would, talk about synchronicity. This is a word that people have heard over the past ten years. Some know what it is, and some don't. So let's talk about synchronicity, define it, and tell us how it fits into the theory of reality shifts.

CSL: OK, sure! As I understand it, synchronicity is something like a coincidence. It's where you'll be thinking about a friend, and then a few minutes later, they might call you, or you might receive a letter from them. It seems very unusual and striking to you, because it's not something that would normally happen. And so the way that that fits in with reality shifts, is that I've actually witnessed things shifting in reality as they're occurring, and it's starting to seem clear to me that a lot of things that we consider synchronicity, coincidence, or the results of wishes and prayers have at their roots a very powerful reality shift. A place in time and space where things just transform from what they had been to something totally different.

ES: And are we the ones that initiated and implemented this change?

CSL: Now that's a good question! And if I told you that I knew the answer, I don't think I'd be telling you the truth! But I can tell you that we do have an impact on it. I think that all of us who are conscious, sentient beings definitely have an impact on reality all around us. People who work to help heal people by praying -- often you'll see that a congregation in a church will pray for someone's recovery, and there will be a miraculous recovery. There's a very strong basis for prayer, and that's starting to be proven scientifically with studies by people like Elisabeth Targ. Larry Dossey has an excellent book on that right now called REINVENTING MEDICINE. So I think there's a lot of research that shows that prayer and wishes that have a tremendous impact on reality.

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