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Your RealityShifter Stories
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Karen Kimball Story Scenario Occurs in Real Life
Santa Clara, California, USA
I have a very recent reality shift story. I read your book Karen Kimball and the Dream Weavers Web in one sitting. When I finished the story, I was thinking, all the spirits were healed except for the Ohgeenay, the native American name for the spirit that represents our fears. I finished the book, and I prayed one of my prayers, "I pray for the healing of all spirits in the entire universe, everywhere, true healing, the kind that makes everyone respect each other," and went to sleep. The next morning, I looked at my phone and there was a message at 4:30 am from my ex-boyfriend. I called him, and he told me about his nightmare; he was very scared. He said, "Last night I had a dream that an evil spirit was trying to enter my body, and I had to fight him away -- and now my entire chest hurts. I feel like a little part of him is in me, and right when I finished fighting him off, I ran to the bathroom and threw up. I have to stay home today I'm so sick." I told him, "Oh my gosh, that's the exact thing I read about in a book last night, that spirit; I'm so glad you fought him off! Just remember that you have re-entered your body from dreaming a million times, and this spirit never has, so you will always be the one who re-enters your body; stay home and get some rest." neither of us could believe this, because I never told him about the book or anyting that was in it, and he usually can't remember his dreams - I'm the one who reads up on all this stuff. Anyway, I'm still saying my same prayer, I pray for all sentient beings to be truly healed, for ultimate peace for all sentient beings. However, if that had happened to me, I'm not sure if I would be strong enough to make the same prayer. Hopefully somehow that spirit will be healed. My ex-boyfriend is doing better too, but finally he's starting to realize he has to stop watching scary movies right before he goes to bed (finally)!

Note from Cynthia: Thank you so very much for sharing this amazing story with me! It's been said that truth is stranger than fiction, and in this case it's amazing to me how you experienced a situation so nearly identical to that described in my book, "Karen Kimball and the Dream Weaver's Web"! I'm glad that you were able to share with your ex-boyfriend the tip on how to ensure one's integrity in such a situation, and I'm glad also that you are keeping all of Creation in your daily prayers. The essential quality of the character of Ohgeenay is not truly evil, but is instead a balance of light and dark energies, helping people to better see and integrate our own shadow energies. Rather than being pure evil, Ohgeenay can thus be seen as a teacher, ready to assist those requiring a nudge to face and overcome particular fears.

Time and Reality Shifts with Hyper-dimensional Resonator
Patty Ress

The most telling reality shift example I experienced comes from my first time-travel book entitled, Stranger Than Fiction: The True Time Travel Adventures of Steven L. Gibbs--the Rainman of Time Travel. In it, I tell of the day after Steven visited Omaha and ran his HDR (Hyper-dimensional resonator) in our home for an entire afternoon demonstrating various things it did. While I did not directly participate, the evening after Steve's visit, I was watching Turner Classic Movies and the movie shown was SHANE with Alan Ladd. It is one of my favorites and I watch it every time it is on television. Anyhow, in this movie, Van Heflin and Alan Ladd reversed lines in at least a couple of places, yet the show ended as it usually did. It totally freaked me out! Not only that, but shortly after the film ended, my husband came home from work and I noticed that the candle I had on my bookshelf was no longer red, but had changed to white! One lady told me that when you shift time or dimensions that sometimes all that changes are one or two things. Well, the movie changed, and so did the candle! That night I got up to use the bathroom, and I noticed that about 100 feet from our house were UFO-shaped clouds! I tried turning on the lights, but sparks jumped around our dining room chandelier from light to light, and I screamed and woke up my husband and son. They asked me, "What's wrong?", and I told them to look outside the window! They did and told me there was nothing there! Can clouds dissipate so quickly? Steve later told me that it probably was a group of aliens who detected the HDR being run and came down to check out who we were. One of Steve's friends had used the HDR and wound up on a UFO! An alien saw him and asked him how he got on the UFO and he showed them the HDR and they said he could have killed himself with 'such a primitive device!' So they were familiar with it-in theory, I guess. I hope you are right and thought CAN change the world. Things are awful right now.

Note from Cynthia: I love hearing about reality shifts such as the ones you've encountered, and I can relate to experiences which are nerve-rattling to some degree, as the one you describe. Your story of the shifts in movie dialogue, candle base color, and clouds sound like these things were almost random in occurrence, with no obvious reason why reality might change the way it did. The sparks jumping from light to light on your chandelier remind me of times when I have been very energized yet ungrounded, which resulted in (brand new) lightbulbs blowing out when I flipped on the switches in each room I visited, one after another... and the kitchen fluorescent lights going out with sparks and flashes simultaneously with the dishwasher breaking down... and numerous problems with computers and computer systems. The other types of reality shifts do indeed seem indicative of heightened energy states which can be achieved through meditation. Personally, I prefer approaching reality shifts from the meditative side, rather than through equipment and technology!

Improved Technology
Hollywood, California, USA

I've been noticing some unexpected results after doing routine online activities, since late last year. Aside from a birthday video incident, some things which did not work before are now working well. At first I thought it's Microsoft's auto-updates that are fixing everything. But then I thought, "Would that explain how an email attachment of an 18.8 GB folder of video files that I sent was received just fine though there were error messages galore, basically saying the attachment could not be sent because it exceeds server size?" And then there was a much loved iTunes feature that vanished from my iTunes page in September, and then suddenly reappeared three weeks ago, and started working again -- hooray! (Yes, I emailed iTunes Help twice months ago, and never got a reply. Why are people so loyal to Apple?)

Is cyberspace changing like everything else? Or is this kind of stuff common? I don't know much about computers..Maybe right now we're in a mini wave of tech vibration that's responding to us, because last night the "redial" started working on my old (1990's) beatup land-line phone set, and it has not worked in more than two years!

Note from Cynthia: What a wonderful thing to be noticing -- technology working better than ever, with no apparent explanation! I'd love to know if you have done anything intention-wise that might provide a consciousness explanation. All the times technology has worked better for me, including car engines, cameras, computers, video cameras, and more have followed my wishing that these things would work better, and feeling my love for them. What I notice is that mechanical and technological things definitely respond just as well to loving thoughts and feelings as humans and animals do. The mechanical things and living things I don't care so much for (such as a golden chain tree I thought might poison my daughter, and brands of equipment I don't care for) wither, while those I adore benefit. My sister and brother-in-law once gave me a beautiful young Golden Chain Tree, about the time my first daughter was born. I looked up the tree in a gardening book, and was alarmed to discover that this particular tree has beautiful flowers that are also very poisonous. I read the description of the tree to my husband, and he asked, "So what are we going to do with the Golden Chain-of-Death tree?" The "golden chain of death tree" monicker stuck, and from that first moment of looking up the tree and finding out its toxicity, I considered it to be lethal and dangerous... and positioned it in the garden as far away from the house as possible... all the way out by the street. I began wishing I had some other kind of less dangerous tree than this "Golden Chain-of-Death" tree. Several years went by, in which my husband and I would occasionally notice how the "Golden Chain of Death" tree was not thriving like all the other plants in the yard. (And yes, we frequently did actually call it by this name.) Rather than growing new branches and spreading out as every other bush and tree in the yard, this one remained frail and spindly. A few more years passed, and the tree began to list to one side, somewhat like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Eventually, the tree began wasting away, without any obvious signs of injury, bugs or disease. I knew that my strong thoughts and feelings that I really didn't want this tree in my yard had everything to do with its strange anti-growth behavior. I've seen similar things happen to all kinds of cars, cameras, computers, scanners, stereos, MP3 players and other kinds of technology that I felt less than favorably toward, to the point that I now realize I can't afford to hold grudges or resentment toward anything or anyone... such thoughts and feelings on my part can be highly destructive.

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