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Your RealityShifter Stories
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Reality Shifts
The hundreds of first-hand accounts of reality shifts (aka: mind-matter interaction MMI, quantum jumping, glitches in the Matrix) on this and the following pages have been collected and shared through Cynthia Sue Larson's RealityShifters since 1999. Special issues focusing on particular types of reality shifts (such as: the Dead seen Alive Again, Seeing Loved Ones Before They Arrive, Invisibility, Walking through Walls, etc.) can be found by browsing through the RealityShifters archives and subscribing to the (free) monthly ezine. Hundreds of stories are reported here in this "Your RealityShifter Stories" section of this web site, and the phenomenon is documented in the best-selling book, Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World.

Everything is Working Out Perfectly
Portland, Oregon

I've been repeating this affirmation lately, "Everything is working out perfectly." I say it, even when things are not working out perfectly to my way of thinking. Then, things shift. Here's a story about just one tiny example.

I opened a new Certificate of Deposit (CD) at a nearby bank where I already have one CD. I wanted to receive some of the money back, in the form of a check, but the rest to deposit in the new CD. The manager said, "Well, since you don't have a checking account here, we're going to have to charge you a $5 fee for the bank check." I thought this totally unfair and unreasonable since I already had money on deposit in their bank. I was tired that day, and I quickly ran through my options as he left to get the check. I could make a small scene showing I was upset and he shouldn't charge me, I could cancel the whole thing and go to my other bank first where I have a checking account - but I ended up just saying out loud, but quietly (very important to say it out loud), "Everything is working out perfectly."

He came back a minute later and said, "Oh, by the way, we decided to waive the $5 fee because you already have money in savings here." That's just one story. I've found it's very important to say positive statements like that out loud. I feel it's because the throat chakra is so powerful, that we're actually little mini power stations and when we let words pass our lips, we are generating power.

Spun Clear of Oncoming Rush Hour Freeway Traffic
Hartford, Connecticut

Some years ago- in 1995, I was driving east on I-84, not far from Waterbury. It was raining lightly, and traffic filled all 4 lanes. There were no gaps at all. I looked out on a solid wall of cars heading at me. It was rush hour traffic, bumper to bumper. I shifted to make a lane change left, then a car came up rapidly on the left, and I had to shift back to my lane - and I went too far, I shifted left, and on the pavement, I spun around. I spun around to the left, and saw 4 lanes of I-84 full of cars, coming right at me. I continued spinning, through 360 degrees, and found myself on the left shoulder, just out of traffic's way. My bumper was slightly bent, and I had to pull it out of the wheel, otherwise there was no damage. None. In short, somehow, in heavy bumper to bumper traffic, somehow a hole opened up for me. It took me a while to catch my breath, I got off I-84, and got some snack food.

The Disappearing/Reappearing Broom

Several years ago I had 3 friends living with me. Our broom was a Fuller broom bought by my mother from a Fuller Brush salesman many years before that. (They last forever.) One day one of us needed the broom, so went out to find it. Everyone got into the search and it was nowhere to be found. Winter came and several feet of snow covered the ground. I told the others it was probably under the snow somewhere and we'd find it in the spring. Well, spring finally came and still no broom. There was talk of "a ghost took it". Then one day I walked out into my wood shed which also has a freezer in it, and there, leaning against the freezer, was the broom! I stared at it for awhile -- not believing my eyes. Then I went in the house and asked, "Okay, who found the broom?" Everyone looked at me like I was nuts. Each one said they hadn't. I told them where it was, and they all ran out to see it. To this day, I don't know where it went and how it got back. I still have the broom and it hasn't disappeared anymore.

Peanut Butter Cookies Appear
Westview Farm Bed and Breakfast

I found your site recently... I think through a message board, but I don't remember for sure. No matter, cause we both know nothing happens by chance! I have been intrigued and confused by this subject for many years. I go for a while reading about it and then stop for a while. I guess I am due to catch up on new writing in this field. Your book list was good... I was very happy to see "The Universe Is A Green Dragon" listed. It's one of my all-time favorites! I was also reminded of a time that I shifted reality quite obviously... I was a rural mail carrier at the time. That meant no lunch break... just drive from 11:30 to 5:30 or so. One day I was starving. I went by a box that I would get to on the return pass, and a flash in my brain showed peanut butter cookies in the mailbox. When I returned and opened the box, I was absolutely sure they would be there. They were wrapped as I saw them, and the same number that I saw... plus they were as good as my mom's ever were! I later saw the person who lived there, and told her I knew they were in there before I opened the box... and "Thanks"! I remember "wishing" specifically for peanut butter cookies! So maybe the wish was received by that person... maybe I altered her reality! I have had one or 2 other instances, but nothing lately. I think I am not paying attention enough!

Restaurant Parking Sign Changes
Portland, Oregon

Here's a Reality Shift that happened to my husband and I a few years back - but I've never forgotten it. Mike and I were driving to a restaurant, and when we reached it we found that the whole restaurant parking lot was absolutely full. We swung around and parked in what we thought was available parking at the mall nearby. Both of us read the printing on the sign in front of us as saying "Restaurant Parking." We thought, "Oh, good, we can park here." We had a leisurely meal, then when we left it was dark. We climbed in the car, turned on the headlights and there before us with the light shining on the sign, we read "No Restaurant Parking." Neither of us had seen the word "No" before at all! It was like the Universe reorganized the words for us, or made us see something else. I thought it was such an interesting occurrence because BOTH of us saw the same thing. We were both flabbergasted at the words of the sign as we turned to leave the parking lot.

Traffic Suddenly Appears
Johannesburg, South Africa

Just thought I would share another reality shift with you. It was very early one morning and I was on my way to work. I was a short block away from a very busy intersection where I would have to execute a right turn (left for you) into ordinarily very heavy traffic. But because it was so early in the morning there was no traffic, not a vehicle and not a soul in sight. However, by the time I reached the Stop sign where I would execute the turn, the whole road as far as I could see had filled up with traffic. All this in the space of a few seconds and it looked as if the traffic had been standing there for quite some time. Marvelous, isn't it?

Manuscript Translation Synchronicities
Hartford, Connecticut

Some years ago, my ex ran off with her boyfriend, and left our daughter with me. I was in the military at the time. I was pretty depressed; being a single parent in the military isn't so easy. I decided I needed to finish my M.A. thesis since I'd done the coursework. I had no idea how I could do that, but knew I had to. I talked to my adviser, and he said I could do a translation of an old text, annotate it, and so on. I thought, "OK". Close to where I worked, there was a fellow with a lot of experience in my field, so I asked him if he had any such manuscripts. It turned out he did, and he wanted to use it to modify his own PhD dissertation. The manuscript had in fact been given to him... by my University adviser, who lived several states away. He was so eager to get the translation done that he begged me to use his computer - this was when a PC cost $4,000 new, and I didn't have one. I was told at work that I needed to get practice in my language- and the instructor helped me with hard points in my translation. I had never been able to get language practice prior to that time. I did my translation, getting help, moving as quickly as I could. Soon I had a draft done. My friend, unknown to me, told my University advisor that this translation was great, couldn't they just accept the draft as a final version? They did. Then he said I was in the military, a single parent, couldn't they just waive the $1,200 in matriculation fees I'd have owed? They did. It felt like an invisible hand was clearing the way for me. As soon as the thesis was done, they changed policy - and no more language practice was allowed. This experience may have taught me more than what I was translating.

Finding My Dream Husband
Indianapolis, Indiana

I don't know if you would call this a dream or not. It was definitely an out of body experience. My ex husband and I had separated after years of his drinking and abuse, and were in the process of getting divorced. One night after coming home from work, he gave me a particularly bad time with harassing phone calls and driving slowly past the house. The police had run him off for the millionth (it seems like) time. Exhausted, I lay down to try and sleep a little before I had to get up and get my kids off to school.

It was 2:00 AM, November 7th, and my oldest daughter who was 11 at the time was sleeping in the bed with me, as she had fallen asleep watching the news with me at 10:00 PM. I lay down and hoped I would be able to master the new skills I was learning at work for my job... trying to remember how the billing cycles went.

I woke with a start at 4:00 AM, for some unknown reason. I lay back down and tried to relax. Then I heard a voice, a voice I was very familiar with. I opened my eyes and there stood my supervisor. I started to speak, but he pressed his hand gently to my mouth and shook his head as if saying "no". He then held out his hand to me and said "come". I could hear his voice in my head, but his lips never moved. For some reason (why I do not know) I trusted him and willingly placed my hand in his, and off we went walking hand in hand silently. We stopped at a beautiful wooded grove, with a waterfall. We never uttered a word to one another physically, yet in my mind and my heart I could feel the love coming from him. He took my face in his hands and kissed me very gently, yet passionately, and I willingly gave myself to him. We had the most intimate meeting of the heart, mind and body I have ever experienced, and then stepped together into the waterfall to let the cool water wash over us. We took each other's hands again, and began walking. Before I knew it, we were back in my bedroom, and he helped me to lie back down before leaving. I woke suddenly and looked at the clock to see that it was 6:30 AM, and my daughter was still sleeping quietly next to me.

As I sat up... I noticed my hair was wet! It had been dry when I went to bed -- I had skipped my shower that night as I was so tired. I remember thinking to myself it was time to find a man of my own to be with, no good thinking of one who I could not have, much less was interested in me especially with 5 kids! I got up, and walked to the kitchen to get a drink.

As I stood at the sink, I felt arms around my body and my now husbands voice very soft in my ear "I love you, I will always love and take care of you." I could even smell his scent. Then he was gone as I turned around. The next day, I went to work, the first person I saw was him, my supervisor, the man in my dream... he looked at me, and his eyes widened and he hurriedly walked away without a word. For a few days we avoided one another.

At a chance meeting at break, we happened to be alone..he looked at me and said " I had a dream about you" I told him I had dreamed about him too. He said "So it is real". I said "yes it was".

We began seeing one another quietly as it violated company policy and 1 week after we first saw one another he asked me to marry him. I accepted and have never been happier. It has now been almost 5 years and we are happier now than we ever have been, and even now we still celebrate our "first" anniversary as Nov 7th.

Please let me know what you think of my story. To some it may sound like fiction, but having lived it, and experienced it... I can tell you with all my heart it is true, and only one of the most amazing experiences I have had in the shift of reality. To this day my husband and I cherish it as one of our most cherished moments, and celebrate the day.

Finding my Soul Mate
Hartford, Connecticut

After my fourth breakup from an addicted relationship, I just shut down on relationships. I knew I had to clean out whatever attracted me to them. Later, I had an email friend, who lived many states away, we shared work-related info. She mentioned she was really tired of the men she was dating, so she came up with a lengthy list of what she wanted in a soul-mate. When she was done, she "put it out to the Universe", whatever that means. Two weeks later she met him, she married him three months later, and she was deliriously happy with him. I figured I could write a list.

So I did. Actually three, at separate times, with some overlap. I wasn't ready to release it yet, but it did have everything I wanted. I let out all the stops - I wanted her to share all my major interests, especially the spiritual ones, and since I was in a space with no limitations, I decided I wanted her to look like my favorite actress. What the heck, right?

Somewhat later, I had this urge to get pen pals, including overseas. I wrote 30 out of one group. One of those 30 continued writing. We shared interests, I sent her small things. She had bad experiences with men.

Anyway, so here was this pen pal, who shared her interests, was nice, generous, and so on. So she took a leap into the unknown, and asked about seven months ago if I might be interested in more than just a casual friendship. We talked, and interestingly enough, she matches the list I created to a "T". She even looks like that actress, her face is almost an exact match. It seems I match what's on her list. She happens to live overseas, so I have to work through the INS, however, that's ok. She is Hispanic, and in her culture they still respect husbands, and marriage, which is a good thing. She's had enough bad treatment that she appreciates good treatment. She even likes the poetry I write- I'm hopelessly anachronistic, sonnets and old forms, but I filled up more than one bound volume for her. This was a dream she had, too, of getting poetry. She visited this country in September, and I have to meet her parents soon. Even at a distance, the relationship just keeps getting better and better.

Cord/Cable Vanishes and Reappears
Michael Brein
mountain-top llama ranch in Oregon
Ambassador-at-Large for MUFON

I had a very interesting 'reality shifting' experience recently that I would like to share with you and the readers.

I had recently returned from a trip to Europe during the summer of 2000. I had one of the Canon Elph S100 miniature digital cameras with me and had taken a number of digital pictures that I wanted to download on to my computer.

To do the download I wanted to attach the power cord accessory to the electrical source and then, in turn, attach a cable from the transformer at the end of this power cord into this little camera. But I could not find this dual cord and cable anywhere in my house. It was absolutely NOWHERE to be found. I had not, afterall, taken this with me to Europe, so it HAD to be somewhere in my house.

I searched and I searched and I searched for it. In this process I had emptied out my small Eagle Creek daypack (which I carried to Europe to carry various odds and ends, including the camera, a tape recorder, etc., keys, tickets, etc.) not once but TWICE, completely emptying this pack. I specifically recall looking into this empty pack and noting that I had entirely emptied it--I am CERTAIN of this!

You know the kind of obsessiveness or compulsiveness you engage in while looking and re-looking in many of the same places over and over again, hoping that, somehow, the misplaced object will show?

I was impelled one morning to go directly to the backpack, fully knowing that I had already completely emptied it a couple of times--so this would be yet another futile, irrational attempt at retracing already beaten paths.

To my complete shock--there it was--the unmistakable clump of spaghetti wiring--the transformer and all, which if extended out would be about six feet of cord and cable! Clearly, this was not there before and no one could have done it!

I must have created at least ten half-baked different theories to possibly account for this, ranging from helpful gremlins, space aliens, guardian angels, deceased parents, impending Alzheimer's, sleep-walking, mind over matter, Sai Baba, ad nauseum.

I am left with the feeling that this incident is a great example of 'reality-shifting'. Since this happening, I have mentioned it to others, who, in turn, have shared with me their own similar reality-shifting experiences.

Being no stranger to paranormal happenings myself, I am and remain very open to other manifestations that do not quite fit our normal conceptions of reality.

White Squirrel Appears
Kathryn Lanier, Central Piedmont Region, North Carolina
Copyright 2000 by Kathryn Lanier, All Rights Retained by the Author

Many years ago, while I was a young, single mother, I was blessed to have a mystical experience so powerful that it cut through all the busy and bother and noise in my life to shatter my previously held belief system. My step grandmother was a woman that many would refer to as a holy rollin', Bible thumpin', southern, Macedonia Baptist. A woman convicted in her faith. A large woman in personality and girth. The road to our meeting and parting was mediated by a step mother who seemed to be living our her soul's experience with the dark side of human behavior. However, without the step mother, Big Mama would not have been there to change my life in so many wonderful ways.

After the wedding of my father to his second wife, my father and his children were not allowed on my step grandmother's property. My step mother's Uncle Clyde would drive down to the Pisgah Fish Camp parking lot to pick her up and then brought her back at the end of her stay. I never could figure out if it was because Daddy was divorced, Daddy had children, or Daddy was an Episcopalian. In any case, apparently we were all going to burn in hell as sinners and idol worshippers! It seems my step grandmother's heart softened as time went on and we were allowed to go up on the mountain. I really do not know if she softened, or if she just needed a man around to do the heavy work. Whatever the reason, my younger brother dubbed her Big Mama and Big Mama she stayed.

Big Mama loved me unconditionally all those years and when she died she taught me about the other side. In the meantime, I remember her being the only person in my life who never criticized me - even when I put her sorely to the test! She nurtured my spiritual development by living out the conviction of her beliefs. She did not preach to me. She did not tell me that her way was the only way into heaven. She did not ask or pressure me to accept salvation as she saw it. She just shared her relationship with God with me. That anyone believed anything with such strong conviction in the 1970's left an indelible impression on my heart.

Big Mama considered my oldest daughter, Jillian, to be her great-granddaughter. She and Jillian were very close. Big Mama had a soft spot in her heart for children and I saw her treat Jillian with the same unconditional love with which she treated me. Jillian was always the center of her world. I became Little Mama when Jillian was born, a title that I carried proudly. My daughter was only five when Big Mama left this earth and she does not have any memories of their time together.

Big Mama's transition began with a stomach flu. She dehydrated. Her kidneys failed. One day when we went to visit Big Mama in the hospital she allowed Jillian to crawl up on the hospital bed with her and Jillian fed her bites of ice cream. This was a stained glass moment in which I realized that my daughter had a special spiritual connection to Big Mama. I realized that I needed to frame that moment in time because Big Mama was going to die.

Big Mama's story was that the doctors said that her kidneys should spontaneously begin to function again and we all went along with it. She never spoke with any of us about her impending death. Fall in western North Carolina experiences a wonderful Indian Summer and a glorious changing of the seasons as the mountains blaze with fall color. During one of my visits with her, she gazed out the window and said to me "I hope I get home in time to see the squirrels eat the berries on the dogwood tree." There was a graceful, old dogwood just outside of the large living room window in her home. Her recliner was placed so that she could gaze out into the yard, across the gardens and pastures, to the headwaters of the French Broad River.

My step mother called me at work the day Big Mama's heart began to fail and simply said "You have to come, now." I threw down the telephone, grabbed my coat, and set the land speed record to Jillian's school to pick her up and to the hospital two counties over. I sat at the foot of Big Mama's bed most of that afternoon, listening to the awful sound of her drowning in her own fluids. My step mother suddenly stepped in the room, grabbed my hand, and pulled me out into the hallway. She said "I can't do this. What do you want to do?" I replied that Big Mama was leaving and would not care. I asked my step mother "What do you need me to do?" She asked me to go into the next room with her and she told me that Big Mama had shared with her that Big Mama's biggest regret was that she would not live to see Jillian grow up. Just as my step mother finished speaking, her cousin came flying out of Big Mama's hospital room and went running down the hall to the family. My step mother very calmly looked at me and said "She's gone." I felt like I had been drop kicked by a mule. All the air exploded from my solar plexus and I doubled over.

For some mysterious reason that I did not quite understand at that time, I needed to go back in that room. The nurse came in behind me and I reached back for her hand. I looked at Big Mama's face for a long minute and in that minute I realized that what I was looking at was not Big Mama at all. I felt compelled to look up into the opposite corner of the room. I would love to tell you that I saw a lovely manifestation of my step grandmother in that corner relieved of all her pain walking down a golden road to her room in the mansion in the sky. I simply saw the corner of a hospital room but I felt her spirit just as surely as I now feel my own. I received in that minute the sure and certain knowledge that our bodies are mere vessels for our soul's human experience.

The line of visitors at the funeral home the next night, literally, wrapped around the building. Finally, I had to get out of there and spend some time alone. I walked out to the front walk way of the funeral home and still there were crowds of people. I glanced across the parking lot and saw an ornate cement bench under a very old spruce tree. I walked to the corner of the building, then to the edge of the parking lot. Just as I was preparing to step into the parking lot, a perfectly white squirrel descended the trunk of the tree, stopped, and gazed straight at me. I knew. I knew Big Mama was indeed home and at peace. I had never seen a white squirrel before and I have not seen one since. Big Mama is in her heaven. Of that, I have no doubt.

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