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Your RealityShifter Stories
Page 105

Recent photo of Peter
Peter 1974
Peter in 1974

Time Slip from 1974 to 1910
Dunedin, New Zealand

In 1974 in Dunedin, New Zealand when I was 14 years old and working after school as a telegram delivery boy, I once walked into a small tea distributing warehouse with a telegram. When I walked through a door into the medium-sized office, the office was empty, but what struck my young mind was how odd it was that this business was fully furnished with antique furniture and commercial office equipment. It also seemed unusual to me that there was no electricity, only gas lights all around the alcotroves of the office, and that one central gas light was outfitted with very old fashioned glass bulbs. To my surprise on further investigating the office, I noted that the gas lights had pilot lights to light them. I spotted an old stand-up type of phone with the hanging ear piece, and thought to myself that it must be an ornament, but when I picked it up and playfully yelled "Operator!" into it, to my amazement I heard the operator answer me, as I saw this was indeed a fully working phone, complete with a braided cord connected to the wall. Wow! Just then, I was alerted by a young lady asking me what I was doing, so I spun around to face her, and saw that she wore an old-fashioned dress that went down all the way to her ankles, with a white blouse. She was fascinated by my school uniform and polyester skivy top I had on under my school sweater, and asked me to remove my sweater so she could better inspect the strange material she had never seen or heard of. She was clearly a woman of fashion as most young attractive ladies are, and I asked her why she was wearing such an old-fashioned dress. She retorted it was the latest in fashion for 1910. For some reason, I didn't take her comment with any surprise I DON'T KNOW WHY, but as she was fascinated with my "unusual strange uniform," as she called it, I informed her that it was the latest 1974 design. She laughed, and when I handed her the telegram she was struck by how strange it was, because of the plastic window on the envelope. She asked me, "What is this clear see-through thing?" Well, plastic and polyester weren't discovered until the 1920s.

For many years after I never gave this strange experience much thought, until the last 20 years, where I strung my memory together regarding what this experience was, and found myself arriving at the logical conclusion that I had walked into a naturally-occurring worm hole. I feel a sense of satisfaction to know that the world we think we live in -- the limited way we live with money endless economic work routines, etc., etc. and the perceived lack of control in our lives -- is an almighty illusion. I know personally and with great satisfaction that there is truth out there, and that one day, I will have access to it all.

I have had this experience on my mind for many years now, and I have collected most of the detail , and it all points to my final conclusion of a worm hole, described by Einstein. I once went to see the Late Professor Dawber, a professor of Physics at Otago University fifteen years ago. I originally talked with him about wind farms, as that was his speciality at the time. I mentioned my time travel experience, and he listened with interest, and asked me if I had been dreaming, but listened intently and was very understanding.

I know for certain that time travel is definitely real, and I would love to experience it again. When I think back to the transition of time, moving from 1974 to 1910, when I walked through that office door there was no obvious change, no mystical or eerie feeling. If I hadn't thought about this experience over the years as I have, I would probably have forgotten all about it, so I imagine this sort of thing is an experience that might go on frequently, with most people dismissing it or not even noticing it in any way. After I walked into the office, the sensation was like walking into a museum wing that has no people and is completely silent and calm. The feelings I had were the same as being in a museum alone and looking at all the interesting details there for me to explore, and that's why I didn't immediately notice the presence of the young lady, until she told me off for playing with the phone. She was to the left of me and my periphial vision did not see her, so she must have appeared instantly as she never entered the room from a doorway. What was surprising to me about my experience was my calm involvement in it all; I put that down to my enquiring mind.

Note from Cynthia: What an amazing experience you had, going back in time! I love the detailed description you have of what you observed, and also your point about how over the years, this experience became increasingly meaningful and more understandable to you. There have been several well-known reports of traveling back in time and other varieties of time shifts, and yours is especially delightful!

Jane Goodall Alive Again
Bluff City, Tennessee, USA

I was just reading your comment about remembering Jane Goodall dying and later finding that she was alive. I too remember her death announcement a few years ago. I went to her foundation site, and sure enough, she is taking speaking engagements at the present time. I read somewhere that when a person starts believing in reality/time shifts, synchronicity, life after death etc, that these events seem to happen more frequently. I know that's true, because I experience them frequently, but actually I think that because I believe in the possibilities, I just recognise them. they happen to everybody like you say, but people don't see them for what they are. If you tell someone of an experience/memory of "what was," they have doubts about your sanity.

Note from Cynthia: Thanks so much for writing with your recollections of Jane Goodall dying, and your later discovery that she's alive again. I was so deeply grateful to hear that she is still alive and well, and traveling with various speaking engagements!

Shifty Fennel Been Gone for a While
Hollywood, California, USA

I don't know about this. Three weeks ago I needed some fennel for a new recipe, but there was no fennel in the house. I checked the spice trays at least twice. I shopped around, the grocery stores didn't have any. I realized that I would just have to wait till some came in. None of this was terribly important, so I never mentioned it. Finally last Saturday a store had one jar of fennel. I bought it and took it home and tonight I started using it in the new recipe. My mother says, "Oh I meant to tell you, there was fennel already here." She pulls an unopened jar off one of the little trays I'd checked three weeks ago. I replied, "When did you notice this fennel?" She said, "The day after you bought the new jar." I said, "Why didn't you notice it before?" to which she answered, "Well, people generally don't see things they're not looking for, and I never look for fennel because I don't really know what it is, and I sure wouldn't expect to have any." And I realized I'd never told her I wanted some. Mom turns the jar over and reads the print on the bot tom: Best used by October 2004. She says Maybe it's a good thing you did buy some.

Note from Cynthia: I just love the story about your "shifty fennel been gone a while"! Hopefully your fennel will stay where you can find it this time. It is very interesting to see something come back when you know for sure it was gone. How inspiring!

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